Aulin, Tor


Aulin, Tor

Meister Olof, Suite for orchestra

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Tor Aulin – Master Olof (Master Olof /Mäster Olof)

(b. Stockholm, September 10, 1866 – d. Saltsjöbaden, March 1, 1914)

Der Reformator (Im Kloster zu Stregnäs) p.1
Sein Weib und Kind p.15
In der Stadtkirche (während seiner ersten Predigt) p.22
Am Totenbett der Mutter p.55
Das Fest am Norreport p.66

“Meister Olof” or Swedish “Mäster Olof” is best known as the play by the Swedish writer August Strindberg, but less common is that the Swedish composer, violinist and conductor Tor Aulin has composed a program suite for it, which is well worth listening to.

The composer Tor Aulin is hardly known today, only the violin repertoire still includes his Third Violin Concerto op. 14 from 1896, which is dedicated to the violinist Henri Marteau (1874-1934).2 Tor Aulin is the son of an Ancient Greek professor for the Ancient Greek language and a trained singer who encouraged her son musically at an early age. Aulin’s sister was the Swedish pianist and composer Laura Valborg Aulin (1860-1928).2 Aulin studied music from the age of eleven, from 1877 to 1883 at the Stockholm Conservatory violin with J. Lindberg and music theory with Conrad Nordqvist.3 From 1884 to 1886 he continued studying his instrument with Èmile Sauret in Berlin and learned composition with Philipp Schwarwenka. From 1889 to 1902 he worked as the concertmaster at the Royal Opera in Stockholm. He was co-founder and conductor of the Stockholm and Gothenburg Music and Concert Association. In 1887 he founded the “Aulin String Quartet”, which he dissolved in 1912.4 From 1890 onwards there was a close friendship and intensive collaboration with the Swedish composer, pianist and conductor Wilhelm Stenhammar (1871-1927), and the acquaintance of Edward Grieg and the Swedish composer and pianist Emil Sjögren (1853-1918). …


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