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Repertoire & Opera Explorer, Music publisher of rare music scores. Its underlying idea was born from the experience that too many great works of music are unknown, forgotten, underrated and unperformed. Moreover, most of this neglected music has been commercially unavailable for a long time.

The work of Repertoire Explorer extends far beyond the needs of collectors. The series aims to change the world of music one step at a time. For this reason, we also produce first editions of neglected masterworks, that should have been published long ago. These are always accompanied by the complete set of performance material.

Every score is introduced with a scholarly preface (English, German), most of which are available online for preview. All this is made possible by a worldwide network of dedicated musicians, musicologists, and music-loving amateurs contributing in many different ways to the success of the series.

Let us know if there is a work that you’ve been searching for in vain. If it is in the public domain, and if there is a score (and perhaps parts) in acceptable condition, we can usually publish it and make it available quite quickly. If it is still under copyright protection, you may be able to help us negotiate with the rightsholders. Some publishers such as Universal Edition in Vienna have agreed to collaborate with us on a broad basis. It is our hope that such examples will inspire others to join us in promoting great music that will otherwise never enter the repertoire.

Look through our catalogue and be inspired.

Call for preface writers and translators

All our scores are introduced with a scholarly preface in English and German. These are typically written by musicians, musicologists and music lovers from all over the world in support of our main endeavour, namely to publish unknown, forgotten, underrated and unperformed great musical works that have been commercially unavailable for many years.

We are now looking to expand our network. Please contact us if you are interested in writing or translating the preface for one of the following titles:

Updated 26 May 2024

Berger, Wilhelm Der Totentanz Op.86
Bernard, Emile 2. Suite d'orchestre
Boieldieu. Francois Adrien Concerto in tre Tempi für arpa and orchestra
Brambach, Caspar Joseph Tasso Op.30
Courvoisier, Walter Symphonischer Prolog zu "Olympischer Frühling" Op. 10
Erdmannsdörfer, Max Prinzessin Ilse overture
Erkel, Franz & Beni, Egressi/ orch. Liszt Szozat und Hymnus
Fitelberg, Grzegorz Polnische Rhapsodie Op. 25
Foote, Arthur 4 Character Pieces after the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám, Op.48
Glazunov, Alexander Overture No. 1 on Three Greek Themes
Glazunov, Alexander Printemps Op. 34
Granados Dante
Hartmann, J.P.E. Hakon Jarl Op. 40, overture
Hausegger, Siegmund von Orchesterlieder: Schmied Schmerz / Neuweinwinkel / Stimme des Abends / Schnitterlied
Hausegger, Siegmund von Todtenmarsch
Heger, Robert Zweite Symphonie Op. 21
Heger, Robert Verdi-Variationen für Orchester Op. 23
Heger, Robert Tango für Orchester Op. 25a
Heinrich XXIV, Prinz Reuss Vierte Symphonie op.30 in A-Dur
Huber, Hans Weihegesang nach dem VIII. Psalm op.1
Hüe, Georges Le Miracle, ballet de l'opera
Inghelbrecht, Désiré-Émile Trois Poémes dansés
Juon, Paul Kleine Sinfonie für Streichorchester Op.87
Kämpf, Karl Liebeslied Op. 96.
Karlowicz, Mieczyslaw / orch. Fitelberg, Grzegorz Eine Maskenballepisode Op. 14, orchestrated and completed by Fitelberg, Grzegorz
Kiel, Friedrich Der Stern von Bethlehem Op. 83, oratorio
Kiel, Friedrich Vier Märsche op.61
Kienzl, Wilhelm Don Quixotes phantastischer Ausritt und seine traurige Heimkehr (aus "Don Quixote")
Klughardt / Foerster Totenbilder
Knorr, Iwan Passacaglia und Fuge
Konyus (Conus), Jules Violin Concerto
Kornauth, Egon Sinfonische Ouvertüre Op. 13
Lachner, Vinzens Ouvertüre zu Schillers Turandot Op. 33
Laparra, Raoul Un Dimanche Basque
Loewe, Carl / Streicher, Theodor Odins Meeresritt
Lord Berners Fugue for orchestra
Louis, Rudolf Proteus, Symphonische Phantasie für Orchester und Orgel ad libitum
Nussio, Otmar Folclore d'Engadina, Suite per orchestra
Palmgren, Selim Métamorphoses
Peters, Guido Octett in vier Sätzen
Petyrek, Felix Litanei für gemischten Chor, zwei Trompeten, zwei Harfen und Schlagwerk
Pijper, Willem The Tempest, incidental music
Reuss, August Symphonischer Prolog
Schumann, Georg Symphonie Nr.2 in f-Moll Op.42
Sigwart, Botho Hektors Bestattung Op. 15
Sullivan, Arthur Trial by
Taubert, Ernst Eduard Suite D-Dur in fünf Sätzen Op. 67
Tomaschek, Wenzel Johann Symphony C major op. 17
Weigl, Karl Old Vienna
Woyrsch, Felix Die Geburt Jesu Op.18
Woyrsch, Felix Ode an den Tod Op.57
Wüllner, Franz Der 127. Psalm Op. 40
Zilcher, Hermann Konzertstück in einem Satz für Violoncell und kleines Orchester, Op. 21
Zilcher, Hermann Klage, Konzertstück für Violine und kleines Orchester, Op. 22

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