Bischoff, Hermann


Bischoff, Hermann

Symphony No. 1 in E-major Op. 16

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Hermann Bischoff – Symphony No. 1 in E-major, op. 16 (1906)

(7th of January 1868 Duisburg to 25th January 1936 Berlin)

Sehr schnell und feurig p.3
Sehr ruhig und getragen p.98 Presto p.125
Allegro moderato. (Etwas zögernd beginnen.) p.189

Hermann Bischoff, who is usually considered to be the only pupil of Strauss, although we have at the same time Erwin Botky, Hans Simon, and Kurt Stieblitz, worked primarily as a writer of musical criticism also delved in composition.1 Although composing songs made up the bulk of that, there a few longer symphonic works composed at the same time. In the following, it will be his first symphony that is to be taken into consideration. Bischoff as a person cannot be dealt with here.2

Although the historical background of these works in their respective origins on the basis of documentary evidence can be reconstructed, however not exhaustively, the source material dealing with these compositions appears to be quite unclear. The manuscript is considered to be lost, and the rough drafts in those sketch books extant have not been able to be verified. Only two files with the orchestral parts and five pages of corrections of the first version are accessible.3

Date of origin, first performance and editions
In “Gewittersegen” op. 9 and “Pan” op. 14, Hermann Bischoff was approaching more and more the symphonic form he was avoiding up to that time. In a letter written on 18th November 1900, Struass inquired about the symphonic genre for the first time: “What else do you compose” What about symphonies or chamber music? Any work for a choir? Are you still doing anything with Thuille by way of swotting with fugues?”4 It took well over two years, however, before the first sketches were finished; then at the beginning of October 1902, we read in Bischoff’s own words: “I have begun a rather lengthy composition, and, beyond that, I am running around working hard in that fascinating area.”…


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