Gourzi, Konstantia

Five Songs for Lefkas op. 27 for string orchestra (first print)


Gourzi, Konstantia

Five Songs for Lefkas op. 27 for string orchestra (first print)

Konstantia Gourzi (born in Athens/Greece, 31 March 1962)

Konstantia Gourzi’s name often appears as composer as well as conductor in the announcements of her concerts. Her portfolio of compositions includes not only operas, film music and works for music theatre and orchestra, but also numerous solo pieces and chamber music. Konstantia Gourzi’s musical work is documented in detail through radio recordings, television broadcasts and live streams. Recordings of her extensive discography were released at ECM, NEOS, NAXOS and SONY Classical.

Composer’s notes

Five Songs for Lefkas, op. 27, 2005

I. Moonlight in Lefkas
II. In the Agora of Lefkas in the Morning
III. Ode to Maria Faneromeni
IV. Dawn in Ligia
V. Lefkas Dance

Fives Songs for Lefkas are five melodies that I had composed for my home island. They are sound memories of different places on the island and moments in nature that had affected me during my childhood.

The first piece Moonlight in Lefkas is based on a sweet melody, recollecting a certain moment on the island in the moonlight. The second piece In the Agora of Lefkas combines a strong rhythm, sounds and melodies that represent the intense mix of sounds that can be heard in the morning market of the island’s main town. The third piece Ode to Maria Faneromeni is dedicated to the monastery of Maria Faneromeni (meaning: the one who appeared). It is an important pilgrimage site on the island where I listened to Easter chant for the first time. This piece is shorter than the others, while melody and acoustic colour create the atmosphere of a ritual. The fourth piece Dawn in Ligia is more articulated than the three first pieces, almost like a dance. It is dedicated to the fishing village of Ligia, where I saw the small boats bringing the fish from the sea for the very first time. The fifth and last piece Lefkas Dance is a dance that I can hear when thinking of the island, reminding me of the wind and the sea view.
Musically, these pieces are suitable for contemporary or classical concert of a string orchestra.

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