Odriozola, Ricardo


Odriozola, Ricardo

Den Velsignede (The Blessed One) for violin and guitar (first print, score and parts)



Odriozola, Ricardo – Den Velsignede (The Blessed One) for violin and guitar (first print, score and parts)

Den Velsignede (“the blessed one”) was written between 2007 and 2008. Having written a piano trio in 2004 titled “Leaving Home”, Den Velsignede represents its “coming home” counterpart after years of uncertain “wandering in the wilderness”. The piece was inspired by and dedicated to the person who provided a sense of stability and belonging that had been practically unknown to me until then. The uncannily symmetrical melody that opens the piece (the first eight notes in the violin) spells the first name of the dedicatee.

The piece is written in fantasy style, with a number of recurring ideas and motifs. The music is melodically and harmonically very rich and, for the most part, written with the intent of creating a sense of rhythmic fluidity. It is mostly placid with occasionally more abrasive and/or playful episodes, such as the argument that seems to arise in measures 89-100, followed by a few placatory moments before breaking into a somewhat intoxicating waltz. There are also moments of contemplation such as the “garden section” (mm. 140-160), followed by a dance that gains in abandon as it loses inhibition. The following “più tranquillo” section (mm. 229-251) is, in a sense the heart of a piece that centres largely on the positive emotional side of human experience. This is followed by eighteen measures of serene, Zen-like detachment that turns into an equally detached merry-go-round-like section. An internal dance as it were. The final, slow nine measures reinstate the sense of devotion and gratitude that is at the heart of the composition.’


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