Draga, George


Draga, George

Concert Overture no. 2

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Draga, George – Concert Overture no. 2

A composer and musicologist, George Draga is not very well known in the Romanian musical world. He had a discreet life as a composer, in which one can single out two stages of creation, separated by a major stylistic rupture. In the sixties and seventies, he was interested in the new directions in music and the dominant avant-garde tendencies of the time. The music of this period contains serial elements, heterophonies, mathematical techniques possibly inspired by his composition teacher, Anatol Vieru. Since 2001, after a long period of silence, he returned to the work table with a neotonal, minimalist approach, which broke away from the mainstream and was of a highly interiorized nature. The last decade of his life was prolific, adding up to thirteen symphonies and an impressive amount of works of all genres – all of them, however, written for the drawer. …

Since his school compositions written around 1961-65, he approached mainly symphonic and vocal- symphonic music. Among the works considered at the peak of his creation, one may count Concert Music (1968), Heterophonies for ten instrumentalists (1969), two concert overtures (1969, 1974), the Prelude for string orchestra and wind quintet (1971) and the symphonic poem Sarmizegetusa (1982).


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