Turcanu, Dan


Turcanu, Dan

Learn to Play ‘Ishy Bilady’ the National Anthem of UAE in nine lessons, for violin beginner with Student-Teacher duets.


Learn to Play ‘Ishy Bilady” the National Anthem of UAE

This book contains a simplified arrangement of the national anthem of the United Arab Emirates for beginner violinists of all ages. The motivation behind the creation of this book came from the author, who has lived in the country for many years and has played the anthem numerous times at all sorts of events. His objective is so that more people, especially those residing in the UAE, would have a chance to learn to play the anthem. This book is designed for individual lessons with a teacher as each part has an enjoyable Student-Teacher duet based on the music of the anthem. The exercises in this book are derived from the anthem and ensures progressive steps to learning the basics of the violin efficiently. Throughout this book, there are various arrangements of the anthem catered for duets, trios and ensembles.

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