Mălăncioiu , Gabriel


Mălăncioiu , Gabriel

Percutrance for percussion and orchestra (First print)



Mălăncioiu , Gabriel – Percutrance for percussion and orchestra (First print)

Gabriel Mălăncioiu (b. 1979)

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The underlining factor behind every work that I’ve written in the last few years is the quest of rediscovering the secret power that music has. Therefore, many of my works are influenced by texts belonging to ancient or modern mystics, ranging from Lao Tzu and Heraclit to Osho, Eckhart Tolle, Gangaji or Mooji. Lately, the sacred / profane relation has intrigued my musical thinking, and the complementarity of the polar opposites has become the main idea in many of my works, irrespective of the aesthetical orientation, be it a- vantgardistic or traditional, regardless of the medium used, be it live electronics or the ancient duduk… Commenting on a piece played during World Music Days Festival, Frank Oteri from New Music Box was saying “Hommage à Papaji contained some extremely lush harmonies that seemed to float beyond consciousness…”

In 2001 Gabriel Mălăncioiu began the study of composition under the direction of Remus Georgescu, and in 2005 he began to attend the MA in composition under the direction of Cornel Țăranu. In 2011 he completed his PhD in composition with the thesis Aspects of the sacred / profane relation in my own music under the direction of Adrian Pop.

Gabriel Mălăncioiu’s works have been performed in concerts in Romania and also in USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Argentina, Austria, Germany, France, Norway, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Slovenia, Ukraine, Scotland, Macedonia, Poland and Hungary by Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart, Slovenian Chamber Choir, Ensemble Aventure, Black Pencil, Hand Werk, L’Arsenale, Florian Mueller (Klangforum Wien), Bjorn Wilker (Klangforum Wien), Richard Craig, Gudrun Hinze, Luca Piovesan and conductors such as Huba Hollókői, Michael Wendeberg, Martina Batič, Remus Georgescu amongst others. Some of his works were released by Navona Records / Parma Recordings (USA), Ablaze Records (USA), Col Legno (Austria) (digital release), Stan Music (Germany) and Blowout Records (Italy). Gabriel Mălăncioiu is currently teaching Composition Techniques, Orchestration and Musical Analysis at the West University of Timişoara, Faculty of Music and Theatre.

Percutrance (first performance: 04.11.2016, Capitol Hall, Timișoara, Romania, during INTRADA International New Music Festival, soloist: Doru Roman, Banatul Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor – Huba Hollókői) – a concert for percussion and orchestra, is a work composed in the autumn of 2016. The three parts of the work use a predominant modal language, in which the archaic connotations of the melodic trajectories intertwine with the ritual elements presented in the soloist’s discourse. Leaving the ordinary state of consciousness due to intense rhythmic activity is an idea found in many traditional cultures, whether we think of the Yak Tovil ritual in Sri Lanka, the Italian tarantismo or the sufits of the Nizamuddin Order; so, the idea of transcendence (according to the title of the composition) is shaped as the leading thread in structuring the whole work. …

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