Schreker, Franz


Schreker, Franz

Der Schatzgräber (full opera score in three volumes with German libretto)

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Franz Schreker

Der Schatzgräber
Opera in four acts with prologue and epilogue (1915-18)

(b. Monaco, 23 March 1878 – d. Berlin, 21 March 1934)

In the summer of 1915 Franz Schreker vacationed with his family in Lower Austria near the border with Styria. Removed from the distractions of the Viennese music world and the Great War (he had been disqualified for service because of varicose veins), he had what can only be called a primal artistic experience, which he described a few years later in his essay “Über die Entstehung meiner Opernbücher” (“On the Origins of My Opera Librettos,” 1919):

“The little house belonged to strange people. They had traveled far and had gathered all manner of things from all over the world. There was an old Franconian room, a Persian room, a Turkish room, an attic room filled with fantastic bric-a-brac and stuffed animals of every imaginable sort. But the most charming of all were two Transylvanian peasant rooms on the ground floor, with one of those gigantic wood stoves

[…]. We all sat around the table – it was late in the evening, the flickering light of the candles in an iron chandelier gave the room a somewhat ghostly medieval aspect. A young girl from our circle of acquaintances entered in willfully fantastic dress, on her arm a lute from which
flattered many colorful ribbons. She sang old German folk songs and forgotten ballads with a soft, touching voice. A strange mood descended upon all of us … I myself watched through tears, as if through crystal: the room mutated into a stage set. The girl – her name was Else – was strangely transformed. The lute glistened in the hands of a handsome youth, the halberds on the walls were given men to carry them, the pewter jugs filled with sparkling wine, and kingly jewels glowed in subterranean splendor from the cupboard. In this house was born the entire plot of my opera
Der Schatzgräber.”

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