Brookes, Phillip


Brookes, Phillip

Concerto for Clarinet and String Orchestra Op. 30 (Piano Reduction/Solo)


Brookes, Phillip

Concerto for Clarinet and String Orchestra Op. 30 (Piano Reduction/Solo)

Preludio p.1
Romanza p.25
Scherzo-Rondo p.34
Sweet Lizbie Brown
How you could smile
How you could sing!
Thomas Hardy,To Lizbie Brow
This concerto was a direct consequence of meeting a captivating and very gifted young clarinetist in March 1979. It was
written quickly (at least by my standards) with the central Romanza completed within three weeks in April and May, and
the Preludio during June and July. The final Scherzo-Rondo was begun on 3 August and finished on 22 October, by which
time our relationship had become a serious one. At this remove it is impossible for me to separate the concerto’s growth
from the progressive deepening – throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn – of the friendship between the two of us. My
overwhelming memory of that period is one of continuous sunshine; the dedication for
Anne, in sunshine reflects this. ..
The concerto is heavily influenced by Gerald Finzi’sSuperb Essay in that Form, which dates from 1949 and which had
long been a favourite of both of us. The opening movement, Preludio (Andante con moto) , is the longest and loosely
follows sonata form, contrasting a wistful but determined melody
[figure 2] with a more joyful and lighthearted one [6].
The whole is highly chromatic and seems reluctant to remain in one key for very long. At the end, the wistful melody is
transformed to give a gentle and contented conclusion. In the score I have written “On Ladies Walk” because we would
often visit this local landmark, with its path through the trees and views of the town spread out below us. The main theme
came to me on one of those walks


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