Gourzi, Konstantia

Eros, in seven pictures, for two sopranos and chamber orchestra (First print), op.57


Konstantia Gourzi
(born in Athens/Greece, 31 March 1962)

Konstantia Gourzi’s name often appears as composer as well as conductor in the announcements of her concerts. Her portfolio of compositions includes not only operas, film music and works for music theatre and orchestra, but also numerous solo pieces and chamber music. Konstantia Gourzi’s musical work is documented in detail through radio recordings, television broadcasts and live streams. Recordings of her extensive discography were released at ECM, NEOS, NAXOS and SONY Classical.

Composer’s notes

The piece Eros is based on and inspired by Sophokles’ “Antigone”. The composition is created in such a way that it can become part of a longer composition dealing with the topic of Antigone.

Central elements of the seven scenes are sound rituals and archaic acoustic colours. The structure of the music follows the content and dramaturgy of the text. It is important that the conductor develops a feeling for the rubato, the flexibilty within a phrase, and nevertheless keeps the rhythm strictly. All scenes follow a great arc of interpretation under continuous tension and thus form the piece together.

Coloratura soprano and low soprano would be the ideal cast for the two singers. Otherwise, the piece could be performed by a soprano and a mezzosoprano.

The two soloists are placed remotely from the ensemble at the beginning of the performance – behind the stage or somewhere else according to the venue. While singing they walk to their positions in front, precisely left and right of the conductor. In bar 13 they should have just arrived at that final position. In the seventh scene, from bar 138 on, they depart while singing towards the direction where they came from.

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Score No.


Special Edition

Gourzi Edition


Choir/Voice & Orchestra


225 x 320 mm

Performance Materials



First print




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