Rega, Alfonso


Rega, Alfonso

Sinfonia No. 2 in Re “Romeo e Giulietta” (first edition)



Alfonso Rega

Symphony No. 2 in D Major, Romeo and Juliet

(first edition)


My musical training began at the age of 8 when I learned to play piano and went on to study composition. Although I dedicated my professional career as an International Consultant and had less time for music in those years, I never stopped composing. I’ve composed more than 400 short pieces of classical music and 7 symphonies.
At this point in my life, I am able to dedicate all of my time to composing music. It’s the beginning of a second career, even if it’s one that I’ve pursued my whole life. Now with the evolution of modern music making technology, I’m able to capture the essence of my music as it comes spontaneously, where I receive inspiration on a melody or harmony. I can then work on the composition for months, and in some cases, for over a year to develop and perfect it.
In my case, inspiration cannot appear without a strong emotion. Usually strong emotions are brought on by an event like in the case of the symphony “September 11th.” It may be the mighty power of a masterpiece of literature like in the case of the “Divine Comedy” of Dante Alighieri or in the case of “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare. It may be the fascination of the dream of a travel in space like in the case of the symphony “Towards Infinite.” In fact, there are no limits, there is only one absolutely necessary condition and that is emotion. This is what makes my music truly unique – the expression of intense emotions (joy, pain, awe) reflected in all of my pieces.
My favorite composers are Mozart, Beethoven and Mahler. In fact, one never knows whom and how much one takes influence. One cannot make this analysis while composing – that is the job of the critics who have classified my music as post-romantic.
Currently, I am working on a project about a subject that is not only timely but futuristic at the same time: space. It will be a trilogy describing different aspects of the greatest discovery of our time. The first symphony “Towards Infinite” describes the dream of mankind to travel into space. The second symphony “Big Bang” describes the step-by-step formation of the universe. The third one will be dedicated to the birth of mankind.
I’ve also composed around 400 short pieces, some of which will be issued on CD in autumn of this year. They are solo pieces for piano, violin, cello, flute and pieces for chamber orchestra.


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