Hartmann, Emil


Hartmann, Emil

Concerto pour Piano et Orchestre (Piano reduction, 2 copies)


Hartmann, Emil – Concerto pour Piano et Orchestre (Piano reduction, 2 copies)

For more information about the piece read the preface of the full score:

Preface Siegfried Wagner, Franz Xaver Mozart, Axel Gade – all these names are examples of composers who fall into the unloved category of „children of musical geniuses“. Among them is the Danish composer Emil Hartmann. As the son of Johann Peter Emilius Hartmann (1805-1900), he was always only „the son of the great Hartmann“ in his home country and could hardly hold his own against the powerful shadow of his father. From 1830 until his death in 1900, his father was, along with Niels Wilhelm Gade, Denmark‘s leading composer and made a lasting contribution to the „national tone“ of Danish art music. Under these circumstances, it was extremely difficult for the son Emil Hartmann to secure a place in the domestic concert scene. This was not at all necessary, because in Germany Emil Hartmann was frenetically celebrated. His works conquered the German musical capitals and made him the most popular Danish composer there next to Niels W. Gade. Nevertheless, the shadow of his father, under which he saw the „light of day“ in 1836, made him all his life think with sorrow of his Danish homeland, where he was denied any individuality and a personal style. However, this does not correspond to the facts, which can easily be verified by his Nordic-influenced works with Mendelssohnian influence.

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