Ţurcanu  Edition

This collection is created by the composer, violinist and teacher Dan Ţurcanu. The works published here are generally oriented towards string instruments (solo, chamber music or large ensembles).  In this collection there are five sections of music works: Educational Collection, Chinese Collection, Arabic Collection, Ballet Class Music Collection and Romanian Collection.
Educational Collection – Educational books and methods aimed to help beginner players in the critical early stages of instrumental learning.  Through skilled arrangements and simplifications of famous pieces as well as personal compositions, these books hope to create efficient learning from the very beginning and for students to have most enjoyable lessons.
Chinese Collection – Traditional Chinese music originally written for Erhu or other Chinese instruments is skillfully “translated” and rewritten for Western instruments and ensembles. At the same time, Western classical music is adapted to Chinese traditional instruments and ensembles.  The aim of this collection is to strengthen the cultural bridge between the two music worlds by creating high quality scores that reflect the authenticity of Chinese music.
Arabic Collection– Traditional music from the Arab world is rewritten and adapted for Western instruments. In his effort to save and share the greatest Arabic scores, the author is targeting traditional, Classical and modern Arabic composers.
Ballet Class Music Collection –  In collaboration with highly experienced ballet piano players, various arrangements and adaptations of classical, traditional folk music and original  compositions are dedicated for ballet class pianists.
Romanian Collection – Together with fellow composer Lucian Beschiu, Dan Ţurcanu strives to save and share classical Romanian compositions and also to share personal compositions ranging from solo instruments to symphonic orchestras with professional musicians.”