Edited by Oliver Fraenzke (until 2022) / Repertoire Explorer continues this series since 2023 .

‘Beyond the Waves’ is dedicated to forgotten chamber music, which will now be published as performance material.
With the passing of time, numerous works disappeared from concert programmes; the canon of Western music was narrowed down to a manageable, standard repertoire. Whilst diving in the depths of the chamber music ocean, I discovered and am still discovering a rich world of unknown works. Musicians and music lovers who also share my wish to make neglected music accessible to the public seek out pieces in the deep. These pieces which they bring along to me enable us to make ‘Beyond the Waves’ a unique, unprecedented collection of chamber music.
All these treasures – mostly works which are no longer available, whose scores I have restored, as well as other pieces which will surface from the ocean depths for the very first time – we bring ashore where they are to be played.
Come explore the infinite vastness of this chamber music ocean with me. Perhaps you have cast your nets in uncharted seas and uncovered rarities which are just waiting to be published. If this is so, please do not hesitate to contact us (Musikproduktion Höflich).

All scores are performance material (225 x 320 mm).

Text: Oliver Fraenzke, translated by Julin Lee, Munich 2017