Hoof, Jef van


Hoof, Jef van

Eerste symfonische suite

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Hoof, Jef van – Eerste symfonische suite

(Antwerpen, 8 mei 1886 – Antwerpen, 24 april 1959)

Jef Van Hoof(Antwerp, 8 May 1886 – Antwerp, 24 April 1959)First symphonic suite(1918)In addition to six symphonies, an opera, songs, choral music, chamber music and religious works, Jef Van Hoof also composed a lot of battle songs and choirs with which he supported the Flemish Movement. Also as a conductor he often participated in all kinds of Flemish nationalist manifestations, such as the Song evenings for the people and the Flemish national song festivals. This commitment cost him dearly after the First World War: on 18 November 1918 he was arrested on charges of sympathising with the German occupier and sentenced to eight months’ imprisonment. Shortly afterwards, in his cell, he composed his First symphonic suite, with the subtitle: ‘Impressions, sensations and emotions of the prisoner’. He gave the five-part suite the following titles and descriptions …

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