Reger, Max


Reger, Max

Violin Concerto in A Op. 101 (Piano Reduction/Solo)

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Reger, Max

Violin Concerto in A Op. 101 (Piano Reduction/Solo)

Allegro moderato
p. 1
Largo con gran espressione
p. 78
Allegro moderato (ma con spirito) – stringendo al più mosso
p. 107
Max Reger started composing his monumental violin concerto in Kolberg after completing the
Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Johann Adam Hiller in the summer of 1907, some 3 years
after it had been conceived. It is dedicated to his friend and great violin virtuoso Henri
Marteau. On 9th June 1907 Reger announced to his publisher: “I am confident that this violin
concerto is imbued as it were with the ‘classical’ sensibilities of our time, and that it contains
no ‘crazy ideas’. There is no technical ‘nonsense’ to be found in the solo violin part; what
becomes apparent is an ideal of scoring that may be described as ‘transparent’, adding “I hope I
have ensured that the soloist, who is allocated so much cantilena, will be able to concentrate on
 ‘singing’ and need not ‘scratch’! The style is a symphonic throughout to be sure. Of course I
have also considered the virtuoso element for the soloist, however not in an exaggerated
fashion. Instead I have placed the emphasis on a strong melody, and done the same in the two
allegro movements.” The finale was completed on 23rd of April 1908 and the first performance
was held on 13th October 1908 in Leipzig with Marteau and the Gewandhaus Orchestra under
Arthur Nikisch. It was met with great acclaim. Since then, however, the work has been heavily
criticised as being ‘overloaded’ and for its length…


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