Pop, Adrian


Pop, Adrian

Solstice for orchestra (first print)

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ADRIAN POP – S O L S T I C E for orchestra

Adrian Pop is one of the most highly regarded Romanian composers of his generation. Over the years, critics and fellow composers alike have enthusiastically expressed their appreciation for his music:

“There is nothing that can be more concordant with Adrian Pop’s personality than his music: an originality that is never affected, and therefore always authentic, striving to forge a language of his own, allowing him to evolve with unrestricted freedom.” (Michaela Caranica Fulea, Cluj, 1976)
“…an inventiveness that is out of the common” (composer Iancu Dumitrescu, Bucharest, 1982)
“…an authentic knowledge of musical composition” (Claudiu Negulescu, Bucharest, 1984)
“The composer has a gift for making use of the grammar of modern music in a uniquely convincing manner. Never is his music delivered without complete inner justification, departing from the areas of the Transylvanian folklore and reaching to a personal, highly sensible transfiguration. Moreover, he has the very sense of formal definition, matching the sonorous adventure into zones which are perceptible even to the uninitiated listener – thus allowing a clear connection to the great music of yesterday and today.” (Alfred Hofmann, Bucharest, 1991)
“…a master of post-modernism, namely a master of uniting tradition with contemporary innovation. Adrian Pop is the symbol of a talent which is “not made up, but inborn”, a talent wed with a moving purity of soul.” (composer Doru Popovici, Bucarest, 1993)
“My encounter with the music of Adrian Pop was a genuine discovery: I found it fresh and virtuosic, highly idiomatic, simple and at the same time sophisticated. It shows a mastery of the art of composition and impresses with the way it explores rarely charted regions of the soul.” (composer György Kurtág, Bordeaux, 2007)
“…  a fortunate blend of tradition and modernity.” (composer Octavian Nemescu, Bucharest, 2008)
“… everything is so wonderfully written and filled with atmosphere, form, surprise, sound, melos, emotion, personality… indeed a great composer, one of a rare breed.” (composer Herwig Reiter, Vienna, 2009)
“I am (again) amazed at the fully convincing marriage of tonal sense and abundance of sound colors. An extensive wealth of intonations, though each of them intelligible and coherent, in no way “experimental”. This is excellent, virtuosic musical language.” (composer György Orbán, Budapest, 2015)
Adrian Pop was born in 1951, in Cluj. …


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