Rimsky-Korsakov, Nicolai


Rimsky-Korsakov, Nicolai

The Golden Cockerel (in three volumes with English/Russian libretto)

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Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov – Zolotoy Petushok (“The Golden Cockerel”)

(b. Tikhvin nr. Novgorod, 18 March 1844 – d. St. Petersburg, 21 June 1908)

Opera in three acts after Alexander Pushkin (1906-7)

The year 1905 saw one disaster after another heaped upon Tsarist Russia. Its expansionistpolicies in the east – an effort to gain an ice-free port on the Pacific – embroiled the country in awar with Japan that found the Russian forces, to the astonishment of the world, hopelesslyoutclassed and outmaneuvered. Before the Russo-Japanese War was brought to an end throughthe intercession of Teddy Roosevelt (for which he received the Nobel Peace Prize), Russia hadseen its army wiped out at Port Arthur and its entire Pacific fleet sunk in a single navalengagement. The humiliation was not lost on the Russian people, who, already suffering fromfamine and oppressively autocratic rule, rose up in what became known as the Revolution of1905. In the course of its bloody suppression, more troops were sent against the people ofRussia than faced the entire Japanese army …

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