Vlad, Ulpiu


Vlad, Ulpiu

Reverberații De Legendă (Legendary Reverberations) for orchestra  (first print)

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Ulpiu Vlad – REVERBERAȚII DE LEGENDĂ (Legendary Reverberations)

(b. Zărneşti, 27 January 1945)


“The essence of music is more important than the form in which it presents itself to the listeners” says Ulpiu Vlad regarding his aleatoric technique of writing. Although the connection between the rigorousness of composition and interpretive freedom has been preoccupying him since the ‘70s – the beginning of his creative career -, his music goes through a series of stages in which he experiments with various techniques (serial-modal language, texture, sound clouds, micro-intervals and folkloric improvisation). Ulpiu Vlad begins to write in an epoch where contemporary music was searching for complexity, while a parallel – and opposite – avant-garde named aleatoric music, became more and more popular. The composer’s personal evolution is similar to the historical evolution from integral serialism to aleatoricism, starting from complex scores, with mathematical and very demanding rhythms for the performer and gradually reaching the need to simplify his language, involving the performer more and more in the creative act.

If the score is written in a complex manner, then “the performer is overwhelmed by the text and cannot access the universe of music. But it can be written in a way that ignites their creative instinct. Thus music is updated and perfected. By relieving the performers from the difficulties of thoroughly following the highly complex musical text, one encourages their ease, in order to escape the burden of exaggerated study. There are scores that can be rehearsed for half a year and during a concert you will still think of the technical aspect.” …

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