Lachner, Vinzenz


Lachner, Vinzenz

Overture to Schiller’s ‘Demetrius’ Op.44

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Vinzenz Lachner – Overture to Schiller’s Demetrius op. 44

(b. Rain am Lech, 19 July 1811 – d. Karlsruhe, 22 January 1893)

for grand orchestra

Vinzenz Lachner, born in 1811, experienced his early life in Germany surrounded by a musical family who heavily influenced his journey to becoming a composer and conductor. All of his brothers, Franz Paul Lachner (1803–1890), Ignaz Lachner (1807–1895), and Theodor Lachner (1795–1877), received their early education from their father Anton Lachner, who was the organist for the city of Rain am Lech. While Vinzenz’s father taught him the organ, he was essentially self-taught when it came to composing and conducting.

Before he made his living as a conductor, he survived by teaching private music lessons to a Polish count in Ponznan. Eventually, following his brother’s recommendations, he moved to Vienna to serve as a conductor and house musician for the Earl Mycieleski of Coscevitz within the Grand Duchy of Posen in 1831. He soon succeeded his brother Franz in 1834 as the Kapellmeister at the Kärntnertortheater before transferring to Mannheim two years later. His career took him travelling across Europe. Business trips brought him as far as London to conduct a season of the Deutsche Operngesellschaft in 1842. Lachner’s lucrative career as a Kapellmeister lasted until about 1873, which was the year he retired and chose to settle down in Karlsruhe. He dedicated the final years of his life to teaching at the music conservatory in that city until he passed away at age 81. …


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