Glass, Louis


Glass, Louis

Symphony No. 3 D major Op. 30 (Forest Symphony)

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Louis Glass – Symphony No. 3 „Forest Symphony“ D Major Op. 30

(b. Copenhagen, 23 March 1864 – d. Copenhagen, 22 January 1936)

Moderato – Allegro ma non troppo p.3
Andante con moto, poco allegretto p.24
Scherzo: Allegro vivace p.43
Finale: Allegro p.68

Louis Glass: He was once called „Denmark‘s lousiest symphonic composer“ – Louis Glass was controversial throughout his life; he was considered too conservative and backward-looking, but at the same time he was one of the most important musicians in his country and is today again perceived as such.

Louis Glass was born with music in his cradle. Born on March 23, 1864 in what is now the Copenhagen district of Frederiksberg, he found himself in a very musical family. His father Christian Henrik Glass was a piano teacher, organist and composed piano pieces. His teacher was the then almost legendary J. P. E. Hartmann, who, along with Gade, is considered the founder of Danish national romanticism.


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