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1641Adam, Charles AdolpheSi jétais Roi (Overture)Overture
2567Aerts, PeterIn Flanders Fields, for voice and orchestra (first print)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
525Agsteribbe, FrankElegiae for orchestraOrchestra
597Agsteribbe, Frank"Paul Klee" for piano soloSolo Instrument
4242Alain, JehanSarabande pour orgue, quintette à cordes et timbalesMiscellaneous
743Albéniz, IsaacCataluña. Suite for orchestraOrchestra
2801Albéniz, Isaac / arr. Windhagauer , HorstAsturias Leyenda for 4 celli, WN 6 (first print / set score & parts)Chamber Music
41bAlbert, Eugen d'Die toten Augen (Vocal Score with German libretto)Opera
832Albert, Eugen d'Cello Concerto in C Op. 20Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
833bAlbert, Eugen d'String Quartet No. 2 in E-flat Op. 11 (parts)Chamber Music
833Albert, Eugen d'String Quartet No. 2 in E-flat Op. 11 (Full Score)Chamber Music
853bAlbert, Eugen d'Piano Concerto No. 2 in E Op. 12 (Piano Reduction for 2 pianos, 2 copies)Keyboard & Orchestra
853Albert, Eugen d'Piano Concerto No. 2 in E Op. 12Keyboard & Orchestra
1096bAlbert, Eugen d'Piano Concerto No. 1 in B minor Op. 2 (Piano Reduction for 2 pianos, 2 copies)Keyboard & Orchestra
1096Albert, Eugen d'Piano Concerto No. 1 in B minor Op. 2Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1800Albert, Eugen d'Symphony in F major, Op. 4Orchestra
2047bAlbert, Eugen d'Tiefland. Musical drama in two acts (Vocal score with German & English libretto)Opera
2055Albert, Eugen d'Kain (with German libretto)Opera
2055bAlbert, Eugen d’Kain. Musical drama in one act (Vocal score with German libretto)Opera
5bAlbert, Eugen d´Die Abreise - The Departure - (Vocal Score with German libretto)Opera
5Albert, Eugen d´Die Abreise (The Departure)Opera
41Albert, Eugen d´Die toten AugenOpera
832bAlbert, Eugen d´Cello Concerto in C Op. 20 (Piano Reduction/ Solo)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1739Albert, Eugen d´Esther overture, Op. 8Overture
2047Albert, Eugen d´Tiefland (in three volumes plus German libretto)Opera
4069Albicastro. HenricusTwelve Concerti a 4, Op. 7Orchestra
1021Albrechtsberger, Johann GeorgConcerto per trombone alto ed archiSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1177Albrechtsberger, Johann GeorgConcerto per l'organo (cembalo o pianoforte) ed archiSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1263Albrechtsberger, Johann GeorgHarp Concerto in CSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1529Albrechtsberger, Johann GeorgSinfonia in C & Sinfonia Concertino in DOrchestra
4253Åm, MagnarSpegle det for orchestra (first print)Orchestra
4189Androne-Nakanishi , SebastianLan Huahua - The Dark Blue Flower for Orchestra and Erhu/Solo Violin (first print)Violin & Orchestra
4190Androne-Nakanishi , SebastianHappiness (Short Film Music, Golden Eye trophy at Zürich Film Festival / first print)Orchestra
2538AnonymusDe roep van de strate (The cry of the street) for choir and basso continuoChoir/Voice & Instrument(s)
836Arensky, AntonVariations on a Theme of Tchaikovsky Op. 35a for string orchestraChamber Music
877Arensky, AntonFantaisie sur des Chants épiques russes Op. 48Orchestra
886Arensky, AntonSymphony No. 1 in B minor Op. 4Orchestra
887Arensky, AntonSuite pour orchestre Op. 7Orchestra
927bArensky, AntonPiano Concerto in F minor Op. 2 (Piano Reduction for 2 pianos, 2 copies)Keyboard & Orchestra
927Arensky, AntonPiano Concerto in F minor Op. 2Keyboard & Orchestra
949Arensky, AntonSilhouettes Op. 23 for orchestraOrchestra
962Arensky, AntonNuits d'Egypte. Suite pour orchestre Op. 50aOrchestra
1028Arensky, AntonSuite for Orchestra No. 3 (Variations) Op. 33Orchestra
1036bArensky, AntonPiano Quintet in D / Op. 51 (Score & Parts)Chamber Music
1036Arensky, AntonPiano Quintet in D Op. 51Chamber Music
1044Arensky, AntonViolin Concerto in A minor Op. 54Violin & Orchestra
1044bArensky, AntonViolin Concerto in A minor Op. 54 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
1112Arensky, AntonOverture to the opera "Un songe sur le Volga"Overture
168Arriaga, Juan Crisóstomo de Los esclavos felices OvertureOverture
284Arriaga, Juan Crisóstomo de Symphony in DOrchestra
1282aArriaga, Juan Crisóstomo de Complete String Quartets Nos. 1-3 / Critically revised Urtext edition by Lucian Beschiu (Score)Chamber Music
1282Arriaga, Juan Crisóstomo de Complete String Quartets Nos. 1-3 / Critically revised Urtext edition by Lucian Beschiu (Score and parts)Chamber Music
153Atterberg, KurtSymphony No. 6 in C Op. 31 "Dollar Symphony"Orchestra
4036Atterberg, KurtA Värmland Rhapsody: "Around the Long Shores of Lake Löven" Op. 36 for orchestraOrchestra
1219Auber, Daniel Francois EspritFra Diavolo OvertureOrchestra
1861Auber, Daniel Francois EspritConcerto for Solo Violin with Flute, two Oboes, two horns, two bassoons and stringsViolin & Orchestra
253Bach, Carl Philipp EmanuelFour Orchestral Symphonies (1775-76)Orchestra
1317Bach, Johann ChristianEnsemble Concertos in E-flat, E, D, and B-flatOrchestra
1379Bach, Johann Christian5 Symphonies: Symphony No. 1 in G minor / Symphony No. 2 in B-flat / Symphony No. 3 in D, Overture to the opera Temistocle / Symphony No. 4 in E for double orchestra / Symphony no. 5 in DOrchestra
1538Bach, Johann Christoph Friedrich
Symphony in E flat for 2 horns, 2 oboes, strings and basso continuo (Wf I/10)Orchestra
1318Bach, Johann Christoph FriedrichDie Kindheit Jesu (The Childhood of Jesus) / Die Auferweckung Lazarus (The Raising of Lazarus) (Oratorios)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1864Bach, Johann Christoph FriedrichThe Raising of Lazarus, OratorioChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1699Bach, Johann SebastianWir glauben all' an einen Gott, Vater. Choral Prelude BWV 740 (arranged for 2 trumpets and string orchestra by Christoph Schlüren and Lucian Beschiu / score and parts)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1678Bach, Johann SebastianFuga in sol minore BWV 578 per archi in partitura a quattro (score and parts / edited and engraved by Lucian Beschiu)Chamber Music
840Bach, Johann Sebastian / orch. Elgar, EdwardFantasia and Fugue in C minor BWV 537, transcribed for orchestra by Edward Elgar (with Bach's original)Orchestra
4050Bach, Johann Sebastian / orch. Graeser, WolfgangThe Art of the Fugue for ochestra (incl. Graeser biography in German)Orchestra
1537Bach, Johann Sebastian / orch. Holst, GustavFugue à la Gigue from the Fugue in G, BWV 577 for orchestra
1476Bach, Johann Sebastian / orch. Respighi, OttorinoPrelude and Fugue in D, BWV 532 (Transcription for orchestra)Orchestra
1951Bach, Johann Sebastian / orch. Respighi, OttorinoPassacaglia in Do minore for orchestraOrchestra
256Bach, Wilhelm FriedemannCembalo Concerto in E minorKeyboard & Orchestra
320Balakirev, MilySymphony No. 1 in COrchestra
321Balakirev, MilySymphony No. 2 in D minorOrchestra
435Balakirev, MilyKing Lear (Stage Music to Shakespeare’s Tragedy)Orchestra
695Balakirev, MilySuite in B minor for orchestraOrchestra
724Balakirev, MilyTamara. Symphonic PoemOrchestra
950Balakirev, MilyOverture on the Themes of Three Russian SongsOrchestra
1121Balakirev, MilyPiano Concerto No. 2 in E-flatKeyboard & Orchestra
925Balakirev, MilyIn Bohemia. Symphonic PoemOrchestra
1046Balakirev, MilyOctet for piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, oboe & hornChamber Music
1097Balakirev, MilyRussia (Symphonic poem)Orchestra
1121bBalakirev, MilyPiano Concerto No. 2 in E-flat (Piano Reduction for 2 pianos, 2 copies)
Keyboard & Orchestra
4047Balakirev, Mily / orch. Casella, AlfredoIslamey, Oriental Fantasy for orchestraOrchestra
303Balakirev, Mily / orch. Liapunov, SergeyIslamey, Oriental Fantasy for orchestraOrchestra
1970Bantock, Granville"In the far West" Serenade for String OrchestraString Orchestra
1971Bantock, GranvilleThe Frogs for orchestraOrchestra
1983Bantock, GranvilleThe Pierrot of the minute, A Comedy Overture to a Dramatic Phantasy of Ernest Dowson
1984Bantock, GranvilleDante and Beatrice, Tone poemOrchestra
3003Bantock, GranvillePagan SymphonyOrchestra
3032Bantock, GranvilleThe Vanity of Vanities, a cappella choral symphonyA Cappella
3049Bantock, GranvilleScenes from the Scottish Highlands for string orchestraString Orchestra
3075Bantock, GranvilleAtalanta in Calydon, a cappella choral symphonyA Cappella
4003Bantock, GranvilleHebridean SymphonyOrchestra
4201Bantock, GranvillePageant of Human Life, Choral suite for male, female and children's voicesA Cappella
602Bargiel, WoldemarSymphony in C Op. 30Orchestra
1681Bargiel, WoldemarAdagio op. 38 for Cello and OrchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1726Bargiel, WoldemarOverture to Prometheus, Op. 16 for orchestraOrchestra
1768Bargiel, WoldemarOverture to Medea, Op. 22 for orchestraOrchestra
1769Bargiel, WoldemarOverture for a Tragedy, Op. 18 for orchestraOrchestra
4024Bargiel, WoldemarOctet for 4 Violins, 2 Violas & 2 Cellos Op. 15aChamber Music
4024bBargiel, WoldemarOctet for 4 Violins, 2 Violas and 2 Cellos, Op. 15a (eight solo parts)Chamber Music
1860Bartók, BélaPiano Quintet in C major (score and parts)Chamber Music
4234Bartók, BélaRomanian Christmas Songs, arranged for string orchestra by Dan Turcanu (first print)String Orchestra
1972Baußnern, Waldemar vonChampagner, an overture for grand orchestraOrchestra
4243Baußnern, Waldemar vonHymnische Stunden (Three Pieces for String Orchestra)String Orchestra
1525Beach, AmySymphony in E minor, Op. 32Orchestra
1837Beach, AmyQuintet in F-sharp minor, op. 67 for Pianoforte, 2 Violins, Viola and Violoncello (Score & Parts)Chamber Music
1838Beach, AmyPastorale Op. 151 for Wind Quintet (score and parts)Chamber Music
873Beethoven, Ludwig vanString Quartet in F (First version of the string quartet Op. 18 No.1)Chamber Music
1814Beethoven, Ludwig vanTriumphal March WoO 2a, incidental Music for Christoph Kuffner’s tragedy Tarpeja / Introduction to Act II [of Leonore], WoO 2b [formerly thought to be for Tarpeja]

275bBeethoven, Ludwig vanChristus am Ölberge (Christ at the Mount of Olives), Oratorio Op. 85 (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
275Beethoven, Ludwig vanChristus am Ölberge (Christ at the Mount of Olives) Op. 85 (Oratorio) (Full Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1299Beethoven, Ludwig van / arr. Lachner, VinzenzPiano Concerto No. 1 (2) in C Op. 15 (arranged for piano and string orchestra by Vinzenz Lachner)Keyboard & Orchestra
1967Beethoven, Ludwig van / arr. Lachner, VinzenzPiano Concerto No. 3 in C minor Op. 37 (new edition)Keyboard & Orchestra
4177Beethoven, Ludwig van / arr. WeingartnerGroße Fuge (Grande Fugue) B flat major Op. 133 (arranged for string orchestra by Felix Weingartner)String Orchestra
1978Beethoven, Ludwig van / orch. Hessen, Alexander Friedrich vonQuartet in F minor, Op. 95 for orchestraOrchestra
389Beethoven, Ludwig van / orch. Weingartner, Felix"An die ferne Geliebte" for voice and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1398Beethoven, Ludwig van / orch. Weingartner, Felix“Hammerklavier” Sonata in B-flat Op. 106, orchestrated by WeingartnerOrchestra
62Bellini, VincenzoNormaOpera
1409Bellini, VincenzoOboe concerto in E flat MajorSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
2013Bellini, VincenzoLa Somnambula (with Italian libretto)Opera
62bBellini, VincenzoNorma (Vocal Score with German & Italian libretto)Opera
103Bellini, VincenzoOverture to the opera "Norma"Overture
1440Bellman, Carl Michael / arr. Hermann, UlrichFredmans Epistlar / Fredmans Sånger for mixed ensembleChoir/Voice & Instrument(s)
1344Benda, Franz3 Flute ConcertosSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
95Benda, Jiri AntonínDer Jahrmarkt (with German libretto)Opera
1111Benda, Jiri Antonín12 SymphoniesOrchestra
1228Benda, Jiri Antonín3 Concertos for Harpsichord (Cembalo) & String QuartetChamber Music
1385Benda, Jiri AntonínPiano Concerto in G minor (score and parts)Keyboard & Orchestra
1973Benda, Jiri AntonínConcerto for Viola and Orchestra in FSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
434Bennett, William SterndaleSymphony in G minor Op. 43Orchestra
1204Bennett, William SterndaleDie Waldnymphe (The Wood Nymph) Concert OvertureOrchestra
1281Bennett, William SterndaleParadies und Peri. Overture to Thomas Moore's PlayOrchestra
264Bennett, William SterndaleDie Naiaden (The Naiades) Op. 15 (Concert Overture)Orchestra
500Benoit, PeterTétralogie religieuseChoir/Voice & Orchestra
510Benoit, PeterSymfonisch gedicht (Symphonic Poem) for piano & orchestra (1865)Keyboard & Orchestra
548Benoit, PeterDe oorlog (The war, oratorio, 1869-73)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
550Benoit, PeterPlechtige optocht (Solemn Procession) for orchestraOrchestra
553Benoit, PeterSymfonisch gedicht voor fluit en orkestSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
555Benoit, PeterVlaanderens kunstroem (Flanders’ Artistic Glory, a Rubens Cantata)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
556Benoit, PeterDe Pacificatie van Gent (The Pacification of Gent, Suite for orchestra)Orchestra
565Benoit, PeterContes et ballades for piano soloSolo Instrument
571Benoit, Peter4 Fantaisies for piano soloSolo Instrument
583Benoit, Peter15 motets for voice and organChoir/Voice & Instrument(s)
584Benoit, PeterTrois mélodies sans paroles, Op. 2 for piano soloSolo Instrument
586Benoit, PeterDe Schelde (oratorio)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
2501Benoit, PeterMesse solennelleChoir/Voice & Orchestra
2506Benoit, PeterQuatuor op. 10 / new edition with a critical report by Piet Stryckers (score and parts)Chamber Music
2561Benoit, PeterPrometheus, oratorioChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1746Berger, TheodorViolin ConcertoViolin & Orchestra
1858Berger, TheodorRondo ostinato on a Spanish Motif for large wind orchestra & percussionWind Orchestra
1058bBerger, WilhelmPiano Quintet in F minor Op. 95 (String Parts)Chamber Music
1058cBerger, WilhelmPiano Quintet in F minor / Op. 95 (Score & Parts)Chamber Music
1058Berger, WilhelmPiano Quintet in F minor Op. 95 (Full Score)Chamber Music
1936Berger, WilhelmSymphony in B Major Op. 71Orchestra
29Berlioz, HectorBenvenuto CelliniOpera
644bBerlioz, HectorRêverie et Caprice Op. 8 for violin and orchestra or piano (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
644Berlioz, HectorRêverie et Caprice Op. 8 for violin and orchestra or pianoViolin & Orchestra
645Berlioz, HectorOrchestral Adaptions of Marseillaise, Plaisir d'amour, Erlkönig, Aufforderung zum TanzChoir/Voice & Orchestra
892Berlioz, HectorSymphonie funèbre et triomphale Op. 15Orchestra
953bBerlioz, HectorTe Deum Op. 22 (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
953Berlioz, HectorTe Deum Op. 22Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1053Berlioz, HectorThe Troyans in Carthage (Les Troyens à Carthage) OvertureOverture
1154Berlioz, HectorHuit scènes de Faust Op. 1Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1173Berlioz, HectorLe Cinq Mai. Cantata Op. 6Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1188Berlioz, HectorLa Révolution grecque: scène héroïque (cantata)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1212Berlioz, HectorQuartetto e coro dei maggi (Choeur d'anges)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1233Berlioz, HectorLa mort de CléopâtreChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1235Berlioz, HectorHerminie (Cantata)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1246Berlioz, HectorResurrexitChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1247Berlioz, HectorL'Impériale. Cantata Op. 26Choir/Voice & Orchestra
135Berlioz, HectorOuverture de Rob-RoyOverture
179Berlioz, HectorLélio ou Le Retour à la Vie Op. 14bOrchestra
2019bBerlioz, HectorBéatrice et Bénédict (Vocal score with German & French libretto)Opera
2019Berlioz, HectorBéatrice et Bénédict (with German libretto)Opera
29bBerlioz, HectorBenvenuto Cellini (Vocal Score with German and French libretto)Opera
2023Berlioz, Hector (ZUR ZEIT NICHT ERHÄLTLICH) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Les Troyens (in two volumes with French libretto)Opera
1515Berwald, FranzKonzertstück for Bassoon and OrchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1778Berwald, FranzTheme and Variations fo