Roman, Johan Helmich

Three Symphonies: No.1 in G major, No.2 in F major, No.3 in B major

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Johan Helmich Roman – Symphonies 1, 2 and 3

(b. Stockholm, 26. Oktober 1694 – d. Kalmar län, 20. November 1758)

Symphony No. 1 in G Major
Symphony 2 in F Major
Symphony 3 in B-flat Major

Known as “the father of Swedish music,” and sometimes even as “the Swedish Handel,” Johan Helmich Roman was one of the first native Swedish composers to gain international notoriety. The epitome of an eighteenth-century musician, Roman enjoyed a diverse career that was influenced by his travels throughout cosmopolitan Europe. Son of a royal violinist, Roman excelled at music from an early age; at only seven years of age he first performed the violin at court. Eventually he would serve as the director of the royal Swedish orchestra and the Hovkapell, perform as a violinist and oboist, and work as a music teacher, theorist, and linguist.

In 1712, King Charles XII granted Roman permission to travel to England with the hopes of broadening his musical expertise. Roman stayed there for almost six years from 1715 to 1721, a time when public music-making began to flourish in Georgian London. During his stay, he played second violin in Handel’s orchestra at the Royal Academy of Music and became known as “the Swedish Virtuoso.” He also encountered many notable Italian composers such as Bononcini, Geminiani, and Veracini, who all significantly influenced his artistic development. Upon his return to Sweden, Roman was appointed as Kapellmeister to the Hovkapell in 1727. …


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