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Back to the Origins and Toward the Unknown…

Repertoire Explorer is an enterprise outside the commercial music publishing trade. Its underlying idea was born from the experience that too many great works of music are unknown, forgotten, underrated, and unperformed, and that most of this neglected music has been commercially unavailable for ages.

The expansion of the repertoire that Repertoire Explorer seeks extends far beyond the needs of collectors. The series aims to change the world of music one step at a time. Therefore we also produce first editions of masterworks that should have appeared in print long ago, always accompanied by complete sets of performance material.

Every score is introduced with a scholarly preface (English, German), and most of the prefaces are available online for inspection. All this is made possible by a worldwide network of musicians, musicologists, and music-loving amateurs who contribute to the series in many different ways.

Let us know if there is a work that you’ve been searching for in vain. If it is in the public domain, and if there is a score (and perhaps parts) in acceptable condition, we can issue it quite quickly. If it is still under copyright protection, you may be able to help us negotiate with the rightholders. Some publishers – e.g. Universal Edition in Vienna – have agreed to collaborate with us on a broad basis. It is our hope that such examples will inspire others to join us in promoting great music that will otherwise never enter the repertoire.

Look through our catalogue and get inspired.