Gourzi, Konstantia

P-ILION, nine fragments an eternity string quartet no 2, op. 33/2 (first print/score and parts)


Gourzi, Konstantia

P-ILION, nine fragments an eternity string quartet no 2, op. 33/2 (score and parts)

(born in Athens/Greece, 31 March 1962)

Konstantia Gourzi’s name often appears as composer as well as conductor in the announcements of her concerts. Her portfolio of compositions includes not only operas, film music and works for music theatre and orchestra, but also numerous solo pieces and chamber music. Konstantia Gourzi’s musical work is documented in detail through radio recordings, television broadcasts and live streams. Recordings of her extensive discography were released at ECM, NEOS, NAXOS and SONY Classical.

Composer’s notes 

Often, an outstanding event does not last long: like the time of breathing in or breathing out. Nevertheless, this short period might feel like an eternity. These are the moments that keep us alive. I observed that today the flow of time is very fast, so there is a risk to not listen to our heartbeat.

PILION is a region in Greece characterized by pristine nature. I was there when I started composing this piece. The Greek capital letter “P” is the Π (Pi), interpreted in ancient Greek as a symbol for gate or door. ILION derives from Greek ILIOS, meaning sun or light. Thus, the title refers to a kind of „Gate to the Light“ – and at the same time it reflects my view on PILION, as a experienced it.

These nine miniatures are reflecting moments, that lead to the light. Some of them are very short. Still, I feel that they are longer than the music itself. They force me to experience time with a higher intensity and to be able to feel the echo differently.

P-ILION was commissioned by Kasseler Musiktage 2017.

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Score No.


Special Edition

Gourzi Edition


Chamber Music


225 x 320 mm


First print




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