Scheinpflug, Paul


Scheinpflug, Paul

Frühling. Ein Kampf- und Lebenslied, Tondichtung für großes Orchester op. 8

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Paul Scheinpflug – »Frühling. Ein Kampf- und Lebenslied« für großes Orchester op. 8 (1904-05)
(Spring. A Song of Struggle and Life‘ for orchestra, Op. 8)

(b. Loschwitz near Dresden, 10 September 1875 – d. Memel [Klaipeda], 11 March 1937)

I Winterwelt, ihre Sehnsucht, ihre Not.(Wintry World, its Longing, its Misery) p. 3
II Ein Frühlingstraum. (A Dream of Spring) p. 33
III Erwachen und kämpfen. (Awakening and Struggling) p. 47
IV Der Sieger. (The Winner) p. 85 – Frühlingsland. (Land of Spring) p. 101
V Frühlings- und Werdenächte. (Nights of Spring and Sprouting) p. 123
VI Der Sonne entgegen! (Toward the Sun!) p. 145

Paul Scheinpflug from Saxony was one of those composers whose fame rose meteorically at the beginning of the 20th century. Even before he was 30 years old, he was recognized as a truly significant master, but s it happened with many of his artist colleagues, his composing career was shattered by the First World War, and as a result, it was above all the excellent conductor Scheinpflug who was widely respected and who largely overshadowed his compositional work.

Scheinpflug’s lifetime coincides almost completely with that of Maurice Ravel: born four months after Ravel, he died eight and a half months before the great Frenchman, and as with the latter, we should not be primarily interested here in the question of how advanced, how progressive Scheinpflug’s material is, but rather how he understands to serve a subtle development based on the tradition. …

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225 x 320 mm