Vaage, Knut


Vaage, Knut

Svev for piano trio /violin, cello, piano (3 performance scores / first print / landscape format)


Vaage, Knut – Svev (piano trio) 2017-18 (revised 2020)

(b. Bergen, 14. October 1961)

First performance: 11. March 2018. Tårnsalen, Bergen

by Valen Trio:

Einar Røttingen, Ricardo Odriozola and John Ehde

Knut Vaage, born 1961, is a Bergen-based Norwegian composer. He graduated as a pianist and composer from the Grieg Academy in Bergen. Vaage has worked in different styles of music, with special focus on improvised and contemporary music. Many of his projects have investigated the boundaries between improvisation and composed music. Vaage’s production ranges from symphonic works and opera to solo pieces. His music is frequently performed at concerts and festivals in Norway and abroad. Much of Vaage’s instrumental music has been released on CD.

Investigation of the acoustic/electronic hybrid sound is another important area in Vaage’s music. He has also written a number of vocal works and works for the stage. As an improviser Vaage early on explored the boundaries between improvisation and composition as a member of the trio JKL. The tension created between acoustic instruments and electronics was an important ingredient of their style. Vaage’s work with improvisation continues with the band Fat Battery, and in staged works like “Achilles or Stupor”, premiered at Grec Festival in Barcelona in 2015.

The dissemination of contemporary music for a wider audience forms an important part of Vaage’s compositional activity. He has participated in different concert projects aimed towards children, teenagers and local choirs and orchestras. Vaage has also been deeply involved in administrative work, having served as leader and board member of several contemporary music organizations in Norway. …

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Score No.


Special Edition

Amethyst Edition



3 copies of the score


First print



Special Size

225 x 320 mm landscape format

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