Bakke, Ruth


Bakke, Ruth

Into the Light – Meditation (version for violin & organ and version for violin & piano (Set score & 2 parts / first print)


Ruth Bakke – Into the Light – Meditation for Violin and Organ (1982) & Version for violin and piano (2022)

First Performance (organ version): Bergen, autumn 1982. (Exact date not available)

Håkon Gulbrandsen, violin & Ruth Bakke, organ

… no German translation of the preface available …

Ruth Bakke was educated as an organist at the Bergen Music Conservatoire – now Grieg Academy.
She completed a 2 year music study at the University of Oslo in half a year (spring 1968) and then passed an exam as an organist at the Bergen Music Conservatoire in June 1968. She then travelled to the USA on a Fulbright scholarship. She obtained a bachelor degree from Texas Lutheran College and a master degree (with a double major: composition & organ) from Washington State University. In august 1972 she moved back to Bergen and became the organist and choir director at Storetveit Church, a position she held for 45 years. She also taught sporadically at the Bergen Music Conservatoire/Grieg Academy and at the Bergen Teachers’ College (dept. of Music).

Bakke’s production includes orchestral and chamber music as well as many works for the organ and liturgical music, both vocal and instrumental. Her abilities as an improviser have seeped into her compositions, which often display seemingly intuitive elements and a keen ear for tonal colour within a clearly ordered framework. This is very obvious in the myriad registrations and nuances found in her fascinating music for the organ. In later works she has explored the possibilities of whole-tone structures from a very personal angle.

Bakke’s music seems to be in search of a spiritual dimension and is often contemplative in mood. However, it can also embrace humour, albeit usually of a somewhat arcane character. An apt example is her sextet “Des Kaisers neue Kleider” which is a very elaborate musical joke, but the music is purposely devoid of any externally “funny” aspects. Her work “Pano-Piano (25 Small Piano Pieces)” is a collection of miniatures written for young players. They include graphic scores, motifs and tone-rows intended to be developed by the players as well as simple two-part pieces in a free-tonal language and a piece for prepared piano. Young pianists enjoy playing them, as they awaken their creativity. ….

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