Goetz, Hermann


Goetz, Hermann

Es liegt so abendstill der See Op. 11 for male choir, tenor od soprano solo and orchestra

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Hermann Goetz – Es liegt so abendstill der See, Op. 11

(b. Königsberg, 7 December 1840 — d. Hottingen, Zürich, 3 December 1876)

A child prodigy from Königsberg, Hermann Goetz composed his first piece, a piano sonata for four hands, at the age of twelve. He studied piano and harmony with Louis Köhler in Königsberg until he transferred to the Stern Conservatoire in Berlin where he studied piano with Hans von Bülow. Unfortunately, Goetz contracted tuberculosis while studying at the conservatory, which physically weakened him for the rest of his life.

In 1863 Goetz replaced Theodore Kirchner as the Organist of Winterthur, Switzerland, where he also taught piano, performed, and composed. In spite of his weakened state and lingering illness, he married Laura Wirth in 1867. Goetz met Johannes Brahms in Winterthur, and although the two men were not friends, but they influenced each other’s work. Goetz dedicated his Piano Quartet, Op. 6, to Brahms, and introduced Brahms to Friedrich Schiller’s poem, Nänie, which both men set for chorus and orchestra.

Although he was not a prolific composer, Goetz produced substantial, well-crafted pieces that earned the respect of his peers, including the Piano Quartet, the Piano Concerto No. 2 op. 18, the Spring Overture op. 15, and Symphony in F op. 9. He is most well-known for his opera, Der Widerspenstigen Zähmung, a retelling of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, which was performed during his lifetime throughout Germany and in London to great success.

Although he hoped the Swiss air would help with his weakened lungs, Goetz suffered bad health throughout his career and eventually passed away only a few days before his 36th birthday in Zürich. He left several unfinished works, including his opera, Francesca da Rimini, which was completed by Ernst Frank.

The text for Es liegt so abendstill der See is a poem by noted writer and poet, Wolfgang Müller von Königswinter (1816-1873). The piece was created in 1865 and published by Simrock in 1875.

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For performance material please contact Simrock / Boosey & Hawkes (www.boosey.com), Berlin.

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