Couperin, François


Couperin, François

Sonades inédites: La Steinquerque, La Sultane, La Superbe

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François Couperin “le Grand” – Sonades inédites: La Steinquerque, La Sultane, La Superbe

(b. Paris, 10 November 1668 – d. Paris, 11 September 1733)

François Couperin “le Grand” seems to have been affected by Italian sonata a tre since the end of XVII century even though he started publishing sonatas for solo instruments only in his latest years. This paper contains three string sonatas, composed around the last decade of that century, which were never published by the author: La Steinquerque, La Sultane and La Superbe. This edition reproduces part of the tenth volume (the fourth of “Chamber music”, edited in 1933 by Amédée Gastoué) of François Couperin’s opera omnia led by the Oiseau-Lyre publishing house of Monaco under the direction of Maurice Cauchie.1

As a facsimile of a historical edition, the task of the present work is to provide scholars and musicians with a lucid snap-shot of past editorial praxis of XVII century music: continuo realization in the taste of the time and little misunderstandings of the curator are preserved as part of the vivid philological workings around the first edition of F. Couperin’s music.

Couperin’s interest in trio-sonata probably dates back to the years in which Arcangelo Corelli’s collections and other Italian composers’ trio-sonata started to circulate widely across Europe reaching France where they strongly fascinated native composers like Sebastién de Brossard, Jean-Ferry Rebel and Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de La Guerre.2 However, almost all the works composed during these years in the new Italian instrumental style slept in manuscripts for a certain time, while part of them was published only at the beginning of XVIII century. …


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