Klughardt, August


Klughardt, August

Concert Overture in G Op. 45 for orchestra

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August Klughardt – Concert Overture in G Op. 45

(b. Cöthen, 30 November 1847 — d. Dessau, 3 August 1902)

The concert overture, which developed during the early 19th century, was a departure from the traditional overture, which was associated with a stage performance. During this period, traditional opera overtures began to be performed on programs as stand-alone pieces. The growing popularity of this trend attracted composers such as Carl Maria von Weber, Felix Mendelssohn, and Hector Berlioz to compose concert style overtures without any association to a stage performance. By the later part of the 19th century, composer Franz Liszt championed his creation of the symphonic poem. The format of which encouraged composers to include programmatic references and depart from formulaic traditions. A known associate of Liszt, while they were both working in Weinmar was August Freidrich Klughardt.

Klughardt is widely known for his Woodwind Quintet (Op. 79) which is regularly performed and has become a staple in the quintet repertoire. Perhaps just as effective and important, although not heard as frequently, are his lesser-known pieces for orchestra. Although his musical catalogue includes over 100 works, spanning from chamber music and solo literature to larger symphonies and operas, they are all deserving of wider attention. During Klughart’s lifetime, he made paths in different cities, gaining respect from colleagues and master composers not only for his compositions, but also for his conducting abilities. He held notable positions in a variety of places, including Posen, Weimar, Dessau, and Lubeck. Klughardt‘s drive and determination never wavered, as he continuously took on positions with more responsibilities and duties; eventually, he achieved the position of chief conductor and manager in Neustrelitz.

His final post was as director of music at the court in Dessau, where he conducted Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen, WWV 86. In 1884, just two years after starting up at his new post in Dessau, Klughardt demonstrated a further commitment to composing larger scale works for orchestra. A primary example of this is exemplified by the composition of the Concert Overture in G, Op.45. ..



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