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1641Adam, Charles AdolpheSi jétais Roi (Overture)Overture
525Agsteribbe, FrankElegiae for orchestraOrchestra
597Agsteribbe, Frank "Paul Klee" for piano soloSolo Instrument
743Albéniz, IsaacCataluña. Suite for orchestraOrchestra
1800Albert, Eugen d'Symphony in F major, Op. 4Orchestra
832Albert, Eugen d'Cello Concerto in C Op. 20Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
833Albert, Eugen d'String Quartet No. 2 in E-flat Op. 11 (Full Score)Chamber Music
833bAlbert, Eugen d'String Quartet No. 2 in E-flat Op. 11 (parts)Chamber Music
853Albert, Eugen d'Piano Concerto No. 2 in E Op. 12Keyboard & Orchestra
1096Albert, Eugen d'Piano Concerto No. 1 in B minor Op. 2Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
2055Albert, Eugen d'Kain (with German libretto)Opera
005Albert, Eugen d´Die Abreise (The Departure)Opera
041Albert, Eugen d´Die toten AugenOpera
832bAlbert, Eugen d´Cello Concerto in C Op. 20 (Piano Reduction/ Solo)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1739Albert, Eugen d´Esther overture, Op. 8Overture
2047Albert, Eugen d´Tiefland (in three volumes plus German libretto)Opera
1021Albrechtsberger, Johann GeorgConcerto per trombone alto ed archiSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1177Albrechtsberger, Johann GeorgConcerto per l'organo (cembalo o pianoforte) ed archiSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1263Albrechtsberger, Johann GeorgHarp Concerto in CSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1529Albrechtsberger, Johann GeorgSinfonia in C & Sinfonia Concertino in DOrchestra
836Arensky, AntonVariations on a Theme of Tchaikovsky Op. 35a for string orchestraChamber Music
877Arensky, AntonFantaisie sur des Chants épiques russes Op. 48Orchestra
886Arensky, AntonSymphony No. 1 in B minor Op. 4Orchestra
887Arensky, AntonSuite pour orchestre Op. 7Orchestra
927bArensky, AntonPiano Concerto in F minor Op. 2 (Piano Reduction for 2 pianos, 2 copies)Keyboard & Orchestra
927Arensky, AntonPiano Concerto in F minor Op. 2Keyboard & Orchestra
949Arensky, AntonSilhouettes Op. 23 for orchestraOrchestra
962Arensky, AntonNuits d'Egypte. Suite pour orchestre Op. 50aOrchestra
1028Arensky, AntonSuite for Orchestra No. 3 (Variations) Op. 33Orchestra
1036bArensky, AntonPiano Quintet in D / Op. 51 (Score & Parts)Chamber Music
1036Arensky, AntonPiano Quintet in D Op. 51Chamber Music
1044Arensky, AntonViolin Concerto in A minor Op. 54Violin & Orchestra
1044bArensky, Anton Violin Concerto in A minor Op. 54 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
1112Arensky, Anton Overture to the opera "Un songe sur le Volga"Overture
168Arriaga, Juan Crisóstomo de Los esclavos felices OvertureOverture
284Arriaga, Juan Crisóstomo de Symphony in DOrchestra
1282aArriaga, Juan Crisóstomo de Complete String Quartets Nos. 1-3 / Critically revised Urtext edition by Lucian Beschiu (Score)Chamber Music
1282Arriaga, Juan Crisóstomo de Complete String Quartets Nos. 1-3 / Critically revised Urtext edition by Lucian Beschiu (Score and parts)Chamber Music
153Atterberg, Kurt Symphony No. 6 in C Op. 31 "Dollar Symphony"Orchestra
1219Auber, Daniel Francois EspritFra Diavolo OvertureOrchestra
1861Auber, Daniel Francois EspritConcerto for Solo Violin with Flute, two Oboes, two horns, two bassoons and stringsViolin & Orchestra
253Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel Four Orchestral Symphonies (1775-76)Orchestra
1317Bach, Johann ChristianEnsemble Concertos in E-flat, E, D, and B-flatOrchestra
1379Bach, Johann Christian5 Symphonies: Symphony No. 1 in G minor / Symphony No. 2 in B-flat / Symphony No. 3 in D, Overture to the opera Temistocle / Symphony No. 4 in E for double orchestra / Symphony no. 5 in DOrchestra
1538Bach, Johann Christoph Friedrich
Symphony in E flat for 2 horns, 2 oboes, strings and basso continuo (Wf I/10) Orchestra
1318Bach, Johann Christoph Friedrich Die Kindheit Jesu (The Childhood of Jesus) / Die Auferweckung Lazarus (The Raising of Lazarus) (Oratorios)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1864Bach, Johann Christoph Friedrich The Raising of Lazarus, OratorioChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1699Bach, Johann SebastianWir glauben all' an einen Gott, Vater. Choral Prelude BWV 740 (arranged for 2 trumpets and string orchestra by Christoph Schlüren and Lucian Beschiu / score and parts) Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1678Bach, Johann Sebastian Fuga in sol minore BWV 578 per archi in partitura a quattro (score and parts / edited and engraved by Lucian Beschiu)Chamber Music
840Bach, Johann Sebastian / orch. Elgar, Edward Fantasia and Fugue in C minor BWV 537, transcribed for orchestra by Edward Elgar (with Bach's original)Orchestra
1537Bach, Johann Sebastian / orch. Holst, GustavFugue à la Gigue from the Fugue in G, BWV 577 for orchestra
1476Bach, Johann Sebastian / orch. Respighi, OttorinoPrelude and Fugue in D, BWV 532 (Transcription for orchestra)Orchestra
256Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann Cembalo Concerto in E minorKeyboard & Orchestra
320Balakirev, MilySymphony No. 1 in COrchestra
321Balakirev, MilySymphony No. 2 in D minorOrchestra
435Balakirev, MilyKing Lear (Stage Music to Shakespeare’s Tragedy)Orchestra
695Balakirev, MilySuite in B minor for orchestraOrchestra
724Balakirev, MilyTamara. Symphonic PoemOrchestra
950Balakirev, MilyOverture on the Themes of Three Russian SongsOrchestra
1121Balakirev, MilyPiano Concerto No. 2 in E-flatKeyboard & Orchestra
925Balakirev, Mily In Bohemia. Symphonic PoemOrchestra
1046Balakirev, Mily Octet for piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, oboe & hornChamber Music
1097Balakirev, Mily Russia (Symphonic poem)Orchestra
303Balakirev, Mily / orch. Liapunov, SergeyIslamey, Oriental Fantasy for orchestraOrchestra
602Bargiel, WoldemarSymphony in C Op. 30Orchestra
1681Bargiel, WoldemarAdagio op. 38 for Cello and OrchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1726Bargiel, WoldemarOverture to Prometheus, Op. 16 for orchestra Orchestra
1768Bargiel, WoldemarOverture to Medea, Op. 22 for orchestraOrchestra
1769Bargiel, WoldemarOverture for a Tragedy, Op. 18 for orchestraOrchestra
1860Bartók, Béla Piano Quintet in C major (score and parts)Chamber Music
1525Beach, Amy Symphony in E minor, Op. 32Orchestra
1837Beach, Amy Quintet in F-sharp minor, op. 67 for Pianoforte, 2 Violins, Viola and Violoncello (Score & Parts)Chamber Music
1838Beach, Amy Pastorale Op. 151 for Wind Quintet (score and parts)Chamber Music
873Beethoven, Ludwig vanString Quartet in F (First version of the string quartet Op. 18 No.1)Chamber Music
1814Beethoven, Ludwig vanTriumphal March WoO 2a, incidental Music for Christoph Kuffner’s tragedy Tarpeja / Introduction to Act II [of Leonore], WoO 2b [formerly thought to be for Tarpeja]

275Beethoven, Ludwig van Christus am Ölberge (Christ at the Mount of Olives) Op. 85 (Oratorio) (Full Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
275bBeethoven, Ludwig van Christus am Ölberge (Christ at the Mount of Olives), Oratorio Op. 85 (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1299Beethoven, Ludwig van / arr. Lachner, VinzenzPiano Concerto No. 1 (2) in C Op. 15 (arranged for piano and string orchestra by Vinzenz Lachner)Keyboard & Orchestra
389Beethoven, Ludwig van / orch. Weingartner, Felix"An die ferne Geliebte" for voice and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1398Beethoven, Ludwig van / orch. Weingartner, Felix“Hammerklavier” Sonata in B-flat Op. 106, orchestrated by WeingartnerOrchestra
062Bellini, VincenzoNormaOpera
1409Bellini, VincenzoOboe concerto in E flat MajorSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
2013Bellini, VincenzoLa Somnambula (with Italian libretto)Opera
103Bellini, Vincenzo Overture to the opera "Norma"Overture
1440Bellman, Carl Michael / arr. Hermann, UlrichFredmans Epistlar / Fredmans Sånger for mixed ensembleChoir/Voice & Instrument(s)
1344Benda, Franz3 Flute ConcertosSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
095Benda, Jiri Antonín Der Jahrmarkt (with German libretto)Opera
1111Benda, Jiri Antonín 12 SymphoniesOrchestra
1228Benda, Jiri Antonín 3 Concertos for Harpsichord (Cembalo) & String QuartetChamber Music
1385Benda, Jiri Antonín Piano Concerto in G minor (score and parts)Keyboard & Orchestra
434Bennett, William SterndaleSymphony in G minor Op. 43Orchestra
1204Bennett, William SterndaleDie Waldnymphe (The Wood Nymph) Concert OvertureOrchestra
1281Bennett, William SterndaleParadies und Peri. Overture to Thomas Moore's PlayOrchestra
264Bennett, William Sterndale Die Naiaden (The Naiades) Op. 15 (Concert Overture)Orchestra
500Benoit, PeterTétralogie religieuseChoir/Voice & Orchestra
510Benoit, PeterSymfonisch gedicht (Symphonic Poem) for piano & orchestra (1865)Keyboard & Orchestra
548Benoit, PeterDe oorlog (The war, oratorio, 1869-73)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
550Benoit, PeterPlechtige optocht (Solemn Procession) for orchestraOrchestra
553Benoit, PeterSymfonisch gedicht voor fluit en orkestSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
555Benoit, PeterVlaanderens kunstroem (Flanders’ Artistic Glory, a Rubens Cantata)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
556Benoit, PeterDe Pacificatie van Gent (The Pacification of Gent, Suite for orchestra)Orchestra
565Benoit, PeterContes et ballades for piano soloSolo Instrument
571Benoit, Peter4 Fantaisies for piano soloSolo Instrument
583Benoit, Peter15 motets for voice and organChoir/Voice & Instrument(s)
584Benoit, PeterTrois mélodies sans paroles, Op. 2 for piano soloSolo Instrument
586Benoit, PeterDe Schelde (oratorio)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
2501Benoit, Peter Messe solennelleChoir/Voice & Orchestra
2506Benoit, Peter Quatuor op. 10 / new edition with a critical report by Piet Stryckers (score and parts)Chamber Music
1746Berger, TheodorViolin ConcertoViolin & Orchestra
1858Berger, TheodorRondo ostinato on a Spanish Motif for large wind orchestra & percussionWind Orchestra
1058cBerger, WilhelmPiano Quintet in F minor / Op. 95 (Score & Parts)Chamber Music
1058Berger, WilhelmPiano Quintet in F minor Op. 95 (Full Score)Chamber Music
1058bBerger, WilhelmPiano Quintet in F minor Op. 95 (String Parts)Chamber Music
029Berlioz, HectorBenvenuto CelliniOpera
644bBerlioz, HectorRêverie et Caprice Op. 8 for violin and orchestra or piano (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
644Berlioz, HectorRêverie et Caprice Op. 8 for violin and orchestra or pianoViolin & Orchestra
645Berlioz, HectorOrchestral Adaptions of Marseillaise, Plaisir d'amour, Erlkönig, Aufforderung zum TanzChoir/Voice & Orchestra
892Berlioz, HectorSymphonie funèbre et triomphale Op. 15Orchestra
953bBerlioz, HectorTe Deum Op. 22 (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
953Berlioz, HectorTe Deum Op. 22Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1053Berlioz, HectorThe Troyans in Carthage (Les Troyens à Carthage) OvertureOverture
1154Berlioz, HectorHuit scènes de Faust Op. 1Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1173Berlioz, HectorLe Cinq Mai. Cantata Op. 6Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1188Berlioz, HectorLa Révolution grecque: scène héroïque (cantata)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1212Berlioz, HectorQuartetto e coro dei maggi (Choeur d'anges)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1233Berlioz, HectorLa mort de CléopâtreChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1235Berlioz, HectorHerminie (Cantata)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1246Berlioz, HectorResurrexitChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1247Berlioz, HectorL'Impériale. Cantata Op. 26Choir/Voice & Orchestra
2023Berlioz, HectorLes Troyens (in two volumes with French libretto)Opera
135Berlioz, Hector Ouverture de Rob-RoyOverture
179Berlioz, Hector Lélio ou Le Retour à la Vie Op. 14bOrchestra
2019Berlioz, Hector Béatrice et Bénédict (with German libretto)Opera
1515Berwald, FranzKonzertstück for Bassoon and OrchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1778Berwald, FranzTheme and Variations for Violin and OrchestraViolin & Orchestra
1166Berwald, Franz AdolfConcerto for 2 Violins & Orchestra in AViolin & Orchestra
1207Berwald, Franz AdolfViolin Concerto in C-sharp minorViolin & Orchestra
1461bBerwald, Franz AdolfPiano Concerto in D (Piano solo part)Keyboard & Orchestra
1461Berwald, Franz AdolfPiano Concerto in DKeyboard & Orchestra
1468Berwald, Franz AdolfBajaderen-Fest for orchestraOrchestra
1551Berwald, Franz AdolfRemembrance of the Norwegian Alps for orchestra
1747Berwald, Franz AdolfWettlauf, Tone poem for grand orchestraOrchestra
2024Berwald, Franz AdolfDrottningen av Golconda (in two volumes with Swedish libretto)Opera
578Bessems, Antoine Messe solennelle No. 2 à quatre voix (Score and parts)A Cappella
1729Bischoff, HermannSymphony No. 2 in D minorOrchestra
374Bizet, GeorgesL´Arlésienne (complete stage music)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
811Bizet, GeorgesJeux d’enfants. Suite pour orchestre Op. 22Orchestra
1148Bizet, GeorgesLa Patrie. Concert Overture Op. 19Orchestra
1296Bizet, Georges Djamileh OvertureOrchestra
1502Bizet, Georges / orch. Karg-Elert, SigfridSuite in A minor after Bizet for large or small orchestra Op. 21Orchestra
507Blockx, JanVlaamse dansen (Flemish Danses) Op. 26 for orchestraOrchestra
507cBlockx, JanVlaamse dansen (Flemish Danses) Op. 26 (for four handed piano)Solo Instrument
561Blockx, JanSymfonisch drieluk (Symphonic Triptych)Orchestra
568Blockx, JanSuite dans le style ancien for small orchestra (1906-07)Orchestra
570Blockx, JanKermesse flamande (Flemish Carnival) Pantomime from the ballet "Milenka"Ballet
1597Boccherini, LuigiSinfonia in la op.37 n.4Orchestra
2515Boeck, August deEekhoorndans for piano soloSolo Instrument
576Boeck, August de Nocturne for orchestraOrchestra
585Boeck, August de Rapsodie dahoméenne (Dahomeyan Rhapsody) for orchestraOrchestra
2517Boeck, August De Fantaisie sur deux thèmes flamands for orchestra (new edition)Orchestra
966Boehe, ErnstTragische Ouvertüre (Tragic Overture) for large orchestra Op. 10Orchestra
1109Boehe, ErnstStille der Nacht (Silence of the Night) for voice and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1117Boehe, ErnstTaormina. Tone Poem for large orchestra Op. 9Orchestra
1557Boehe, ErnstAus Odysseus’ Fahrten. Four tone-poems for large orchestra (Vier Tondichtungen für grosses Orchester) Op. 6Orchestra
215Bohnke, EmilSymphony Op. 16Orchestra
214Bohnke, Emil Theme with Variations Op. 9 for orchestraOrchestra
025Boieldieu, François AdrienLa Dame BlancheOpera
058Boito, ArrigoMefistofeleOpera
1868Bomtempo, Joao DomingosSymphony No.2 in D majorOrchestra
395Borck, Edmund vonKonzert für Orchester (Concerto for Orchestra) Op. 14Orchestra
250Borck, Edmund von Thema, Variationen und Finale Op. 16 for orchestraOrchestra
257Borck, Edmund von Orphika Op. 21 for orchestraOrchestra
266Borck, Edmund von Zwei Fantasiestücke (Two Fantasy Pieces) Op. 17 for orchestraOrchestra
1647Borck, Edmund von Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 20Keyboard & Orchestra
1676Borck, Edmund von Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra, Op. 6Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1696Borck, Edmund von Prelude and Fugue for Orchestra, Op. 10Orchestra
685Borodin, AlexanderPetite Suite pour orchestreOrchestra
1087Borodin, AlexanderPiano Quintet in C mino (Full Score)Chamber Music
1087bBorodin, AlexanderPiano Quintet in C minor (string parts)Chamber Music
1661Borodin, AlexanderSymphony No. 2 in B minorOrchestra
048Borodin, Alexander Prince Igor (in two volumes)Opera
1367Borodin, Alexander, orch. Rimsky - KorsakovMore (The Sea) for tenor and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1264Bortkiewicz, SergePiano Concerto in B-flat Op. 16Keyboard & Orchestra
2011Bortnjanski, Dmitri StepanowitschLe Faucon (in two volumes with Russian and French libretto)Opera
741Bossi, EnricoIntermezzi Goldoniani Op. 127 for string ochestraString Orchestra
807Bossi, EnricoConcerto per organo, archi, corni e timpani Op. 100Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
987Boulanger, LiliVieille prière bouddhique for voice & orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1001Boulanger, Lili"Du fond de l'abîme". Psalm 130 for voice & orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1100bBoulanger, LiliPsalm 129 for baritone & orchestra (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1100Boulanger, LiliPsalm 129 for baritone & orchestra (Full Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1146Boulanger, LiliPsalm 24 for voice & orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1603Boulanger, LiliPie Jesu pour Chant, Quatuor à Cordes, Harpe et Orgue (score and parts)Chamber Music
1146bBoulanger, Lili Psalm 24 for voice & orchestra (Vocal Score with French & English libretto)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
580Boutmy, JosseTroisième livre de pièces de clavecinSolo Instrument
094Boyce, WilliamThe Shepherd’s LotteryOpera
1755Boyce, William17 Overtures and a Symphony (Patron of arts / Forward, Janus / Discord, hence! / Again returns / Long did the churlish East / At length the fleeting year / From scenes of death / Ye powers who rule / Driven out / Pieriean Sisters or To arms, to arms, ye sons of might / Behold, the circle forms / When Othbert left / Again the sun / Prepare your songs / Peleus & Thetis / St. Cecila Ode / Ode for St. Cecilias Day / The Souls of the RighteousOrchestra
307Brahms, JohannesRinaldo Op. 50, Cantata for tenor, male choir & orchestra Choir/Voice & Orchestra
345Brahms, JohannesTriumphlied (Hymn of Triumph) Op. 55Choir/Voice & Orchestra
387Brahms, JohannesBegräbnisgesang (Funeral Song) Op. 13Choir/Voice & Orchestra
420Brahms, JohannesAve Maria Op. 12Choir/Voice & Orchestra
486Brahms, JohannesTwo Serenades Opp. 11 & 16 for orchestraOrchestra
716bBrahms, JohannesAlt-Rhapsodie Op. 53 (Vocal Score /German text)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
716Brahms, JohannesAlt-Rhapsodie Op. 53, Schicksalslied (Song of Destiny) Op. 54, Nänie (Nenia) Op. 82Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1149Brahms, Johannes3 Ungarische Tänze (Hungarian Dances) for orchestra (No.1 in G minor, No.3 in F, No.10 in F)Orchestra
1210Brahms, JohannesGesang der Parzen for six-part choir & orchestra Op. 89Choir/Voice & Orchestra
034Braunfels, WalterDon Gil von den grünen HosenOpera
2057Braunfels, WalterDie Vögel, Op. 30 (in two volumes with German libretto) first time available for saleOpera
212Braunfels, Walter "Phantastische Erscheinungen eines Themas von Berlioz" for orchestra Op. 25Orchestra
239Braunfels, Walter Don Juan Op. 34 for orchestraOrchestra
400Braunfels, Walter Präludium und Fuge (Prelude and Fugue for orchestra) Op. 36Orchestra
1169Bridge, Frank"There is a willow grow aslant a brook" for orchestraOrchestra
1189Bridge, FrankThe Sea. Suite for orchestraOrchestra
1209Bridge, FrankDivertimenti for flute, oboe, clarinet & bassoonChamber Music
1250Bridge, FrankString Quartet No. 3 (score and parts)Chamber Music
1288Bridge, FrankRebus for orchestraOrchestra
1366Bridge, FrankLament for string orchestraString Orchestra
1435Bridge, FrankSummer. Tone poem for orchestra
1436Bridge, FrankSuite for String Orchestra (1909)Orchestra
1487bBridge, FrankTwo Old English Songs (Sally in Our Alley/Cherry Ripe / parts for string quartet)Chamber Music
1487Bridge, FrankTwo Old English Songs (Sally in Our Alley, Cherry Ripe) for string quartet or string orchestra (Full Score)String Orchestra
1147Bronsart, Hans vonFrühlings-Fantasie Op. 11 for orchestraOrchestra
1206Bronsart, Hans vonPiano Concerto in F-sharp minor Op. 10Keyboard & Orchestra
1206bBronsart, Hans vonPiano Concerto in F-sharp minor Op. 10 (Piano Part)Keyboard & Orchestra
1820Brookes, PhillipA Boat Easy To Pull, Meditation for small orchestra, Op. 45 (first print) Orchestra
1399Brookes, PhillipWhere Once We Danced Op. 39 for orchestraOrchestra
1718Brookes, PhillipConcerto for Clarinet and String Orchestra Op. 30 (first edition)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1718bBrookes, PhillipConcerto for Clarinet and String Orchestra Op. 30 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1530Brookes, Phillip The Leaving of Liverpool. Fantasia on Sea Songs for wind bandWind Orchestra
1552Browne, W. DenisDances for Small OrchestraOrchestra
1594Browne, W. Denis / Brookes, PhillipThree Old English Songs (orchestrated by Phillip Brookes)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1617bBruch, MaxAchilleus, Dichtung nach Motiven der Ilias op. 50 for soli, choir and orchestra (Vocal Score with German & English libretto)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1886bBruch, MaxConcerto for Clarinet, Viola and Orchestra Op. 88 (Piano Reduction/Solo Parts) Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1934Bruch, MaxAdagio appassionato for Violin and Orchestra in F minor Op. 57viol_orch
315bBruch, MaxViolin Concerto No. 3 in D minor / Op.58 (Solo/Piano Reduction)Violin & Orchestra
315Bruch, MaxViolin Concerto No. 3 in D minor Op. 58Violin & Orchestra
430Bruch, MaxSymphony No. 1 in E-flat Op. 28Orchestra
431Bruch, MaxSymphony No. 2 in F minor Op. 36Orchestra
432Bruch, MaxSymphony No. 3 in E Op. 51Orchestra
443bBruch, MaxViolin Concerto No. 2 in D minor Op. 44 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
443Bruch, MaxViolin Concerto No. 2 in D minor Op. 44Violin & Orchestra
449bBruch, MaxDas Lied von der Glocke (The Lay of the Bell) Op. 45 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
449Bruch, MaxDas Lied von der Glocke (The Lay of the Bell) Op. 45Choir/Voice & Orchestra
783Bruch, MaxKol Nidrei for Cello and OrchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
983bBruch, MaxOdysseus, Oratorio Op. 41 (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
983Bruch, MaxOdysseus. Oratorio Op. 41 (Full Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1048Bruch, MaxSchwedische Tänze (Swedish Dances) Op. 63, Orchestral Suites Nos. 1 & 2Orchestra
1143Bruch, MaxAdagio on Celtic Melodies Op. 58 for cello and orchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1358bBruch, MaxRomance for Viola & Orchestra in F Op. 85 (Piano reduction / Solo Viola)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1358cBruch, MaxRomance for Viola & Orchestra in F Op. 85 (Piano reduction / Solo Violin)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1358Bruch, MaxRomance for Viola & Orchestra in F Op. 85Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1365Bruch, MaxDie Birken und die Erlen (The Birches and the Alders) Op. 8 for soprano, mixed choir and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1381bBruch, MaxNormannenzug (The Lay of the Norsemen) for baritone solo, men’s chorus, and orchestra Op. 32 (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1381Bruch, MaxNormannenzug (The Lay of the Norsemen) for baritone solo, men’s chorus, and orchestra Op. 32 (Full Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1734bBruch, MaxCanzone in B-Flat Major for cello and orchestra Op.55 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1734Bruch, MaxCanzone in B-Flat Major for cello and orchestra Op.55 (Full Score)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1799Bruch, MaxFlight of the Holy Family Op. 20 for choir and orchestra/ Flight into Egypt Op. 31, 1 for soprano, choir and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1816Bruch, MaxSerenade for violin and orchestra Op. 75Violin & Orchestra
1816bBruch, MaxSerenade for violin and orchestra Op. 75 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
1833Bruch, MaxIn Memoriam, Adagio in C-sharp minor for violin and orchestra, op. 65Violin & Orchestra
1875Bruch, MaxArminius Op. 43, secular oratorio for three solo voices, chorus, organ, and orchestra Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1875bBruch, MaxArminius Op. 43, secular oratorio for three solo voices, chorus, organ, and orchestra (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1877Bruch, MaxDamajanti Op. 78 for soprano, chorus and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1886Bruch, MaxConcerto for Clarinet, Viola and Orchestra Op. 88Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1887Bruch, MaxDas Feuerkreuz Op. 52 (The Fiery Cross), Cantata for soprano, baritone, bass, mixed chorus, and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1897Bruch, MaxConcerto in A-flat minor for Two Pianos and Orchestra, Op. 88aKeyboard & Orchestra
120bBruch, Max Schottische Fantasie (Scottish Fantasy) for Violin and Orchestra Op. 46 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
120Bruch, Max Schottische Fantasie (Scottish Fantasy) for Violin and Orchestra Op. 46Violin & Orchestra
133Bruch, Max "Konzertstück" for violin and orchestra Op. 84Violin & Orchestra
1588bBruch, Max Salamis, Siegesgesang der Griechen Op. 25 (Piano Reduction)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1588Bruch, Max Salamis, Siegesgesang der Griechen Op. 25Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1617Bruch, Max Achilleus, Dichtung nach Motiven der Ilias op. 50 for soli, choir and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
444Bruckner, AntonSymphony Nr. 9 in D minor, Finale (Completed performance version)Orchestra
888Bruckner, Anton / arr. Schalk, FranzSymphony No. 5 in B-flat (version by Franz Schalk)Orchestra
513Brusselmans, MichelSuite d'orchestre d'après les caprices de PaganiniOrchestra
557Brusselmans, MichelRhapsodie flamandeOrchestra
2535Brusselmans, MichelHeures d’après-midi / Très doucement for voice and orchestra (Performance Score)Choir/Voice & Instrument(s)
524Brusselmans, Michel Scènes Bruegheliennes. Esquisses symphoniquesOrchestra
1620Bryson, Robert Ernest Symphony No. 1 in DOrchestra
1368Buck, DudleyFestival Overture on the American National Air “The Star-Spangled Banner” for orchestra & Concert Variations on the “Star-Spangled Banner” for organSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1824Bull, Edvard Hagerup Duo no. 1 pour violon et piano Op. 18a (first print, score and parts)Chamber Music
1895Bull, Edvard Hagerup Duo no. 2 pour violon et piano op. 44c (score and parts), first printChamber Music
1920Bull, Edvard Hagerup «Entre Deux Trains…» pour clarinette et quintuor d’archets (score and parts), first printChamber Music
381Bülow, Hans vonNirwana (Nirvana) Op. 20 for orchestraOrchestra
1419Bülow, Hans von"Des Sängers Fluch" Op. 16 (Ballad for orchestra)Orchestra
125Burgmüller, Norbert Symphony No. 1 in C minor Op. 2Orchestra
228Burgmüller, Norbert 4 Entr’Actes for orchestra Op. 17Orchestra
232Burgmüller, Norbert Overture in F minor Op. 5Orchestra
252Burgmüller, Norbert Symphony No. 2 in D Op. 11Orchestra
1477Busch, CarlMinnehaha’s Vision. Symphonic poem after Longfellow’s “Hiawatha”Orchestra
027Busoni, FerruccioArlecchinoOpera
856Busoni, FerruccioGesang vom Reigen der Geister (Song of the Spirits’ Roundel) Op. 47 for small orchestraOrchestra
864Busoni, FerruccioSarabande and Cortège Op. 51 for orchestraOrchestra
945bBusoni, FerruccioIndianische Fantasie (Indian Fantasy) for piano and orchestra Op. 44 (Piano Reduction for 2 pianos, 2 copies)Keyboard & Orchestra
945Busoni, FerruccioIndianische Fantasie (Indian Fantasy) for piano and orchestra Op. 44Keyboard & Orchestra
957Busoni, FerruccioString Quartet No. 2 in D minor Op. 26 (Full Score)Chamber Music
957bBusoni, FerruccioString Quartet No. 2 in D minor Op. 26 (parts)Chamber Music
958Busoni, FerruccioSymphonische Suite Op. 25Orchestra
975Busoni, FerruccioNocturne Symphonique Op. 43 for orchestraOrchestra
991bBusoni, FerruccioConcertino for clarinet and small orchestra Op. 48 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
991Busoni, FerruccioConcertino for clarinet and small orchestra Op. 48Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1003Busoni, FerruccioDivertimento for Flute and Small Orchestra Op. 52Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
171Busoni, Ferruccio "Geharnischte Suite" Op. 34a for orchestraOrchestra
206Busoni, Ferruccio Symphonisches Tongedicht (Symhonic Tone Poem) Op. 32aOrchestra
207Busoni, Ferruccio Suite from "Die Brautwahl" Op. 45 Orchestra
2513Busschop, Jules Deuxième Messe solennelle en choeur à l'unissonChoir/Voice & Orchestra
2518Busschop, Jules Six chants réligieux avec accomp. d’orgue obligé, violoncelle et contrebasse, ad. libit.Choir/Voice & Instrument(s)
622Butterworth, GeorgeTwo English Idylls, Rhapsody 'A Shropshire Lad', The Banks of Green Willow, 11 Songs from 'A Shropshire Lad'Orchestra
623Butterworth, GeorgeSuite for String Quartet, Love blows as the wind blows (Versions for voice & string quartet, voice & piano, voice and small orchestra)Chamber Music
717Butterworth, GeorgeSix Songs From A Shropshire Lad, Bredon Hill and other Songs, Folk Songs from Sussex & 7 further songsChoir/Voice & Instrument(s)
717bButterworth, GeorgeSix Songs From A Shropshire Lad, Bredon Hill and Other Songs (Vocal score). Original version for voice & piano. Includes rehearsal marks and details of orchestration consistent with Phillip Brookes’ arrangement for voice & orchestraChoir/Voice & Instrument(s)
1251Butterworth, George / orch. Phillip BrookesSuite for small orchestra (arranged by Phillip Brookes from the Suite for String Quartet)Orchestra
1697Butting, MaxHeitere Musik Op. 38 for small orchestraOrchestra
1759Butting, MaxSymphony No. 2, op. 29Orchestra
1668Butting, Max Symphony no. 3, Op. 34Orchestra
1485Büttner, PaulSymphony No. 3 in D-flat major/C-sharp minorOrchestra
1497Büttner, PaulSymphony No. 2 in GOrchestra
1675bBüttner, PaulKonzertstück in G major for Violin and Orchestra (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
1675Büttner, PaulKonzertstück in G major for Violin and OrchestraViolin & Orchestra
1694Büttner, PaulSymphony No.4 in B minorOrchestra
1782Büttner, PaulTrio Sonata for Violin, Viola and Cello (Canons in Inversion in Double Counterpoint at the Twelfth) (Score and parts)Chamber Music
1783Büttner, PaulSonata No. 1 in C minor for violin and piano (Score and violin parts)Chamber Music
1812Büttner, Paul String Quartet in G minor (score and parts)Chamber Music
577Callaerts, Joseph Messe, graduel & offertoire Op. 4 pour quatre voix avec accompagnement d’orgue (with parts)Choir/Voice & Instrument(s)
2536Callaerts, Joseph Trio (la mineur) pour piano, violon et violoncelle, Op. 16 (score and parts)Chamber Music
1585bCaplet, André«Epiphanie» (d’après une légende éthiopienne) Fresque pour Violoncelle et Piano (Score and parts)Chamber Music
1585Caplet, André«Epiphanie» (d’après une légende éthiopienne) Fresque pour Violoncelle et Orchestre (Full Score)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1586Caplet, AndréLe Miroir de Jésus. Mystères du Rosaire (Quinze petits poèmes par Henri Ghéon)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
311Casella, AlfredoIntroduzione, Corale e Marcia for wind orchestraChamber Music
404Casella, AlfredoConcerto Romano Op. 43 for organ & orchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
411Casella, AlfredoMissa solemnis pro pace Op. 71Choir/Voice & Orchestra
154Casella, Alfredo Violin Concerto in a minor Op. 48Violin & Orchestra
164Casella, Alfredo Elegia eroica Op. 29 for large orchestraOrchestra
202Casella, Alfredo Scarlattiana Op. 44 for piano and small orchestraKeyboard & Orchestra
204Casella, Alfredo Sinfonia per orchestra Op. 63 (Symphony No. 3)Orchestra
914Casella, Alfredo Divertimento per Fulvia Op. 64Orchestra
1773Caturla, Alejandro GarciaTrois Danses Cubaines pour Orchestre SymphoniqueOrchestra
2522Celis, Frits Concerto for bassoon and orchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
2032Cesti, Marc AntonioIl pomo d'oro (in two volumes with Italian libretto and 25 full-page depictions)Opera
562Ceunen, FelixVerwandlung (Transformation) for string orchestraString Orchestra
554Ceunen, Felix Parcae for violin solo (Jef Van Hoof Prijs 2010)Solo Instrument
579Ceunen, Felix Elixia for a lost shadow for trumpet and string quartet (score and parts)Chamber Music
064Chabrier, EmmanuelGwendolineOpera
612Chabrier, EmmanuelLa Sulamite. Scène lyrique for mezzo-soprano, women’s choir & orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
829Chabrier, EmmanuelMarche Joyeuse for orchestraOrchestra
868Chabrier, EmmanuelFête polonaise (Extrait de "Le Roi Malgré Lui")Orchestra
1289Chabrier, EmmanuelGwendoline OvertureOverture
715Chabrier, Emmanuel Suite pastorale for orchestraOrchestra
217Chadwick, George WhitefieldAphrodite (Symphonic Fantasy)Orchestra
450Chadwick, George WhitefieldMelpomene (Dramatic Overture)Orchestra
629Chadwick, George WhitefieldTam O'Shanter (Symphonic Poem)Orchestra
936Chadwick, George WhitefieldSymphonic Sketches (1895-96/1904)Orchestra
1533Chadwick, George WhitefieldSymphony No. 2 in B flat Op. 21Orchestra
1682Chadwick, George WhitefieldEuterpe (Concert Overture)Orchestra
1774Chadwick, George WhitefieldRip van Winkle, Concert overtureOrchestra
1593cChaminade, CécileConcertstück for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 40 (Piano solo part)Keyboard & Orchestra
1593Chaminade, CécileConcertstück for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 40Keyboard & Orchestra
1606bChaminade, CécileConcertino pour flûte avec accompagnement d'orchestre Op. 107 (Piano Reduction/Solo)
Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1606Chaminade, CécileConcertino pour flûte avec accompagnement d'orchestre Op. 107
Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1458Charpentier, Marc-AntoineMesse des morts à 4 voix et orchestreChoir/Voice & Orchestra
415Charpentier, Marc-Antoine Ouverture pour le sacre d’un évêqueOrchestra
078Chausson, ErnestLe Roi ArthusOpera
131bChausson, ErnestPoème for violin and orchestra Op. 25 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
356Chausson, ErnestViviane Op. 5 (Symphonic poem)Orchestra
424Chausson, ErnestSymphony B-flat Op. 20Orchestra
943Chausson, ErnestConcert en ré majeur Op. 21 for violin, piano and string quartet (Full Score)Chamber Music
943bChausson, ErnestConcert en ré majeur Op. 21 for violin, piano and string quartet (score and parts)Chamber Music
1157Chausson, ErnestLa Tempête Op. 18 for orchestra ("Air de danse" & "Danse rustique")Orchestra
131Chausson, Ernest Poème for violin and orchestra Op. 25Violin & Orchestra
143bChausson, Ernest Poème de l´Amour et de la Mer Op. 19 for voice and orchestra (Piano Reduction/Solo)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
143Chausson, Ernest Poème de l´Amour et de la Mer Op. 19 for voice and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
243Chausson, Ernest Chanson perpétuelle for soprano and orchestra Op. 37Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1925Cherubini, LuigiSouvenir pour son cher baillot for string quartet (score & parts)Chamber Music
021Cherubini, LuigiThe Water Carrier (Les deux journées)Opera
047Cherubini, LuigiLodoiskaOpera
112bCherubini, LuigiString Quartet No. 2 in C (score and parts)Chamber Music
112aCherubini, LuigiSymphony in DOrchestra
718Cherubini, LuigiMédée (Medea) OvertureOverture
719Cherubini, LuigiAnacréon OvertureOverture
720Cherubini, LuigiFaniska OvertureOverture
726Cherubini, LuigiLes Abencérages OvertureOverture
727Cherubini, LuigiLes deux journées (The Water Carrier) OvertureOverture
747Cherubini, LuigiL’Hôtellerie portugaise OvertureOverture
748Cherubini, LuigiAli Baba OvertureOverture
1275Cherubini, LuigiConcert Overture in G for the London Philharmonic Society (1815)Orchestra
1370Cherubini, LuigiContredanses for orchestraOrchestra
1424Cherubini, LuigiEliza OvertureOverture
1706Cherubini, LuigiMessa Solenne in Do Maggiore per Soli, Coro ed orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1890Cherubini, LuigiLa Punition, overtureOverture
132Cherubini, Luigi "Lodoïska" OvertureOverture
225Cherubini, Luigi String Quartet No. 1 in E-flat (Full Score)Chamber Music
225bCherubini, Luigi String Quartet No. 1 in E-flat (parts)Chamber Music
1558Cherubini, Luigi Démophon OvertureOverture
1413Chevillard, CamilleBallade symphonique for orchestraOrchestra
341Chopin, FrédéricVariations sur "Là ci darem la mano" Op. 2 for piano and orchestraKeyboard & Orchestra
342Chopin, FrédéricFantaisie sur des airs nationaux polonaises Op. 13 for piano and orchestraKeyboard & Orchestra
343Chopin, Frédéric"Krakowiak" Grand Rondeau Op. 14 for piano and orchestraKeyboard & Orchestra
344Chopin, FrédéricAndante spianato and Grande PolonaiseOp. 22 for piano and orchestraKeyboard & Orchestra
1009Chopin, FrédéricPiano Concerto in E minor Op. 11 (Version for piano & string quintet)Chamber Music
1010Chopin, FrédéricPiano Concerto in F minor Op. 21(Version for piano & string quintet)Chamber Music
1026Chopin, FrédéricTrio for piano, violin & cello in G minor Op. 8Chamber Music
1846Cimarosa, DomenicoSinfonia con Oboe, e Corni di ripieno in B-flat majorSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1604Cimarosa, Domenico / arr. Brookes, PhillipIl Maestro di Capella (arranged for classical orchestra by Phillip Brookes)Orchestra
462Ciurlionis, Mikalojus KonstantinasJura (The Sea), Symphonic PoemOrchestra
463Ciurlionis, Mikalojus KonstantinasMiske (The Forest), Symphonic PoemOrchestra
1725Clarke, Jeremiah / prev. attrib. to Purcell, Henry / arr. Wood, HenryThe Prince of Denmark’s March for orchestra (Trumpet Voluntary) / Score and parts Set 5/4/3/2/1Orchestra
1847Clementi, MuzioSinfonia in Re Op. 18, no. 2Orchestra
924Cliffe, FredericSymphony No. 1 in C minor Op. 1Orchestra
673Coleridge-Taylor, SamuelScenes from the Song of Hiawatha - Hiawatha’s Wedding FeastChoir/Voice & Orchestra
674Coleridge-Taylor, SamuelScenes from the Song of Hiawatha - The Death of Minnehaha (Full Score)
Choir/Voice & Orchestra
675Coleridge-Taylor, SamuelScenes from the Song of Hiawatha - Hiawatha’s Departure (Full Score)
Choir/Voice & Orchestra
710Coleridge-Taylor, SamuelBallade in A minor Op. 33 for orchestraOrchestra
711Coleridge-Taylor, SamuelBamboula Op. 75 (Rhapsodic Dance for orchestra)Orchestra
1320Coleridge-Taylor, SamuelFour Novellettes Op. 52 for string orchestraString Orchestra
673/674/675bColeridge-Taylor, SamuelScenes from the Song of Hiawatha (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1311Converse, FrederickNight and Day for piano and orchestraKeyboard & Orchestra
1400Converse, FrederickFestival of Pan for orchestraOrchestra
1559Converse, FrederickOrmazd Op. 30. Symphonic poemOrchestra
1679Converse, FrederickEndymion's Narrative Op. 10 for orchestraOrchestra
1466Corder, FrederickElegy in memoriam Victor Harris for 24 violins and organ (First printed edition)Orchestra
801Corelli, Arcangelo/ arr. & orch. Reger, MaxLa Folia - Variations serieuses pour le violon, orchestré par Max RegerViolin & Orchestra
015Cornelius, PeterDer Barbier von Bagdad (The Barber of Bagdad)Opera
037Cornelius, PeterDer CidOpera
454Cornelius, PeterMännerchöre (Works for Men’s chorus) Opp. 9, 12, 17, O Venus, Two motets (1852), Sonnanaufgang (Sunrise), Ballade (1844), Der Tod des Verräters (The Death of a Traitor)A Cappella
137Cornelius, Peter Original Overture in B minor to the opera »Der Barbier von Bagdad« (The Barber of Bagdad)Overture
152Cornelius, Peter Chorusses for mixed voices (complete edition incl. Requiem)A Cappella
588Coryn, RolandSongs and Song Cycles for mixed choir a cappella on English and American poetryA Cappella
2502Coryn, RolandFive preludes for oboe and orchestra op. 42 tris (First printed edition)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
2511Coryn, RolandCello Concerto Op. 76 (first print)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
2525Coryn, RolandFor Violoncello soloSolo Instrument
558Coryn, Roland Tre Pezzi per orchestra d’archiString Orchestra
2519Coryn, Roland A Kaleidoscope alike…Octuor for woodwinds and strings (first print / score and parts)
Chamber Music
1434Couperin, FrançoisLe parnasse ou l'apothéose de Corelli for orchestraChamber Music
749Cowen, FredericSymphony No. 3 in C minor "The Scandinavian"Orchestra
940Cowen, FredericSymphony No. 6 in E major "Idyllic"Orchestra
1063Cowen, FredericIn Fairyland (orchestral suite)Orchestra
1227Cowen, FredericSymphony No. 4 in B-flat minor "The Welsh"Orchestra
1348Cowen, FredericRêverie for orchestraOrchestra
1349Cowen, FredericIndian Rhapsody for orchestraOrchestra
1741Cowen, FredericConcertstück for Piano and OrchestraKeyboard & Orchestra
1745Cowen, FredericFour English Dances in the Olden Style for orchestraOrchestra
830Cui, CesarSuite Miniature No. 1 Op. 20 for orchestraOrchestra
1550Cui, CesarLe Fils du Mandarin (Overture)Overture
1765Cusins, William George Two Concert Overtures: Les Travaileurs de la Mer / Love’s Labour’s LostOrchestra
1334bDamrosch, LeopoldViolin Concerto in D (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
1334Damrosch, LeopoldViolin Concerto in D (Full Score)Violin & Orchestra
913Dargomyshski, AlexanderBaba-Yaga /The Ukrainian Kazaschok / Finnish Fantasy (orchestral works)Orchestra
1135Dargomyshski, AlexanderBolero for symphony orchestraOrchestra
1683David, FélicienLe Désert, Symphonic Ode in three parts for tenor solo, narrator, chorus, and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
551De Greef, Arthur Quatre vieilles chansons flamandes transcrites pour orchestreOrchestra
828bDebussy, ClaudeLe Martyre de Saint Sébastien  (Vocal Score with French libretto)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
722Debussy, ClaudeDanse Sacrée et Danse Profane. Deux Danses pour harpe avec accompagnement d’orchestreKeyboard & Orchestra
828Debussy, ClaudeLe Martyre de Saint Sébastien (complete stage music to d’Annunzio’s play)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
841Debussy, ClaudeLe Jet d'eauChoir/Voice & Orchestra
869Debussy, ClaudeTrois Ballades de François Villon for voice & orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
912Debussy, ClaudeL'enfant prodigue. CantataChoir/Voice & Orchestra
948bDebussy, ClaudeOde à la France (Orchestré par M.F. Gaillaird). (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
948Debussy, ClaudeOde à la France (Orchestré par M.F. Gaillaird) (Full Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
952bDebussy, ClaudeLes Chansons de Bilitis for recitation, 2 flutes, 2 harps & celesta (Vocal Score, 2 copies) Chamber Music
952Debussy, ClaudeLes Chanson de Bilitis for recitation, 2 flutes, 2 harps & celestaChamber Music
107Debussy, Claude Marche écossaise pour orchestreOrchestra
124Debussy, Claude Berceuse héroïque pour orchestreOrchestra
1129Debussy, Claude / orch. Caplet, André"Claire de lune" from "Suite bergamasque" for orchestraOrchestra
1337Debussy, Claude / orch. Caplet, AndréLa Boîte à Joujoux for orchestraBallet
038Delibes, LéoLe Roi l´a ditOpera
889Delibes, LéoCoppélia ou La Fille aux yeux d'émail (Suite from the ballet)Ballet
901Delibes, LéoSylvia ou La Nymphe de Diane (Suite from the ballet)Ballet
1684Delibes, LéoLe Roi s'àmuse (Ballet Suite)Orchestra
447Delius, FrederickViolin Concerto (1916)Violin & Orchestra
455Delius, FrederickOn Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring, Summer Night on the RiverOrchestra
473Delius, FrederickLife’s DanceOrchestra
823Delius, FrederickAir and Dance for orchestraOrchestra
917Delius, FrederickAppalachiaChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1012Delius, FrederickRequiemChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1095bDelius, FrederickString Quartet (1916) (Parts)Chamber Music
1095Delius, FrederickString Quartet (1916)Chamber Music
1265Delius, FrederickSea-Drift for Baritone Solo, Mixed Chorus and OrchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1772Delius, FrederickA Song before Sunrise, Symphonic poem Orchestra
2523Dell’Acqua, Eva Une ruse de Pierrette (Opéra comique en un acte)Choir/Voice & Instrument(s)
650Dessau, PaulDeutsches Miserere (German Miserere) for soprano, alto, tenor, bass, mixed chorus, children's chorus, full orchestra and trautonium (containing Bertolt Brecht's libretto and the photographs projected during the performance)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
531Devaere, AndréPosthumous works - chamber music (Songs, Piano solo, Organ solo)Chamber Music
598Dewilde, Jan (Hrsg./Editor)World War I and Music: Flemish Piano Music 1914-1918 (by Émile Siroux, Hippolyte Ackermans, Gerard Nauwelaers, Edmond van Schoor, Auguste Eenhaes, Paul Wante and Henri Van Gael)Solo Instrument
2504Dewilde, Jan (Hrsg./Editor) World War I and Music: Flemish songs about the Yser 1914-1918 (by Émile Wambach /with score and parts/, Roel Steppe, Emiel Hullebroeck, Karel Candael, Robert De Leye, Robert De Leye, Auguste Eenhaes, Arthur Verhoeven and César Michiels)Choir/Voice & Instrument(s)
1328Distler, HugoCembalokonzert (Concerto for Harpsichord & String Orchestra) Op. 14Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1361bDistler, HugoKonzertstück (Concert Piece) for piano and orchestra (Piano Reduction for 2 pianos, 2 copies)Keyboard & Orchestra
1361Distler, HugoKonzertstück (Concert Piece) for piano and orchestraKeyboard & Orchestra
438Dittersdorf, Carl Ditters von"Metamorphosen". Six Symphonies after OvidOrchestra
452Dittersdorf, Carl Ditters vonSymphony in F, Sinfonie in E-flat, Overture of the oratorio «Esther», Il combattimento dell’umane passioni, Le Carnaval ou la Redoute Grande
Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1134Donizetti, GaetanoNe proicias me for bass solo and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1238Donizetti, GaetanoLa Fille de Regiment OvertureOrchestra
1252Donizetti, GaetanoMiserere per 7 Soli, Coro e OrchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1332Donizetti, GaetanoTibi soli peccavi in F for solo soprano, basset horn & orchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1685Donizetti, GaetanoDon Pasquale (Sinfonia)Orchestra
1686Donizetti, GaetanoConcerto in Re MinoreOrchestra
2003Donizetti, GaetanoL'Elisir d'amore (in two volumes with a French libretto)Opera
1114Donizetti, Gaetano Libera me de sanguinibus. Aria per soprano solo e orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1040Dowland, JohnThe Collected Lute MusicSolo Instrument
1110Dowland, JohnComplete Consort MusicChamber Music
1439Dowland, JohnAyres for four voicesA Cappella
285Draeseke, FelixOverture to the opera "Gudrun"Overture
291Draeseke, FelixJubel-Ouverture Op. 65Orchestra
314Draeseke, FelixRequiem in B minor Op. 22Choir/Voice & Orchestra
326Draeseke, FelixVorspiel "Die Geburt des Herrn" (The Birth of the Lord) from the Mysterium "Christus"Choir/Voice & Orchestra
388Draeseke, FelixAdventlied after Rückert Op. 30Choir/Voice & Orchestra
129Draeseke, Felix Symphony No. 3 in C Op. 40 "Symphonia Tragica"Orchestra
140Draeseke, Felix Symphonic Prelude to Kleist’s "Penthesilea" Op. 50Orchestra
142Draeseke, Felix Symphony No. 2 in F Op. 25Orchestra
165Draeseke, Felix Symphonic Prelude to Calderon’s "Das Leben ein Traum" (Life as a Dream) Op. 45Orchestra
230Draeseke, Felix Serenade in D for small orchestra Op. 49Orchestra
240Draeseke, Felix Symphony No. 1 in G Op. 12Orchestra
255bDraeseke, Felix Piano Concerto in E-flat Op. 36 (Piano I and II)Keyboard & Orchestra
255Draeseke, Felix Piano Concerto in E-flat Op. 36Keyboard & Orchestra
362Draeseke, Felix Tod und Sieg des Herrn (The Death and Triumph of the Lord) Oratorio No. 3 from the Mysterium "Christus" Op. 73Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1565Draeseke, Felix Third String Quartet in C-sharp minor Op. 66 (Score and parts)Chamber Music
1893Draeseke, Felix Suite for two Violins in F-sharp minor, Op. 86 (score & part)Chamber Music
2002Draeseke, Felix HerratOpera
2528Drymans, ChristoffelLamentatio prima in coena Domini (First Lamentation of Holy Thursday) (performance score C/A/T/B.C) first printChoir/Voice & Instrument(s)
1469bDubois, ThéodoreFantaisie pour Harpe et Orchestre (Piano Reduction/Solo)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1469Dubois, ThéodoreFantaisie pour Harpe et OrchestreSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
052Dukas, PaulAriane et Barbe-Bleue (in two volumes)Opera
375Dukas, PaulLa Péri (Poème dansé)Orchestra
1393Dukas, PaulFanfare pour précéder" La Péri" for wind orchestraWind Orchestra
1417Dukas, PaulL’Apprenti sorcierOrchestra
339Duparc, HenriLénore (Symphonic Poem)Orchestra
1141Duparc, HenriAux ètoiles for orchestraOrchestra
1912Dvorák, AntonínSeven pieces for Small OrchestraOrchestra
236Dvorák, Antonín"Dimitrij" Original Overture to the OperaOverture
304Dvorák, AntonínDie Geisterbraut (The Spectre’s Bride) Op. 69Choir/Voice & Orchestra
323bDvorák, AntonínTe Deum Op. 103 (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
323Dvorák, AntonínTe Deum Op. 103 (Full Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
324bDvorák, AntonínPsalm 149 Op. 79. (2 versions) (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
324Dvorák, AntonínPsalm 149 Op. 79 (both versions) (Full Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
357Dvorák, Antonín"Legendy" (Legends) for orchestra Op. 59Orchestra
800Dvorák, AntonínBagatelles Op. 47 for string quartet & harmonium (Full Score)Chamber Music
800bDvorák, AntonínBagatelles op.47 for harmonium, 2 violins and violoncello (parts)Chamber Music
815Dvorák, AntonínIn Nature's Realm (In der Natur). Concert Overture Op. 91Orchestra
908Dvorák, AntonínSaint Ludmila (Die heilige Ludmilla) Op. 71 (oratorio in 2 volumes)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
928Dvorák, AntonínOthello. Concert Overture Op. 93Orchestra
984Dvorák, AntonínHusitská. Concert Overture Op. 67Orchestra
1051Dvorák, AntonínMass in D major Op. 86 (orchestral version)Orchestra
1443Dvorák, AntonínKlid (Waldesruhe) for cello and orchestra (and version for cello and piano / cello and piano parts)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1740Dvorák, AntonínDramatic Overture for Full OrchestraOrchestra
1756Dvorák, AntonínBiblical Songs Op. 99 for voice and orchestraOrchestra
1757Dvorák, AntonínMazurka op.49 for violin and orchestraViolin & Orchestra
1031Dvorák, Antonín Mein Heim (My Home). Concert Overture Op. 62Orchestra
1081Dvorák, Antonín The Wild Dove. Symphonic poem Op. 110Orchestra
1115bDvorák, Antonín Serenade in D minor Op. 44 for Wind Instruments, Cello and Double Bass (Parts)Chamber Music
1115Dvorák, Antonín Serenade in D minor Op. 44 for Wind Instruments, Cello and Double BassChamber Music
1162Dvorák, Antonín Piano Concerto in G minor Op. 33Keyboard & Orchestra
1191Dvorák, Antonín The Water Goblin. Symphonic Poem Op. 107Orchestra
1199Dvorák, Antonín Heldenlied (A Hero's Song). Symphonic Poem Op. 111Orchestra
1200Dvorák, Antonín The Noon Witch. Symphonic Poem Op. 108Orchestra
1217Dvorák, Antonín American Suite Op. 98b for orchestraOrchestra
1226Dvorák, Antonín The Golden Spinning Wheel. Symphonic Poem Op. 109Orchestra
1420bDvorák, Antonín The Heirs of White Mountain (Die Erben der weißen Berge) for orchestra (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1420Dvorák, Antonín The Heirs of White Mountain (Die Erben der weißen Berge) for orchestra (Full Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1473bDvorák, Antonín Romance for Violin and Orchestra Op. 11 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
1473Dvorák, Antonín Romance for Violin and Orchestra Op. 11Violin & Orchestra
1709Dvorák, Antonín Nokturno (Nocturne) in B major for string orchestra, op. 40 (score and parts)String Orchestra
1757bDvorák, Antonín Mazurka op.49 for violin and orchestra (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
2001Dvorák, Antonín Rusalka (in four volumes with English and Czech libretto)Opera
193Eisler, Hanns Suite No. 1 for orchestra Op. 23Orchestra
392Elgar, EdwardBavarian Dances for orchestra Op. 27Orchestra
611Elgar, EdwardSerenade for strings Op. 20 / Introduction and Allegro Op. 47 / Elegy Op. 58 / Sospiri Op. 70Orchestra
621Elgar, EdwardFalstaff Op. 68 (including Elgars' Analytic Essay of the work)Orchestra
642Elgar, EdwardCoronation Ode Op. 44, God save the Queen, Coronation March Op. 65Orchestra
649Elgar, EdwardGrania and Diarmid Op. 42, The Crown Of India Suite Op. 66Orchestra
660Elgar, EdwardThe Wand of Youth Suites Op. 1a and 1bOrchestra
661Elgar, EdwardDream Children Op. 43, Nursery SuiteOrchestra
666Elgar, EdwardThe Banner of St. George Op. 33Choir/Voice & Orchestra
679Elgar, EdwardImperial March Op. 32, Triumphal March Op. 35, Pomp & Circumstances Nos. 1-5Orchestra
682Elgar, EdwardThree Characteristic Pieces Op. 10 for orchestraOrchestra
700bElgar, EdwardConcerto in B minor for violin and orchestra Op. 61 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
700Elgar, EdwardConcerto in B minor for violin and orchestra Op. 61, Romance for Bassoon and Orchestra Op. 62, Concerto in E minor for Violoncello and Orchestra Op. 85 (Full Score)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
750Elgar, EdwardConcert Overtures: Froissart Op. 19, Cockaign Op. 40, In the South Op. 50 (Alassio), Canto Populare Orchestra
903Elgar, EdwardSea Pictures Op. 37 for voice & orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
939Elgar, EdwardEnigma Variations Op. 36 (orchestral score with revised and original ending & the composer's piano transcription)Orchestra
985Elgar, EdwardSpanish Serenade Op. 23 / The Snow Op. 26 No. 1 / Fly Singing Bird Op. 26 No. 2Choir/Voice & Orchestra
996Elgar, EdwardComplete Chamber Music: Sonata for Violin and Piano in E minor Op. 82 / String Quartet in E minor Op. 83 / Piano Quintet in A minor Op. 84 (Full Score)Chamber Music
996bElgar, EdwardSonata for Violin and Piano in E minor Op. 82 (parts)Chamber Music
996cElgar, EdwardString Quartet in E minor Op. 83 (parts)Chamber Music
996dElgar, EdwardPiano Quintet in A minor Op. 84 (parts)Chamber Music
1186bElgar, EdwardThe Dream of Gerontius Op. 38 for Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor and Bass Soli, Chorus & Orchestra (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1186Elgar, EdwardThe Dream of Gerontius Op. 38 for Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor and Bass Soli, Chorus & Orchestra (with an analytic essay by A. J. Jaeger)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1229Elgar, EdwardPolonia. Symphonic PreludeOrchestra
1540Elgar, EdwardSevillaña. Scène Espagnole for orchestra Op. 7Orchestra
1652Elgar, EdwardThe Kingdom Op. 51 (Oratorio)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1881Elgar, EdwardSalut d'Amour for orchestraOrchestra
1882Elgar, Edward / arr. Brookes, Phillip“Shed” Symphony No. 1 in C arranged for small orchestra from four pieces for wind quintet by Phillip Brookes

932Elgar, Edward / orch. Addison, AnthonySymphony in G after the Organ Sonata Op. 28 & Organ Sonata Op. 28 (original version)Orchestra
170Eliasson, Anders Canto del Vagabondo for orchestra, female choir and voce bianca (first time engraved - new edition)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1639Eliasson, Anders Dante Anarca. Symphoniic Oratorio after Oreglia's pometto for soli, mixed choir & orchestra (1998) (limited facsimile edition of the composer's manuscript full score - extra large format 330 x 480 mm)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1621Ellerton, John LodgeSymphony No. 3 in D minor (Woodland Symphony), op. 120Orchestra
1462Erdmann, EduardStändchen (Serenade) for small orchestra Op. 16Orchestra
150Erdmann, Eduard Symphony No. 2 Op. 13Orchestra
237Erdmann, Eduard Piano Concerto Op. 15Keyboard & Orchestra
1901Erkin, Ulvi Cemal Köçekçe (Köçekçeler), Dance rhapsody for orchestra (first time available for sale)Orchestra
1732Erlanger, Frédéric Alfred d’Violin Concerto in D minor, Op. 17Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1732bErlanger, Frédéric Alfred d’Violin Concerto in D minor, Op. 17 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
1793Erskine, Thomas Alexander, Earl of KellyThe Favourite Minuets for orchestra (edited by Phillip Brookes)Orchestra
097Fauré, GabrielPénélope (in two volumes with French libretto)Opera
414Fauré, GabrielPavane in F-sharp minor Op. 50 for orchestra with choir ad libitumChoir/Voice & Orchestra
484Fauré, GabrielPiano Trio in D minor Op. 120 (Full Score)Chamber Music
484bFauré, GabrielPiano Trio in D minor Op. 120 (parts)Chamber Music
651Fauré, GabrielShylock Suite for Orchestra Op. 57Choir/Voice & Orchestra
709Fauré, GabrielPelléas et Mélisande Suite Op. 80Orchestra
934Fauré, GabrielFantaisie pour flute et orchestre Op. 79Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1125Fauré, GabrielPiano Quartet No. 2 in G minor Op. 45Chamber Music
1830Fauré, GabrielConcerto pour violon et orchestre en ré mineur Op. 14Violin & Orchestra
114bFauré, Gabriel Quintet No. 1 for Piano and String Quartet Op. 89 (Parts)Chamber Music
114Fauré, Gabriel Quintet No. 1 for Piano and String Quartet Op. 89 (Full Score)Chamber Music
115bFauré, Gabriel Quintet No. 2 for Piano and String Quartet Op. 115 (Parts)Chamber Music
115Fauré, Gabriel Quintet No. 2 for Piano and String Quartet Op. 115 (Full Score)Chamber Music
258Fauré, Gabriel »Caligula«, musique de scène Op. 52Choir/Voice & Orchestra
858Fauré, Gabriel Ballade for piano and orchestra Op. 19Keyboard & Orchestra
1078Fauré, Gabriel Piano Quartet No.1 in C minor Op. 15Chamber Music
1290Ferroud, Pierre-OctaveSymphonie en laOrchestra
1291Ferroud, Pierre-OctaveSérénade pour orchestreOrchestra
1560Ferroud, Pierre-OctaveTypes for orchestraOrchestra
407Fétis, Francois-JosephFantaisie symphonique pour orgue et orchestreSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
797Fétis, Francois-JosephGrand Sextuor Op. 5 pour piano à quatre mains & quatuor à cordesChamber Music
893Fétis, Francois-JosephPremière Symphonie à grand orchestreOrchestra
331Fibich, ZdenekSymphony No. 2 in E-flat Op. 38Orchestra
335Fibich, ZdenekSymphony No. 3 in E minor Op. 53Orchestra
338Fibich, ZdenekToman und die Waldfee (Toman and the Wood Nymph) Op. 49 (Symphonic Poem)Orchestra
347Fibich, ZdenekSymphony No. 1 in F Op. 17Orchestra
365Fibich, ZdenekLenz (Spring) Op. 13Orchestra
391Fibich, ZdenekEine Nacht auf Karlstein (A Night at the Castle) Op. 26Orchestra
441Fibich, ZdenekKomensky (Komenius) Op. 34Orchestra
491Fibich, ZdenekOthello Op. 6Orchestra
495Fibich, ZdenekZaboj, Slavoj a Ludek (Symphonic Poem) Op. 37Orchestra
496Fibich, ZdenekDojmy z venkova (Impressions from the Country) Suite Op. 54Orchestra
625Fibich, ZdenekAm Abend (At Twilight) Op. 39Orchestra
634Fibich, ZdenekFrühlingsromanze (Romance of Spring) Op. 23Orchestra
1270Fibich, ZdenekBoure (The Tempest) Symphonic Poem Op. 46Orchestra
1826Fibich, ZdenekQuintet in D major for violin I, clarinet, (violin II) horn (viola), cello and piano, op. 42 (score and parts)Chamber Music
1478Fiedler, MaxSerenade in G Op. 15 for small orchestraOrchestra
312Field, JohnPiano Concertos Nos. 1-3Keyboard & Orchestra
1216Field, JohnPiano Quintet in A-flat, H.34 (piano & string parts)Chamber Music
922Fils, AntonSei Sinfonie (6 Symphonies) Op. 2Orchestra
596Fiocco, Joseph-HectorMissa Sanctae Caecilia (First printed edition, engraved from the autograph score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1408Fletcher, Percy E.Folk Tunes and Fiddle Dance for orchestraOrchestra
1411Fletcher, Percy E.Labour And Love for brass bandWind Orchestra
1287Flotow, Friedrich vonMartha oder Der Markt zu Richmond OvertureOrchestra
1376Flotow, Friedrich vonAlessandro Stradella OvertureOverture
2050Flotow, Friedrich von Martha, oder Der Markt zu Richmond (in three volumes with German libretto)Opera
2061Foerster, BohuslavEva, Op. 50 (in two volumes with Czech and German libretto)Opera
289Foerster, Josef BohuslavViolin Concerto No. 1 in C minor Op. 88Violin & Orchestra
223Foerster, Josef Bohuslav Symphony No. 4 in C minor Op. 54 "Osternacht" (Easter Eve)Orchestra
305Foote, ArthurSuite in D minor Op. 36 for large orchestraOrchestra
385Foote, ArthurSuite in E Op. 63 for string orchestraString Orchestra
946Foote, ArthurFrancesca da Rimini. Symphonic Prologue Op. 24Orchestra
1056Foote, ArthurSerenade in E Op. 25 for string orchestraOrchestra
1340Foote, ArthurNight Piece for flute & strings (score & parts)Chamber Music
1599Foote, ArthurTema con Variazioni in A minor for string quartet (score and parts)Chamber Music
999Foulds, JohnThree Mantras from ‚Avatara’ Op. 61 (First printed edition, edited and engraved by Lucian Beschiu / score size 38 x 27 cm)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1128Foulds, JohnMirage. Music Poem Op. 20 for large orchestraOrchestra
1144Foulds, JohnQuartetto intimo Op. 89 for string quartetChamber Music
1151Foulds, JohnAn Arabian night. Oriental Nocturne for small orchestraOrchestra
1152Foulds, JohnIndian Suite for orchestraOrchestra
1163Foulds, JohnHellas. A Suite of Ancient Greece Op. 45 for double string orchestra & percussionOrchestra
1174Foulds, JohnApril-England Op. 48 No. 1 for piano soloSolo Instrument
1208Foulds, JohnSonata for Cello and Piano Op. 6 (with cello solo part)Chamber Music
1220Foulds, JohnChinese Suite Op. 95 for orchestra (newly engraved from the manuscript)Orchestra
1338Foulds, JohnString Trio Op. 24 ‚Ritornello con variazione’ (score and parts)Chamber Music
1346Foulds, JohnVariazioni ed Improvvisati su un Tema Originale Op. 4 for piano soloSolo Instrument
1414Foulds, JohnApril-England Op. 48 No. 1 for orchestra (edited and engraved by Lucian Beschiu)Orchestra
1451Foulds, JohnPiano Pieces: English Tune with Burden Op. 89 / Gandharva-Music Op. 49 / Orientale / Two Landscapes (Music-Pictures Group VII) Op. 13 No. 1 Moonrise: Sorrento & No. 2 Nightfall: Luxor / Persian Love Song / Dance Tunes from Punjab (First printed edition)Solo Instrument
1467Foulds, JohnDynamic Triptych Op. 88 (1929) for pianoforte and orchestra (First printed edition, engraved by Lucian Beschiu from the autograph score)Keyboard & Orchestra
1483Foulds, JohnAquarelles. Music-Pictures Group II Op. 32 for String Quartet (first time engraved / first edition / score and parts)Chamber Music
1486Foulds, JohnThe Song of Ram Dass for orchestra (First printed edition, engraved by Lucian Beschiu from the autograph score)Orchestra
1498Foulds, JohnLento quieto from ‚Quartetto geniale’ for string quartet (First printed edition, engraved by Lucian Beschiu from the autograph score)Chamber Music
1511Foulds, JohnThe Seven Ages. Version for baritone and piano (First printed edition, engraved by Lucian Beschiu from the autograph score)Chamber Music
1543Foulds, JohnRecollections of Ancient Greek Music 1915 (first printed edition) & Corybantes (from "Hellas", 1932, arranged for piano solo by Lucian Beschiu)Solo Instrument
1584Foulds, JohnKashmiri Wedding Procession for small orchestra (First printed edition, engraved by Lucian Beschiu)Orchestra
1605Foulds, JohnString Quartet No. 8 in D minor, Op. 23 (score and parts / first printed edition, engraved by Lucian Beschiu from the autograph score)Chamber Music
1615Foulds, JohnApotheosis (Elegy) Op. 18 (First printed edition, edited and engraved by Lucian Beschiu)Orchestra
1674Foulds, JohnPasquinades Symphoniques Op. 98 Nos. 1 & 2 for large orchestra (first printed edition, edited and engraved by Lucian Beschiu)Orchestra
1733Foulds, JohnCello Concerto in G, Op. 17 (First printed edition, edited and engraved by Lucian Beschiu)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1809Foulds, JohnMusic-Pictures (Group 3) Op. 33 for large orchestra (1912) (first printed edition / edited and engraved by Lucian Beschiu)Orchestra
1313Foulds, John Seven Essays in the Modes for piano solo (new edition, including first print of Egoistic Essay)Solo Instrument
336Franck, CésarPsyché, 4 fragments pour orchestreOrchestra
346Franck, CésarRuth, Églogue bibliqueChoir/Voice & Orchestra
704Franck, CésarLes Eolides for orchestraOrchestra
119bFranck, César Les Djinns for piano and orchestra (Piano Reduction for 2 pianos, 2 copies)Keyboard & Orchestra
119Franck, César Les Djinns for piano and orchestra (Full Score)Keyboard & Orchestra
134Franck, César Rédemption, Poème-Symphonie (complete, with choir)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1382Franck, César  "Communion" Pièce V, pour Hautbois et piano & arrangement for oboe, recorder or any solo instrument and strings arranged by Dan Turcan (score and parts for oboe & piano and oboe & strings)Chamber Music
1391Franck, César Hulda. Ballet allégorique FWV 49Ballet
130Frescobaldi, GirolamoFiori musicali in partitura a quattro op.12 for string quartet or string orchestra (New edition, edited and engraved by Lucian Beschiu / Full Score)Chamber Music
753Fuchs, RobertSerenade No. 5 in D Op. 53 for orchestraOrchestra
875Fuchs, RobertString Quartet No. 3 in C Op. 71 (Full Score)Chamber Music
1018Fuchs, RobertPiano Quartet No. 1 in G minor Op. 15 (Full Score)Chamber Music
1018bFuchs, RobertPiano Quartet No. 1 in G minor Op. 15 (parts)Chamber Music
1205Fuchs, RobertString Quartet No. 2 in A minor Op. 62 (Full Score)Chamber Music
1373Fuchs, RobertSerenade No. 3 in E minor Op. 21 for stringsChamber Music
1908Fuchs, RobertSymphony No. 2, Op. 45Orchestra
106Fuchs, Robert Serenade No. 1 in D for strings Op. 9String Orchestra
108Fuchs, Robert Andante grazioso and Capriccio for strings Op. 63String Orchestra
116Fuchs, Robert Serenade No. 2 in C for strings Op. 14String Orchestra
247Fuchs, Robert Symphony No. 1 in C Op. 37Orchestra
248Fuchs, Robert Symphony No. 3 in E Op. 79Orchestra
875bFuchs, Robert String Quartet No.3 in C major Op.71 (parts)Chamber Music
1205bFuchs, Robert String Quartet No.2 in E minor Op.62 (parts)Chamber Music
1730bFuchs, Robert String Quartet No.1 in E minor Op.58 (parts)Chamber Music
1665Fux, Johann JosefInstrumental Works (Sonata a Quattro, K. 347 / Sonata a Tre, K. 342 / Overture (Suite) in B-flat major, E. 109 / Overture (Suite) in D minor, E. 110)Orchestra
1714Fux, Johann JosefConcentus Musico-Instrumentalis, enthaltend sieben Partiten: Vier Ouvertüren, zwei Sinfonien, eine SerenadeOrchestra
2037Fux, Johann JosephCostanza e Fortezza (with three large-scale illustrations and Italian libretto)Opera
1839Gabrieli, AndreaRicerari a quattro Nos. II, III e VChamber Music
964Gabrieli, GiovanniCanzoni et Sonate (1615)Orchestra
1428bGade, NielsComala. Dramatic Poem after Ossian Op. 12 (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1428Gade, NielsComala. Dramatic Poem after Ossian Op. 12Choir/Voice & Orchestra
281Gade, Niels WilhelmNachklänge zu Ossian (Echoes from Ossian) Overture Op. 1Orchestra
296Gade, Niels WilhelmOctet for strings Op. 17 (Full Score)Chamber Music
296bGade, Niels WilhelmOctet for strings Op. 17 (parts)Chamber Music
398Gade, Niels WilhelmHamlet Op. 37 (Overture for orchestra)Orchestra
678Gade, Niels WilhelmNovelettes opp. 53 & 58 for string orchestraString Orchestra
813Gade, Niels WilhelmSymphony No. 1 in C minor Op. 5Orchestra
906Gade, Niels WilhelmDie Kreuzfahrer (The Crusaders) Op. 50Choir/Voice & Orchestra
915Gade, Niels WilhelmSymphony No. 2 in E Op. 10Orchestra
919Gade, Niels WilhelmEin Sommertag auf dem Lande (A Summer's Day in the Country). 5 Orchestral Pieces Op. 55Orchestra
1113Gade, Niels WilhelmSymphony No. 7 in F Op. 45Orchestra
1116Gade, Niels WilhelmSymphony No. 8 in D Op. 47Orchestra
1126Gade, Niels WilhelmHolbergiana Suite for orchestra Op. 61Orchestra
1277Gade, Niels WilhelmSymphony No. 3 in D minor Op. 25Orchestra
1283Gade, Niels WilhelmSymphony No. 6 in G minor Op. 32Orchestra
1314Gade, Niels WilhelmSymphony No. 5 in D minor Op. 25Orchestra
1591bGade, Niels WilhelmViolin Concerto in D minor Op. 56 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
1591Gade, Niels WilhelmViolin Concerto in D minor Op. 56 (Full Score)Violin & Orchestra
1712Gade, Niels WilhelmMichel Angelo Op.39 (Concert Overture)Orchestra
731Gade, Niels Wilhelm Symphony No. 4 in B-flat Op. 20Orchestra
1579Gallenberg, Wenzel Robert Graf von Furio Camillo, Ballet in five acts for orchestra (edited and engraved by Morris S. Levy)Ballet
371German, EdwardThe Tempter, Suite for orchestraOrchestra
735German, EdwardNell Gwyn Overture, Three Dances and other music from English Nell Orchestra
1230German, EdwardSymphony No. 2 in A minor "Norwich Symphony"Orchestra
1753German, EdwardPavane from Romeo & Juliet for orchestraOrchestra
334Gernsheim, FriedrichViolin Concerto No. 1 in D Op. 42Violin & Orchestra
492Gernsheim, FriedrichSymphony No.1 in G minor Op. 32Orchestra
493Gernsheim, FriedrichSymphony No 2 in E-flat Op. 46Orchestra
613Gernsheim, FriedrichSymphony No.3 in C minor op 54 / Elohenu. Hebrew Song for cello & small orchestraOrchestra
614Gernsheim, FriedrichSymphony No.4 in B-flat Op. 62Orchestra
1016Gernsheim, FriedrichPiano Quintets Opp. 35 & 63 (Full Score)Chamber Music
1016bGernsheim, FriedrichPiano Quintet Op. 35 (parts)Chamber Music
1016cGernsheim, FriedrichPiano Quintet Op. 63 (parts)Chamber Music
1066Gernsheim, Friedrich"Zu einem Drama". Tone Poem Op. 82Orchestra
1322Gernsheim, FriedrichPiano Quartet No. 3 in F Op. 47 (score & parts)Chamber Music
1437Gernsheim, FriedrichSalamis, Siegesgesang der Griechen (Greek Victory Song) Op. 10 for baritone, male choir and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1544Gershwin, GeorgeCuban Overture for orchestraOrchestra
1260Gesualdo di Venosa, CarloComplete Madrigals (in six volumes in a slip case)A Cappella
537Gevaert, Francois-AugusteLe capitaine Henriot OuvertureOrchestra
534Gevaert, François-AugusteFantasia sobre motivos españoles for orchestraOrchestra
552Gevaert, François-AugusteAdieux à la mer for mixed choir, strings and pianoChoir/Voice & Orchestra
575Gevaert, François-Auguste / orch. Goovaerts, Alphonse Salve regina, ou Ave maris stella for soli, choir and orchestra (set of score and parts)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1677Ghedini, Giorgio Federico Il Girotondo, Musica per un balletto for orchestraOrchestra
1183Gibbons, OrlandoThe Cries of LondonChamber Music
1304Gilbert, HenryComedy Overture on Negro ThemesOrchestra
1653Gilbert, HenryThe Dance in Place Congo for orchestraOrchestra
504Gilson, PaulLa Mer pour grand orchestreOrchestra
518Gilson, PaulFrancesca da Rimini (1892) for soli, choirs and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
540Gilson, PaulMélodies ecossaises for string orchestraOrchestra
528Gilson, Paul Alla marcia. Rhapsodie, Sérénade de Torcello, Suite à la manière ancienne for orchestraOrchestra
1779Giuliani, MauroConcerto No. 2 for Guitar and Strings, Op. 36Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
699Glazunov, AlexanderSerenades No. 1 in A Op. 7 & No. 2 in F Op. 11Orchestra
767Glazunov, AlexanderLa mer Op. 28 for orchestraOrchestra
768Glazunov, AlexanderMazurka pour orchestre Op. 18 / Marche sur un thème russe Op. 76Orchestra
779Glazunov, AlexanderPoème épique for orchestraOrchestra
810Glazunov, AlexanderFrom the Middle Ages. Suite Op. 79 for orchestraOrchestra
812Glazunov, AlexanderThe Kremlin Op. 30 for orchestraOrchestra
822Glazunov, AlexanderRuses d'Amour (Complete ballet)Ballet
899Glazunov, AlexanderOverture No. 1 on Three Greek ThemesOrchestra
1378bGlazunov, AlexanderViolin Concerto in A minor Op. 82 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1378Glazunov, AlexanderViolin Concerto in A minor Op. 82Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1427Glazunov, AlexanderRhapsodie Orientale pour grand orchestre Op. 29Orchestra
1464Glazunov, AlexanderConcert Waltz No. 1 in D for orchestra Op. 47Orchestra
1523Glazunov, AlexanderConcert Waltz No. 2 in F for orchestra Op. 51Orchestra
1580Glazunov, AlexanderConcerto in Eb major for Saxophone and String Orchestra Op. 109Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1580bGlazunov, AlexanderConcerto in Eb major for Saxophone and String Orchestra Op. 109 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1618Glazunov, AlexanderRaymonda, Ballet Suite for Orchestra, op. 57aOrchestra
1627Glazunov, AlexanderCarnaval - Overture in F Major for large orchestra with organ ad. lib., op. 45Orchestra
1700Glazunov, AlexanderFinnish Sketches for orchestra, Op. 89Orchestra
1394Glazunow, AlexanderSpring opus 34. Musical Picture in D for orchestraOrchestra
065Glinka, Michail IvanovichA Life for the Tsar (in three volumes with Russian libretto)Opera
068Glinka, Michail IvanovichRuslan and Lyudmila (in three volumes with German/English/Russian libretto)Opera
683Glinka, Michail IvanovichSpanish Overtures Nos. 1 and 2 / KamarinskayaOrchestra
694Glinka, Michail IvanovichWaltz Fantasia for orchestraOrchestra
1405Glinka, Michail IvanovichSerenade on Themes from Donizetti’s Opera "Anna Bolena" for bassoon, horn, viola, cello, double bass, harp & piano (score and parts)Chamber Music
1561Glinka, Michail IvanovichThree Pieces for Choir and Orchestra (Polonaise for chorus and orchestra / Valedictory Song for soprano, women’s chorus, harp, and orchestra / Valedictory Song for women’s chorus, harp, piano, and orchestra)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1088Glinka, Michail Ivanovich Overture and Incidental Music to "Prince Kholmsky"Orchestra
1089Glinka, Michail Ivanovich Overtures in G minor and D majorOrchestra
1105Glinka, Michail Ivanovich Grand Sextuor in E-flat for string quartet, double bass & piano (Full Score)Chamber Music
1105bGlinka, Michail Ivanovich Grand Sextuor in E-flat for string quartet, double bass & piano (parts)Chamber Music
051Gluck, Christoph WilhelmIphigénie en AulideOpera
2051Gluck, Christoph WillibaldÉcho et Narcisse (with French and German libretto)Opera
1915Godard, Benjamin Concerto romantique, Op. 35 for violin and orchestraViolin & Orchestra
1915bGodard, Benjamin Concerto romantique op. 35 for violin and orchestra (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
4bGoetz, HermannDer Widerspänstigen Zähmung / The Taming of the Shrew (Vocal Score with English & German libretto)Opera
004Goetz, HermannDer Widerspänstigen Zähmung (The Taming of the Shrew)Opera
317Goetz, HermannFrühlings-Ouvertüre (Spring Overture) Op. 15Orchestra
1120Goetz, HermannPiano Quintet in C minor Op. 16 for string trio, double bass & pianoChamber Music
1791Goetz, HermannPiano Quartet Op. 6 (score and parts)Chamber Music
121bGoetz, Hermann Violin Concerto in G Op. 22 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
121Goetz, Hermann Violin Concerto in G Op. 22Violin & Orchestra
128Goetz, Hermann Symphony in F Op. 9Orchestra
231bGoetz, Hermann Piano Concerto No. 2 in B-flat Op. 18 (Piano Reduction/Piano I und II)Keyboard & Orchestra
231Goetz, Hermann Piano Concerto No. 2 in B-flat Op. 18Keyboard & Orchestra
233Goetz, Hermann Overture to the opera "Der Widerspänstigen Zähmung" (The Taming of the Screw)Overture
2533Gohr, Peter Emil Trio in F major for piano, violin and cello (s.a.) (score and parts)Chamber Music
1023bGoldmark, CarlViolin Concerto in A Minor Op. 28 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1023Goldmark, CarlViolin Concerto in A Minor Op. 28Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1030Goldmark, CarlSymphony No. 2 in E-flat Op. 35Orchestra
1292Goldmark, CarlPiano Quintet in C-sharp minor Op. 54 (score and parts)Chamber Music
1293Goldmark, CarlScherzo in A Op. 45 for orchestraOrchestra
1638Goldmark, CarlPenthesilea (Concert overture)Orchestra
184Goldmark, Carl Symphony No. 1 Op. 26 "Ländliche Hochzeit" (Rustic Wedding)Orchestra
818Goldmark, KarlIn Italien (In Italy). Concert Overture Op. 49Orchestra
1059Goldmark, KarlIm Frühling (In Springtime). Concert Overture Op. 36Orchestra
1064Goldmark, KarlDer gefesselte Prometheus (Prometheus Bound). Concert Overture Op. 38Orchestra
1325Goldmark, KarlSappho. Concert Overture Op. 44Orchestra
1342Goldmark, KarlSakuntala Overture Op. 13Orchestra
1448Goldmark, KarlDie Königin von Saba (The Queen of Sheba): Overture / Entrance of the Queen of Sheba / Ballet MusicOrchestra
1536Golovin, Andrei Light Unapproachable. Symphony No.4Orchestra
2008bGounod, CharlesRoméo et Juliette (Vocal Score with French & English libretto)Opera
809Gounod, CharlesSymphony No. 2 in E-flatOrchestra
847Gounod, CharlesPetite Symphonie for winds in B-flatWind Orchestra
871Gounod, CharlesMarche funèbre d'une marionette for orchestraOrchestra
1786Gounod, CharlesMarche religieuse for full orchestra with principal harps in E-flatOrchestra
2005Gounod, CharlesFaust (with German, English, French libretto)Opera
2008Gounod, CharlesRoméo et Juliette (with French libretto)Opera
1415aGouvy, ThéodorePetite Suite Gauloise Op. 90 for wind ensemble (Full Score)Chamber Music
1415Gouvy, ThéodorePetite Suite Gauloise pour Flûte, 2 Hautbois, 2 Clarinettes, 2 Cors et Bassons Op. 90 (score and parts)Chamber Music
1441Gouvy, ThéodoreParaphrases symphoniques Op. 89 for orchestraOrchestra
1465Gouvy, Théodore Symphony No. 6 in G minor Op. 87Orchestra
867Graener, PaulSymphonietta for strings and harp Op. 27Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1479Graener, PaulSymphony in D minor Op. 39Orchestra
1578bGraener, PaulViolin Concerto in D major, Op. 104 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
1578Graener, PaulViolin Concerto in D major, Op. 104Violin & Orchestra
1710Graener, PaulWiener Symphonie (Symphony No. 2) Op. 110Orchestra
1775Graener, PaulDie Flöte von Sanssouci Op. 88, Suite for chamber orchestraOrchestra
209Grainger, Percy Hill Song No. 1 for 23 instrumentsOrchestra
1308Graun, Carl HeinrichPiano Concerto in FKeyboard & Orchestra
581Grégoire, EdouardLes Croisades. Prise de Jérusalem par Godefroid de Bouillon anno 1099 (The Crusades. The Capture of Jerusalem) Op. 50Orchestra
1459Grétry, AndréConcerto for Flute, 2 Horns & Orchestra in CSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1516Grétry, AndréLa rosière republicaine (Ballet music)Orchestra
2039Grétry, AndréL’amant jaloux, ou Les fausses apparences (with French libretto)Opera
2041Grétry, AndréLe Tableau parlant (with French libretto)Opera
1563Grétry, André / arr. Mottl, FelixCéphale et Procris (Ballet-Suite from the opera)Orchestra
1849Gretry, André-Ernest-ModesteLe Magnifique, overtureOverture
433Grieg, EdvardAltnorwegische Romanze (Old Norwegian Romance) Op. 51 for orchestraOrchestra
480bGrieg, EdvardPeer Gynt (Incidental music to Ibsen´s drama) (Piano Reduction)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
480Grieg, EdvardPeer Gynt (Incidental music to Ibsen´s drama)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
664Grieg, EdvardOlav Trygvason Op. 50. Scenes of an Unfinished DramaChoir/Voice & Orchestra
664bGrieg, EdvardOlav Trygvason Op. 50. Scenes of an Unfinished Drama (Vocal Score / German & Norwegian text)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
762Grieg, EdvardDer Einsame (The Mountain Thrall) Op. 32 for voice and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
763bGrieg, EdvardBergliot Op. 42. Melodrama for recitation and orchestra (Piano Reduction/Speaker)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
763Grieg, EdvardBergliot Op. 42. Melodrama for recitation and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1566Grieg, EdvardSymphony in C minor (Urtext Edition, edited by Klaus Henning Oelmann and Marius Hristescu)Orchestra
105Grieg, Edvard Im Herbst (In Autumn) Op. 11 (Concert Overture)Orchestra
139Grieg, Edvard Lyrische Suite (Lyric Suite) from Op. 54 for orchestraOrchestra
181Grieg, Edvard 3 Works for String Orchestra Opp. 34, 53, 63String Orchestra
706Grieg, Edvard /orch. Sitt, HansNorwegian Dances for Orchestra Op. 35Orchestra
1236bGrieg, EdwardLandkjenning "Land - Sighting" Op. 31 (Cantata) (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1236Grieg, EdwardLandkjenning "Land - Sighting" Op. 31 (Cantata) (Full Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1364Grieg, EdwardSymphonic Dances for orchestra Op. 64Orchestra
1259Griffes, Charles T.The Pleasure-Dome of Kubla Khan (Symphonic Poem)Orchestra
824Griffes, Charles TomlinsonThe White Peacock. Tone Poem for orchestraOrchestra
1703Grimm, Julius OttoSuite in Canonform No.1 Op. 10 for orchestraString Orchestra
1704Grimm, Julius OttoZweite Suite in Canonform Op.16 for orchestraOrchestra
035Grisar, AlbertLe Carilloneur de BrugesOpera
1609Grosz, WilhelmOverture to an Opera Buffa, Op. 14Overture
1763Grosz, WilhelmRondels, Op.11(Three Mood Paintings for Low Voice and Chamber Orchestra)Orchestra
686Guilmant, AlexandrePremière symphonie pour orgue et orchestre Op. 42Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1914Guiraud, Ernest Chasse Fantastique for orchestraOrchestra
017Gurlitt, ManfredWozzeckOpera
1302Hadley, HenryThe Culprit Fay for orchestraOrchestra
1356Hadley, HenrySymphony No. 2 in F minor Op. 30 “The Four Seasons”Orchestra
1360Hadley, HenrySalome for orchestraOrchestra
1455Hallén, AndreasDie Toteninsel (The Isle of the Dead) Op. 45 for large orchestraOrchestra
850Halvorsen, JohanSuite Ancienne Op. 31for orchestraOrchestra
851Halvorsen, JohanVasantasena (Suite for full orchestra)Orchestra
860Halvorsen, JohanEntry March of the BoyarsOrchestra
1098Halvorsen, JohanBergensiana (Rococo Variations on an Old Bergen Melody) for orchestraOrchestra
1792Halvorsen, JohanKongen op.19, Third Suite Op. 19Orchestra
1119Hamel, Peter Michael"Ulisono" for 14 solo stringsString Orchestra
437Hamerik, Asger4. Nordische Suite (Fourth Nordic Suite) Op. 25 for orchestraOrchestra
1374Hamerik, AsgerSymphonie lyrique Op. 33Orchestra
1501Hamerik, AsgerNordic Suite No. 5 Op. 26 for orchestraOrchestra
1555Hamerik, AsgerNordic Suite No. 1 for orchestra Op. 22Orchestra
1253Händel, Georg Friedrich / Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusDer Messias (Messiah, version by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
502Hanssens, Charles LouisRequiem for soli, choir and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
505Hanssens, Charles LouisFantaisie pour Violon et Clarinette / Morceau de Concert pour Hautbois et Clarinette (avec orchestre)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
2507Hanssens, Charles LouisAux mânes d’un f[rère] qui fut roi for choir and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
599Hanssens, Charles Louis Quatuor à cordes en ut mineur (score and parts)Chamber Music
1909Hartmann, J.P.E.Symphony in G minor, Op. 17Orchestra
1192Hartmann, Johann Peter EmiliusCorreggio. Concert Overture Op. 59Orchestra
379Hartmann, Johann Peter Emilius / orch. Svendsen, Johan Severin Svendsen: Trauermarsch zu Thorwaldsens Beisetzung (Funeral March for Thorvaldsen´ Burial, orch.Svendsen) (+ Norwegian Artists’ Carnival, 2 Swedish Folk Melodies)Orchestra
1222Harty, HamiltonViolin Concerto in D minor Op. 17Orchestra
1224Harty, HamiltonWith the Wild Geese. Tone poem for orchestraOrchestra
1850Hasse, Johann AdolphLa Conversione di Sant Agostino, OratorioChoir/Voice & Orchestra
2045Hasse, Johann AdolphIl Ruggiero ovvero L’eroica gratitudine (with Italian libretto)Opera
482Hauer, Josef MatthiasErste Suite (Suite No. 1 for orchestra) Op. 31Orchestra
603Hauer, Josef MatthiasZweite Suite (Suite No. 2 for orchestra) Op. 33Orchestra
605Hauer, Josef MatthiasSuite VII for orchestra Op. 48Orchestra
637Hauer, Josef MatthiasWandlungen Op. 53. Chamber Oratorio on Texts by HölderlinChoir/Voice & Orchestra
882Haydn, JosephConcerto in F for Violin and Keyboard with String OrchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1306Haydn, JosephConcerto in C for Piano (Cembalo) and Strings, Hob. XVIII/5 (score and parts)Keyboard & Orchestra
1790Haydn, JosephSalve Regina in G hob. XXIIIb:2 (Practical Arrangement / Transcription of the Autograph Score) edited by Benjamin-Gunnar CohrsChoir/Voice & Instrument(s)
1631Haydn, MichaelSix Minuets for Orchestra, Divertimenti in G and B for OrchestraOrchestra
1643Haydn, MichaelSymphony in C major, Symphony in E-flat major, Turkish MarchOrchestra
1851Haydn, MichaelSerenade in D (Perger 87)Orchestra
1651Henriques, Fini
Suite for oboe and strings Op.13Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1719Henschel, George
Music to Shakespeare's Hamlet, Op. 50, Incidental Music
1880Henschel, George Serenade für Streich-Orchester in Canonform, Op. 23String Orchestra
1574Herbert, VictorSerenade for String Orchestra Op. 12String Orchestra
1754Herbert, VictorIrish Rhapsodie for orchestraOrchestra
865Hérold, FerdinandZampa, ou La Fiancée de Marbre OvertureOrchestra
861Herzogenberg, Heinrich vonQuintet for Piano and String Quartet in C Op. 17Chamber Music
1240Hiller, FerdinandPiano Concerto in F-sharp minor Op. 69Keyboard & Orchestra
1041Hoffmann, E.T.A.Harp Quintet in C minor AV 25 (Full Score)Chamber Music
1041bHoffmann, E.T.A.Harp Quintet in C minor (Set of parts)Chamber Music
1589Hoffmann, E.T.A.Symphony in E flatOrchestra
1727bHoffmann, E.T.A.Miserere (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1727Hoffmann, E.T.A.Miserere (Full Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
2034Hoffmann, E.T.A.Die Lustigen Musikanten (with German libretto in two volumes)Opera
2040Hoffmann, E.T.A.Undine (in two volumes with German libretto)Opera
2043Hoffmann, E.T.A.Aurora (in two volumes with German libretto)Opera
268Hofmann, Heinrich Ungarische Suite (Hungarian Suite) Op. 16 for orchestraOrchestra
1614Hofmann, Heinrich “Frithjof” SymphonyOrchestra
1910Hollaender, GustavViolin Concerto in G minor, Op.52Violin & Orchestra
609Holst, GustavTwo Songs without Words / Brook Green Suite / St. Paul's SuiteOrchestra
610Holst, GustavBeni Mora / A Somerset Rhapsody Op. 21 for orchestraOrchestra
973Holst, GustavA Fugal Overture Op. 40/1 for orchestraOrchestra
992Holst, GustavEgdon Heath Op. 47 for orchestraOrchestra
993Holst, GustavBallet Music from "The Perfect Fool"Orchestra
1007Holst, GustavA Fugal Concerto Op. 40 No.2 for flute & oboe (or 2 violins) & string orchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1047Holst, GustavTwo Psalms for chorus, string orchestra and organ Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1084Holst, GustavThe Lure. Ballet Music for orchestraOrchestra
1085Holst, GustavSong of the Night for violin and orchestra Op. 19 No.1Violin & Orchestra
1101Holst, GustavJapanese Suite Op. 33 for orchestraOrchestra
1108Holst, GustavSuite de Ballet Op. 10 for orchestraOrchestra
1159Holst, GustavShort Festival Te DeumChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1172Holst, GustavInvocation for Cello & OrchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1184Holst, GustavSuite No. 2 in F Op. 28/2 for military bandOrchestra
1505bHolst, GustavHymn of Jesus Op. 37 (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1505Holst, GustavHymn of Jesus Op. 37 (Full Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1546Holst, GustavTerzetto for Flute, Oboe and Viola (Score and parts)Chamber Music
1547Holst, GustavLyric Movement for viola and orchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1871Holst, GustavA Moorside Suite, arranged for small orchestra by Phillip Brookes (first print)Orchestra
1421Holst, Gustav / arr. Brookes, PhillipSuite No. 2 in F Op.28/2 (A Hampshire Suite) arranged for small orchestra by Phillip BrookesOrchestra
1153Holst, Gustav / Brookes, PhillipSuite No. 1 in E-flat Op. 28/1 (Version for military band & version for small orchestra, arranged by Phillip Brookes)Orchestra
190Honegger, Arthur Skating Rink (Symphonie choréographique)Orchestra
522Hoof, Jef vanSinfonietta voor Koper (Sinfonietta for brass instruments)Wind Orchestra
523Hoof, Jef vanDivertimento for trombone and orchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
542Hoof, Jef vanSymfonie No. 1 in AOrchestra
2508Hoof, Jef vanMissa de Angelis ad duos voces cum organoChoir/Voice & Instrument(s)
2526Hoof, Jef vanSymphony no. 3 in E flat major (extra large size, first print)Orchestra
2516Hoof, Jef Van Symfonie nr. 2 in As (first print)Orchestra
2530Hoof, Jef van Symfonie nr. 4 in H, First print (extra large size) Orchestra
2514Hooghe, Clement d'Romantisch concerto for piano, organ and orchestra, Op. 175Keyboard & Orchestra
654Horneman, Christian Frederik Emil Helteliv (A Hero’s Life) Ouverture héroïqueOrchestra
974Horneman, Christian Frederik Emil Aladdin OvertureOrchestra
318Huber, HansSymphony No. 2 in E minor Op. 115Orchestra
628Huber, HansRömischer Carneval (Roman Carnival) OvertureOrchestra
1124Huber, HansSymphony No. 7 in D minor "Schweizerische" (The Swiss)Orchestra
1369Huber, HansSommernächte (Summer Nights) Serenade No. 1 Op. 86 for orchestraOrchestra
1396Huber, HansPiano Quintet in G minor Op. 111 (score and parts)Chamber Music
1431Huber, HansViolin Concerto No. 2 in D minor (First edition)Violin & Orchestra
1527Huber, HansSextet in B flat for piano, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn (score and parts)Chamber Music
1581Huber, HansPiano Concerto No. 1 in C minor Op. 36Keyboard & Orchestra
117Huber, Hans Symphony No. 3 in C Op. 118 "Heroische" (Heroic)Orchestra
278Huber, Hans Symphony No. 6 in A Op. 134Orchestra
1587Huber, Hans Symphonic Introduction to the Opera "Der Simplicius"

1608Huber, Hans Overture to a Comedy in E major Op. 50Overture
509Huberti, GustaveSymphonie funèbreOrchestra
219Humperdinck, Engelbert Maurische Rhapsodie (Moorish Rhapsody) for orchestraOrchestra
468Hurlstone, William Martin YeatesFantasie-Variations on a Swedish Air for orchestraOrchestra
1061Hurlstone, William Martin YeatesPiano Quartet in E minor Op. 43Chamber Music
1939Hvoslef, KetilConcerto for Violin and Pop Band (Solo Violin, E-Guitar, Piano, E-Piano, E-Organ, Drum Set, E-Bass / score and parts / first print)Violin & Orchestra
1867Hvoslef, Ketil »Duo Due« per violino e violoncello (first edition / score & parts)Chamber Music
1891Hvoslef, Ketil Erkejubel for brass quartet, synthesizer and percussion (score and parts) first print Miscellaneous
1906Hvoslef, Ketil »Canis lagopus« for String Quintet and Percussion (first edition / score and parts)Chamber Music
263Indy, Vincent d'Symphony No. 2 in B-flat Op. 57Orchestra
352Indy, Vincent d'La Forêt enchantée Op. 8 (Légende symphonique)Orchestra
399Indy, Vincent d'Istar Op. 42 (Variations symphoniques)Orchestra
470Indy, Vincent d'Jour d'été à la Montagne Op. 61 for orchestraOrchestra
633Indy, Vincent d'Souvenirs Op. 62 for orchestraOrchestra
846Indy, Vincent d'String Quartet No. 3 in D-flat Op. 96 (Full Score)Chamber Music
846bIndy, Vincent d'String Quartet No. 3 in D-flat Op. 96 (parts)Chamber Music
878Indy, Vincent d'Chansons et Danses Op. 50 for wind instrumentsChamber Music
890Indy, Vincent d'Lied for Cello (or Viola) & Orchestra Op. 19Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1201Indy, Vincent d'String Quartet No. 1 in D Op. 35Chamber Music
1214Indy, Vincent d'Piano Quintet in G minor Op. 81 (score & parts)Chamber Music
1350Indy, Vincent d'Saugefleurie Op. 21 for orchestraOrchestra
1352Indy, Vincent d'Fantaisie pour orchestre et hautbois principal sur des thèmes populaires français Op. 31Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1446Indy, Vincent d'Karadec. Petite Suite Op. 34 for orchestra
2022Indy, Vincent d'Fervaal Op. 40 (in two volumes with French libretto)Opera
855bIndy, Vincent d' String Quartet No.2 in E major Op.45 (parts)Chamber Music
1720Indy, Vincent d' Médée Suite for orchestra op. 47Orchestra
1735Indy, Vincent d' Concert pour Piano, Flûte et Violoncelle avec Orchestre à cordes Op. 89Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1780Indy, Vincent d' Poème de Rivages, Orchestral SuiteOrchestra
1629Indy, Vincent d`Diptyque méditerranéen, Op. 87 for orchestra
446Indy, Vincent d´Tableaux de voyage Op. 36 for orchestraOrchestra
744Indy, Vincent d´Suite en ré dans le style ancien Op. 24 for small orchestraOrchestra
804Indy, Vincent d´Wallenstein. Trilogie d'après le poème dramatique de Schiller Op. 12 for orchestraOrchestra
855Indy, Vincent d´String Quartet No. 2 in E Op. 45 (Full Score)Chamber Music
995Indy, Vincent d´Fervaal - Introduction du 1er ActeOrchestra
627Ippolitov-Ivanov, Mikhail MikhailovichCaucasian Sketches for orchestra, Vol. 1 Op. 10Orchestra
632Ippolitov-Ivanov, Mikhail MikhailovichCaucasian Sketches for orchestra, Vol. 2: Iveria Op. 42Orchestra
1193Ippolitov-Ivanov, Mikhail MikhailovichJubilee March Op. 67Orchestra
1508Ippolitov-Ivanov, Mikhail MikhailovichTürkische Fragmente (Turkish Sketches) Op. 62 for orchestraOrchestra
894Jadassohn, SalomonSerenade No. 1 in 4 Canons in G minor Op. 42 for orchestra, Serenade No. 2 in D Op. 46 for orchestra, Serenade for Flute and String Orchestra Op. 80Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1750Jadassohn, SalomonSymphony No.4 in C minor Op 101Orchestra
729Janacek, LeosBalada Blanicka (Blanik) for orchestraOrchestra
837Janacek, LeosIdyll for string orchestraString Orchestra
857Janacek, LeosMoravian Dances (Mährische Tänze)Orchestra
866Janacek, LeosCapriccio for piano and wind instrumentsSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
986Janacek, LeosConcertino for piano, 2 violins, viola, clarinet, horn & bassoonChamber Music
994Janacek, LeosThe Fiddler’s Child for orchestraOrchestra
998Janacek, LeosOtčenáš (Our Father / Vater unser) for choir & ensembleChoir/Voice & Instrument(s)
1261Janacek, LeosJealousy (Concert Overture)Orchestra
1916Janacek, LeosNa Soláni Čarták for male chorus and orchestra (1911, revised 1920)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1687Joachim, JosephHamlet Overture in D minor, op. 4 for orchestraOrchestra
1788Joachim, JosephViolin Concerto No.3 in G MajorViolin & Orchestra
1815Joachim, JosephVariations for Violin with Orchestral AccompanimentViolin & Orchestra
1869Joachim, JosephViolinkonzert in d-Moll Op.11Violin & Orchestra
1787Joachim, Joseph Elegiac Overture Op. 13 “In memoriam Heinrich von Kleist” for orchestraOrchestra
1788bJoachim, Joseph Violin Concerto No.3 in G Major (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
1319bJuon, PaulViolin Concerto No. 2 in A Op. 49 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
1495Juon, PaulTriple Concerto (Episodes concertantes) for violin, cello and piano with orchestra Op. 45
Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1495bJuon, PaulTriple Concerto (Episodes concertantes) for violin, cello and piano with orchestra Op. 45 (Piano Reduction/2 Solo Parts) Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1553bJuon, PaulBurletta. Concert piece for violin and orchestra Op. 97 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
1553Juon, PaulBurletta. Concert piece for violin and orchestra Op. 97Violin & Orchestra
1781Juon, PaulSymphony No. 2 in A major, Op. 23Orchestra
1057Juon, Paul Fünf Stücke (Five Pieces) Op. 16 for string orchestraString Orchestra
1319Juon, Paul Violin Concerto No. 2 in A Op. 49Violin & Orchestra
1474Juon, Paul Rhapsodische Sinfonie (Rhapsodic Symphony) Op. 95Orchestra
322Kalinnikov, VasilySymphony No. 2 in AOrchestra
670Kalinnikov, VasilyBilina / Two Intermezzi / The Cedar and the Palm (Orchestral Works)Orchestra
671Kalinnikov, VasilyTsar Boris for orchestraOrchestra
672Kalinnikov, VasilySuite in D for orchestraOrchestra
1033Kalinnikov, VasilyThe Nymphs for orchestraOrchestra
226Kalinnikov, Vasily Symphony No. 1 in G minorOrchestra
1636Kaminski, HeinrichDer 69. Psalm for choir and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1945Kaminski, Heinrich Double Fugue for String Orchestra (first print)String Orchestra
145Kaminski, Heinrich Concerto grosso for double orchestra with pianoOrchestra
146Kaminski, Heinrich Dorische Musik (Doric Music) for orchestraOrchestra
161a/bKaminski, Heinrich String Quintet in F-sharp minor (versions 1916 and 1927 / in 2 volumes)Chamber Music
161cKaminski, Heinrich Werk für Streichorchester (Work for String Orchestra) after the String Quintet in F-sharp minorString Orchestra
167Kaminski, Heinrich Introitus & Hymnus for soprano, contralto, baritone, string trio, orchestra & small mixed choirChoir/Voice & Orchestra
169Kaminski, Heinrich "Musik zur Passion" for soprano, tenor, mixed choir and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
175Kaminski, Heinrich Magnificat for soprano, viola, orchestra and small choirChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1923Kaminski, Heinrich Quintet for clarinet, horn, violin, viola and cello (small size landscape format)Chamber Music
293Karlowicz, MieczyslawViolin Concerto in A Op. 8Violin & Orchestra
421Karlowicz, MieczyslawOdwieczne piesni (Eternal Songs for orchestra) Op. 10Orchestra
422Karlowicz, MieczyslawRapsodia litewska (Lithuanian Rhapsody) Op. 11 for orchestraOrchestra
426Karlowicz, MieczyslawSmutna opowiesz (Préludes à l’éternité) Op. 13 for orchestraOrchestra
1045Karlowicz, MieczyslawSerenade in C Op. 2 for string orchestraString Orchestra
1137Karlowicz, MieczyslawStanislaw i Anna Oswiecimowie. Symphonic poem Op. 12Orchestra
1170Karlowicz, MieczyslawBianka z Moleny Op. 6 for orchestraOrchestra
1254Karlowicz, MieczyslawPowracajace fale (Returning Waves) Symphonic Poem Op. 9Orchestra
293bKarlowicz, Mieczyslaw Violin Concerto in A Op. 8 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
980Kaun, HugoMaria Magdalena. Symphonic Poem Op. 44Orchestra
997Kaun, HugoPiano Quintet in F minor Op. 39 (score and parts)Chamber Music
1103Kaun, HugoOctet in F Op. 34 (Full Score)Chamber Music
1103bKaun, HugoOctet in F, Op. 34 (Parts)Chamber Music
1554Kaun, HugoSymphony No. 3 in E minor Op. 96Orchestra
1493Kaun, Hugo Symphony No. 1 in D minor Op. 22 “An mein Vaterland”Orchestra
1517Kelly, FrederickElegy (in memoriam Rupert Brooke) for string orchestra & harpSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
2529Kennis, Willem GommaarTe Deum (Performance Score / first print)Choir/Voice & Instrument(s)
2531Kennis, Willem GommaarSalve regina (first print)Choir/Voice & Instrument(s)
2532Kennis, Willem GommaarMagnificat (Performance Score) first printChoir/Voice & Instrument(s)
544Kersters, WillemSymphony No. 4 Gezellesinfonie opus 71 (with verses by Guido Gezelle set for alto solo & orchestra, incl. piano score of the songs)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
545Kersters, WillemSerenade Op. 68 for orchestraOrchestra
563Keurvels, EdwardKinderideaal (Child’s Ideal), a little love poem for cello & orchestraOrchestra
1022Kiel, FriedrichPiano Quintet No. 2 in C minor Op. 76Chamber Music
1377Kiel, FriedrichRequiem in F minor for solo, chorus and orchestra Op. 20Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1635Kiel, FriedrichRequiem in A flat major for solo, chorus and orchestra op.80Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1635bKiel, Friedrich Requiem in A flat major for solo, chorus and orchestra op.80 (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
2054Kienzl, Wilhelm Der Evangelimann, Op. 45 (with German libretto)Opera
249Kirchner, Theodor /orch. Schulz-Beuthen, Heinrich"Polonaise, Gavotte, Ungarisch" for orchestraOrchestra
465Klenau, Paul August vonPaolo & Francesca (Symphonic Poem)Orchestra
1355Klose, FriedrichElfenreigen for orchestraOrchestra
1626Klose, FriedrichMass in D minor for solo voices, chorus, orchestra and organChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1695Klose, FriedrichDer Sonne-Geist, Mythic oratrio for soli, choirs, orchestra and organChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1711Klose, FriedrichDas Leben ein Traum for orchestraOrchestra
1744Klose, FriedrichPrelude and Fugue for organ, 4 trumpets, and 4 trombones
1749Klose, FriedrichElegie Op. 7 for violin (or viola) with accompanying pianoforte (score and violin/viola part)
Chamber Music
378Klughardt, AugustConcertstück for oboe and orchestra Op. 18Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
244Klughardt, August Cello Concerto in A minor Op. 59Keyboard & Orchestra
1742Klughardt, August Symphony No. 4 in C minor, op. 57Orchestra
1900Klughardt, August Symphony No. 3 in D major, op. 37Orchestra
302Konoye, HidemaroEtenraku for orchestraOrchestra
384Korngold, Erich WolfgangDer Schneemann (Ballet Pantomime) for orchestra (orch. with the help of Zemlinsky)Orchestra
410Krása, HansSymphony for contralto and small orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1218Kraus, J.M.Symphony in C minorOrchestra
012Krenek, ErnstJonny spielt aufOpera
013Krenek, ErnstKarl VOpera
036Krenek, ErnstThe Dictator (Der Diktator)Opera
044Krenek, ErnstDer Sprung über den SchattenOpera
045Krenek, ErnstDas geheime Königreich Op. 50Opera
046Krenek, ErnstSchwergewicht oder Die Ehre der Nation Op. 55Opera
466Krenek, ErnstPiano Concerto No. 1 Op. 18Keyboard & Orchestra
474Krenek, ErnstReisetagebuch aus den Österreichischen Alpen Op. 62 (8 Songs for voice and orchestra)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
481Krenek, ErnstPiano Concerto No. 2 (1937)Keyboard & Orchestra
848Krenek, ErnstConcerto Grosso No. 2 Op. 25Orchestra
1878Krenek, ErnstSymphonic Music for 9 Solo Instruments, Op. 11 (for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and strings)Chamber Music
185Krenek, Ernst Symphony No. 2 Op. 12Orchestra
222Krenek, Ernst Symphony No. 1 Op. 7Orchestra
401Krenek, Ernst Symphony for wind instruments and percussion Op. 34Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
742Kreutzer, ConradinDas Nachtlager in Granada OvertureOverture
1090Kuhlau, FriederichElverhøj Overture Op. 100Orchestra
1810Kuhlau, FriederichWilliam Shakespeare Op. 74, Overture to the incidental musicOverture
1648Kuula, ToivoEteläpohjalainen kansanlaulu (South Ostrobothnian Folk Song for string orchestra / Second Movement from ‚South Ostrobothnian Suite’ No. 1 op. 9 / first printed edition, prepared from the manuscript by Lucian Beschiu)

String Orchestra
274Kuula, Toivo Piano Trio in A Op. 7Chamber Music
442bLachner, FranzRequiem Op. 146 (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
442Lachner, FranzRequiem Op. 146Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1145Lachner, FranzSymphony No. 6 in D Op. 56Orchestra
1187Lachner, FranzSuite No. 2 in E minor Op. 115 for orchestraOrchestra
1922Lachner, FranzBall-Suite for orchestra, Op. 170Orchestra
011Lalo, EdouardLe Roi d’YsOpera
618Lalo, EdouardSymphony in G minorOrchestra
880Lalo, EdouardIntroduction et Scherzo pour violon et orchestreViolin & Orchestra
1093Lalo, EdouardOverture to the opera "Fiesque"Overture
1167Lalo, EdouardNamouna. Ballet Suites Nos.1 & 2Orchestra
1518Lalo, Edouard"Arlequin, musique de Carnaval" for orchestraOrchestra
104Lalo, Edouard Rapsodie pour orchestre "Rapsodie norvégienne"Orchestra
229Lalo, Edouard Cello Concerto in D minorKeyboard & Orchestra
271Lalo, Edouard Divertissement pour orchestreOrchestra
390Lalo, Edouard Scherzo pour orchestreOrchestra
630bLalo, Edouard Piano Concerto in F minor (Piano Reduction for 2 pianos, 2 copies) Keyboard & Orchestra
630Lalo, Edouard Piano Concerto in F minorKeyboard & Orchestra
1808Lalo, EduardConcerto en fa pour violon et orchestre Op. 20Violin & Orchestra
1650Lanner, JosephWaltzes and LändlerOrchestra
186Larsson, Lars-Erik Sinfonietta Op. 10 & Little Serenade Op. 12 for string orchestraString Orchestra
191Larsson, Lars-Erik Divertimento for small orchestra Op. 15Orchestra
701Lassen, Eduard"Beethoven-Ouvertüre"Orchestra
1655Lassen, EduardFestive Overture for full orchestra Op. 51Orchestra
1307Leigh, WalterA Midsummer Night‘s Dream (Sommernachtstraum) Suite for small orchestraOrchestra
1404Leigh, WalterConcertino for Harpsichord (or Piano) and StringsKeyboard & Orchestra
1490Leigh, WalterMusic for String OrchestraString Orchestra
891Lekeu, GuillaumeFantaisie pour orchestre sur deux Airs Populaires AngevinsOrchestra
235Lekeu, Guillaume Adagio pour quatuor d'orchestre (for string orchestra)String Orchestra
1902Leoncavallo, RuggeroTarantella pour OrchestreOrchestra
2060Liebermann, RolfSchule der Frauen (In two volumes with German libretto)Opera
1907Linley the younger, ThomasOde on the Spirits of Shakespeare or Lyric Ode on the Fairies, Aerial Beings and Witches of Shakespeare Choir/Voice & Instrument(s)
172Lipatti, Dinu Concertino en style classique Op. 3 for piano and small orchestraKeyboard & Orchestra
737Liszt, FranzTrois odes funèbres for orchestraOrchestra
782Liszt, FranzPsalm XIII for tenor, mixed chorus and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
782bLiszt, FranzPsalm XIII for tenor, mixed chorus and orchestra (Vocal Score / German text)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
835Liszt, FranzFantasie über Ungarische Volksmelodien (Fantasy on Hungarian Folk Melodies) for piano & orchestraKeyboard & Orchestra
1029Liszt, FranzHungarian Rhapsody No. 1 for orchestraOrchestra
1039Liszt, FranzDie Legende von der heiligen Elisabeth (The Legend of Saint Elizabeth, oratorio)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1123Liszt, FranzFestmarsch (Festive March for Goethe's Jubilee Celebration) / Huldigungsmarsch (Homage March)Orchestra
1180Liszt, FranzCantico del sol di San Francesco d'Assisi for baritone, male chorus, organ and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1930Liszt, FranzMiscellaneous Works for Orchestra: Fest-Vorspiel / Künstlerfestzug zur Schiller-Feier 1859 / Festmarsch zur Goethe-Jubiläum-Feier / Huldigungsmarsch / Vom Fels zum Meer (Deutscher Sieges-Marsch) / Ungarischer Sturmmarsch / Die Toten (Funeral Ode for orchestra and male choir) / Die NachtOrchestra
1903Liszt, Franz / arr. Doppler, FranzHungarian Rhapsody No. 5 in E minor for orchestraOrchestra
1273Litolff, HenryDas Welfenlied (Song of the Welfs) Concert Overture Op. 99Orchestra
802Loeffler, Charles MartinA Pagan Poem (after Virgil) for orchestraKeyboard & Orchestra
854Loeffler, Charles MartinCanticum Fratris Solis (Francesco d’Assisi’s Canticle of the Sun) for voice & chamber orchestraOrchestra
859Loeffler, Charles MartinLa Villanelle du Diable Op. 9. Symphonic Fantasy for large orchestra & organOrchestra
1107Loeffler, Charles MartinLa Morte de Tintagiles Op. 6 for viola da gamba & orchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1863Lortzing , Albert Yelva ou l’Orpheline russe (LoWV 24), OvertureOrchestra
008Lortzing, AlbertDer WildschützOpera
016Lortzing, AlbertZar und ZimmermannOpera
020Lortzing, AlbertUndineOpera
039Lortzing, AlbertDer WaffenschmiedOpera
063Lortzing, AlbertDie OpernprobeOpera
1331Lortzing, AlbertAndreas Hofer OvertureOverture
1545Lotti, AntonioDies Irae per soli, coro, 2 oboe, 2 trombone, organo e archiChoir/Voice & Orchestra
938Lully, Jean BaptisteMisere Mei Deus (Motet for choir & orchestra)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
082Lully, Jean-BaptisteLe Bourgeois gentilhommeOpera
911Lully, Jean-BaptisteThree Grands Motets: Plaude laetare Gallia / Te Deum / Dies irae (for choir and orchestra)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
684Lully, Rameau, Grétry / orch. Mottl, FelixFrench Ballet Music of the 17th and 18th Centuries by Rameau, Grétry and Lully (arrangements for orchestra) Orchestra
646Lyadov, AnatolyMazurka Op. 19 for orchestraOrchestra
647Lyadov, AnatolyBaba-Yaga Op. 56, Le lac enchantée Op. 62, Kikimora Op. 63Orchestra
658Lyadov, AnatolyEight Russian Folk Songs Op. 58 for orchestraOrchestra
738Lyadov, AnatolyOf Olden Times Op. 21b for orchestraOrchestra
739Lyadov, AnatolyIntermezzo Op. 8 for orchestraOrchestra
740Lyadov, AnatolyScherzo No.1 Op. 16 for orchestraOrchestra
745Lyadov, AnatolyA Musical Snuff-Box (Eine musikalische Schnupftabakdose) Op. 32 for orchestraOrchestra
746Lyadov, AnatolyPolonaises Opp. 49 & 55 for orchestraOrchestra
754Lyadov, AnatolyA Fragment from the Apocalypse Op. 66 for orchestraOrchestra
1132Lyadov, AnatolyDance of the Amazons Op. 65 for orchestraOrchestra
1133Lyadov, AnatolyNenie Op. 67 for orchestraOrchestra
705bLyapunov, Sergey Mikhaylovic Rhapsody on Ukrainian Themes for piano and orchestra Op. 28 (Piano Reduction for 2 pianos, 2 copies)Keyboard & Orchestra
705Lyapunov, Sergey MikhaylovichRhapsody on Ukrainian Themes for piano and orchestra Op. 28Keyboard & Orchestra
956Lyapunov, Sergey MikhaylovichViolin Concerto in D minor Op. 61Violin & Orchestra
977Lyapunov, Sergey MikhaylovichSymphony No. 1 in B minor Op. 12Orchestra
1082Lyapunov, Sergey MikhaylovichSymphony No. 2 Op. 66Orchestra
1628Lyapunov, Sergey MikhaylovichPiano Concerto No. 1 in E flat minor, Op. 4 Keyboard & Orchestra
1785bLyapunov, Sergey MikhaylovichSecond Piano Concerto in E major, Op. 38 (Piano Reduction for 2 pianos, 2 copies)Keyboard & Orchestra
1785Lyapunov, Sergey MikhaylovichSecond Piano Concerto in E major, Op. 38Keyboard & Orchestra
693MacCunn, HamishThe Land of the Mountain and the Flood. Concert Overture Op. 3Orchestra
1142MacCunn, HamishThe Dowie Dens o'Yarrow for orchestraOrchestra
1150MacCunn, HamishThe Ship o' the Fiend for orchestraOrchestra
607bMacDowell, EdwardPiano Concerto No. 1 in A minor Op. 15 (Piano Reduction for 2 pianos, 2 copies)Keyboard & Orchestra
607MacDowell, EdwardPiano Concerto No. 1 in A minor Op. 15Keyboard & Orchestra
976MacDowell, EdwardHamlet/Ophelia for large orchestra Op. 22Orchestra
213MacDowell, Edward Suite No. 1 for orchestra Op. 42Orchestra
386MacDowell, Edward Second Suite (Indian) Op. 48 for orchestraOrchestra
459bMacDowell, Edward Piano Concerto No. 2 in D minor Op. 23 (Piano Reduction for 2 pianos, 2 copies)Keyboard & Orchestra
459MacDowell, Edward Piano Concerto No. 2 in D minor Op. 23Keyboard & Orchestra
680MacDowell, Edward Lamia Op. 29 for orchestraOrchestra
1632MacDowell, Edward Die Sarazenen & Die schöne Aldâ, Op.30 for orchestraOrchestra
808Mackenzie, Alexander CampbellViolin Concerto in C-sharp minor Op. 32Violin & Orchestra
1054Mackenzie, Alexander CampbellCanadian Rhapsody for orchestraOrchestra
1807Mackenzie, Alexander CampbellRhapsodie Écossaise for orchestraOrchestra
652Magnard, AlbéricSuite d’orchestre dans le style ancien Op. 2Orchestra
663Magnard, AlbéricSymphony No. 4 in C-sharp minor op. 21Orchestra
665Magnard, AlbéricChant funèbre Op. 9 for orchestraOrchestra
681Magnard, AlbéricHymne à la Justice Op. 14 for orchestraOrchestra
1032Magnard, AlbéricSymphony No. 2 in E Op. 6Orchestra
1656Magnard, AlbéricQuintette en ré mineur pour flûte, hautbois, clarinette, basson et piano op. 8 (score and parts)Chamber Music
1658Magnard, AlbéricQuatuor à cordes en mi mineur Op. 16 (score and parts)Chamber Music
1659Magnard, AlbéricPromenades. Pièces pour le piano Op. 7Solo Instrument
138Magnard, Albéric Symphony No. 3 in B-flat minor Op. 11Orchestra
1649Magnard, Albéric Trio en fa mineur pour violon, violoncelle et piano op. 18 (score and parts)Chamber Music
1657Magnard, Albéric Sonate en la majeur pour violoncelle et piano op. 20 (Full Score)Chamber Music
1660Magnard, Albéric Sonate en sol majeur pour violon et piano op. 13 (Full Score)Chamber Music
1165Mahler, GustavBlumine. Symphonic MovementOrchestra
569Mailly, AlphonseOrgan SonataSolo Instrument
1412Major, GyulaBalaton Op. 55 for orchestraOrchestra
1904Major, GyulaConcerto symphonique for piano and orchestra, op. 12Keyboard & Orchestra
1182Malipiero, Gian FrancescoSinfonia del Mare for orchestraOrchestra
002Marschner, HeinrichHans HeilingOpera
1255Marteau, HenriString Quartet No. 3 in C Op. 17 (Score and parts)Chamber Music
1789Marteau, HenriConcerto in B-flat major for Violoncello and Orchestra, op. 7Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
2058Martin, FrankDer Sturm (The Tempest) / in three volumes with German librettoOpera
325Martin, FrankDer Cornet (R. M. Rilke) for contralto and chamber orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
327Martin, FrankConcerto for clavecin (harpsichord) & small orchestra (1951-52)Keyboard & Orchestra
328Martin, FrankSechs Monologe (Six Monologues) from "Jedermann" (H. v. Hofmannsthal) for baritone (or alto) & orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
329Martin, FrankPiano Concerto No. 1 (1933-34)Keyboard & Orchestra
330Martin, FrankPiano Concerto No. 2 (1968-69)Keyboard & Orchestra
340Martin, FrankGolgotha (Passion Oratorio)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
349Martin, FrankBallad for trombone and orchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
350Martin, FrankTrois Danses for oboe, harp, string quintet and string orchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
359Martin, FrankMaria-Triptychon for soprano, violin and orchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
360Martin, FrankPolyptyque for violin and two small string orchestrasViolin & Orchestra
363Martin, FrankErasmi Monumentum for organ and orchestraKeyboard & Orchestra
370Martin, FrankBallade for viola, wind orchestra, cembalo and harpSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
382Martin, FrankLe Mystère de la Nativité (Christmas Oratorio)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
425Martin, FrankBallade pour piano et orchestreKeyboard & Orchestra
461Martin, FrankViolin Concerto (1950-51))Violin & Orchestra
464Martin, FrankConcerto pour violoncelle et orchestre (1965-67)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
469Martin, FrankBallade for cello and small orchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
479Martin, FrankGuitare for orchestra (1934) (Full Score)Orchestra
1840Martin, FrankSuite from the Opera Der Sturm (The Tempest) for Baritone (Prospero) and OrchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1859Martin, FrankLa Danse de la peur pour deux pianos et petit orchestre (from the ballet score Die blaue Blume)Keyboard & Orchestra
1879Martin, FrankOuverture en Hommage à MozartOrchestra
475Martin, Frank / orch. Ansermet, ErnestBallade for flute and orchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
689Martinaityte, ZibuoklePerpetual Pulsing Transience for orchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
287Martucci, GiuseppeSymphony No. 2 in F Op. 81Orchestra
348Martucci, GiuseppePiano Concerto No. 2 Op. 66Keyboard & Orchestra
969Martucci, GiuseppeLa Canzone dei Ricordi for voice and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
978Martucci, GiuseppeNotturno Op. 70 & Novelletta Op. 82 for orchestraOrchestra
979Martucci, GiuseppePiano Quintet in C Op. 45 (Full Score)Chamber Music
979bMartucci, GiuseppePiano Quintet in C, Op. 45 (Parts)Chamber Music
1269Martucci, GiuseppeMomento musicale e Minuetto for string quartet (score and parts)Chamber Music
262Martucci, Giuseppe Symphony No. 1 in D minor Op. 75Orchestra
297Marx, JosephRomantisches KlavierkonzertKeyboard & Orchestra
429Marx, JosephIdylle (Idyll for orchestra, 1925)Orchestra
635Marx, JosephEine Herbstsymphonie (An Autumn Symphony)Orchestra
790Massenet, JulesEsclarmonde. Suite pour OrchestreOrchestra
803Massenet, JulesPhèdre: Ouverture, Entr'actes et Musique de ScèneOrchestra
1019Massenet, JulesScènes pittoresques for orchestraOrchestra
1077Massenet, JulesLes Rosati. Divertissement pour orchestreOrchestra
1231Massenet, JulesLe Roman d'Arlequin. Orchestral SuiteOrchestra
1454Massenet, JulesParade militaire for orchestraOrchestra
1535Massenet, JulesLe Cid OvertureOrchestra
1539Massenet, JulesScènes dramatiques. Suite No. 3 for orchestraOrchestra
1633Massenet, JulesRoma (Overture) for orchestraOrchestra
2025Massenet, JulesLa Navarraise (with French libretto)Opera
2030Massenet, JulesCléopâtre (with French libretto)Opera
007Méhul, Etienne NicolasJosephOpera
1284Méhul, Etienne NicolasSymphony No. 2 in DOrchestra
1305Méhul, Etienne NicolasLe Trésor Supposé. Overture to the play by François-Benoît HoffmanOrchestra
2018Méhul, Etienne NicolasUthalOpera
947Mendelssohn Bartholdy, FelixSinfonia Nr. 8b in D (Version with wind instruments)Orchestra
1274Mendelssohn Bartholdy, FelixOuverture für Harmoniemusik, Op. 24 / Trauermarsch zum Begräbnis Norbert Burgmüllers für Harmoniemusik in A Minor, Op. 103
Wind Orchestra
1438Mendelssohn Bartholdy, FelixConcerto for Violin and String Orchestra in D minor (First and second versions)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
197Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix Trauermarsch (Funeral March) Op. 103 (2 versions: original for wind orchestra / version for symphony orchestra)Orchestra
261Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix Scherzo from the Octet (version for orchestra)Orchestra
358bMendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix Die erste Walpurgisnacht Op. 60 (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
358Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix Die erste Walpurgisnacht Op. 60 (Full Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
366Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix Oedipus auf Kolonos Op. 93 (stage music)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
367bMendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix Antigone Op. 55 (stage music) - (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
367Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix Antigone Op. 55 (stage music)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
372Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix Athalia Op. 74 (stage music)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
026Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, FelixDie Hochzeit des Camacho (Camacho’s Wedding)Opera
098Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, FelixDie Loreley Op. 98Opera
1390Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, FelixConcerto No. 1 for 2 Pianos & Orchestra in ESolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1397Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, FelixConcerto No. 2 for 2 Pianos & Orchestra in A-flatKeyboard & Orchestra
2009Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, FelixHeimkehr aus der Fremde Op. 89Opera
2021Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, FelixDie beiden Pädagogen (with German libretto)Opera
1171Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix Overture in C "Trumpet Overture" Op. 101Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1005Mendelssohn, ArnoldDie Leiden des Herrn Op. 13 / Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu Dir Op. 54 / Auf meinen lieben Gott Op. 61A Cappella
1055Mendelssohn, ArnoldSuite for wind & percussion instruments Op. 62, Suite for small orchestra after piano pieces by MozartOrchestra
1139Mendelssohn, ArnoldViolin Concerto Op. 88Violin & Orchestra
533Mengal, Martin-JosephOctuors for six horns and two trombonesChamber Music
1280Menter, Sophie / arr. Tschaikowsky, Peter Ungarische Zigeunerlieder (Hungarian Gypsy Songs) for Piano and OrchestraKeyboard & Orchestra
532Meulemans , ArthurSymphony No. 4 in A for winds & percussionOrchestra
503Meulemans, ArthurPlinius’ Fontein for orchestraOrchestra
515Meulemans, ArthurStadspark (City Park), Scherzo with Prelude for orchestraOrchestra
530Meulemans, ArthurPiano Concerto No. 1Keyboard & Orchestra
538Meulemans, ArthurSymphony No. 2 in COrchestra
541Meulemans, ArthurSymphony No. 7 'Zwaneven, een heidesymfonie' (Swan Moor, a Heath Symphony)Orchestra
543Meulemans, ArthurSea Symphony for full orchestraOrchestra
546Meulemans, ArthurSymphony No. 3 "Symphony of the Firs"Orchestra
547Meulemans, ArthurSymphony No. 13 "Rembrandt Symphony"Orchestra
587Meulemans, ArthurEgmont (Overture to the Final Scene)Overture
050Meyerbeer, GiacomoDinorah ou le Pardon de Ploermel (in two volumes)Opera
1484Meyerbeer, GiacomoFestmarsch (March celebrating the Centennial of the Birth of Schiller) for orchestraOrchestra
1662Meyerbeer, GiacomoFackeltanz No. 3 in C minor for orchestraOrchestra
157Meyerbeer, Giacomo Coronation March from the opera "Le Prophète"Orchestra
220Milhaud, Darius Sérénade pour orchestre Op. 62Orchestra
1770bMlynarski, EmileConcerto pour Violin et orchestre op.11 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
1770Mlynarski, EmileConcerto pour Violin et orchestre op.11Violin & Orchestra
1670Molter, Johann MelchiorClarinet Concertos MWV VI/41 in A Major, MWV VI/38 in D Major, MWV VI/40 in G Major, MWV VI/39 in D Major Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
844Moniuszko, StanislawBajka OvertureOrchestra
1241Moniuszko, StanislawParia OvertureOverture
1242Moniuszko, StanislawFlis OvertureOverture
1243Moniuszko, StanislawHalka OvertureOverture
1244Moniuszko, StanislawJawnuta OvertureOverture
1245Moniuszko, StanislawVerbum nobile OvertureOverture
1271Moniuszko, Stanislaw5 Overtures: Halka, Flis, Jawnuta, Paria, Verbum Nobile / in a slip caseOverture
1610Monteverdi, Claudio / orch. Respighi, OttorinoIl Lamento d’Arianna for mezzo soprano and orchestraOrchestra
501Mortelmans, LodewykMorgenstemming (Morning Mood) for orchestraOrchestra
508Mortelmans, LodewykHomerische Symphonie (Homeric Symphony)Orchestra
1572Moszkowski, MauriceDeuxième Suite d'orchestre Op. 47Orchestra
1573bMoszkowski, MauricePiano Concerto in E major Op. 59 (Piano Reduction for 2 pianos, 2 copies)Keyboard & Orchestra
1573Moszkowski, MauricePiano Concerto in E major Op. 59Keyboard & Orchestra
863Moszkowski, MoritzMaurische Fantasie (Moorish Fantasy). Ballet music from the opera BoabdilOrchestra
1564Moszkowski, MoritzPremière Suite d’orchestre Op. 39Orchestra
1644Mottl, FelixKuss des Narcissus for choir and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1507Mozart, LeopoldConcerto for Clarino and OrchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1622Mozart, LeopoldOrchestral Works (Concerto per il Clarino solo, Sinfonia di Camera, Sinfonia burleska, Divertimento militare sive Sinfonia, Sinfonia di caccia, Die Bauernhochzeit)Orchestra
1751Mozart, LeopoldWorks for voice and orchestra (Aria for soprano „Du wahrer Mensch und Gott“, E flat Major / Aria for tenor „So straft Herodes die Verräter“ D Major / Offertorium de Sanctissimo Sacramento „Parasti cor meum“, A Major
/ Litanae de Venerabili, C Major)
Choir/Voice & Orchestra
2044Mozart, W.A.Apollo et Hyacinthus (with German libretto)Opera
968Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusSymphony in G minor K. 550 (First version without clarinets)Orchestra
1049Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusMissa Solemnis in C minor KV 427 incl. III. Credo & V. Agnus Dei (completed version, arranged and edited by Benjamin-Gunnar Cohrs)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1092Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusArias, Duets, Terzettos and Quartets with orchestra (volume 1)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1094Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusArias, Duets, Terzettos and Quartets with orchestra (volume 2)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1341Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusCanons for voices a cappellaA Cappella
1425Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusRequiem in D minor KV 626 (unfinished) new completed performance version, arranged and edited by Benjamin-Gunnar CohrsChoir/Voice & Orchestra
2049Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusAscanio in Alba (with Italian libretto)Opera
870Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus / Busoni, FerruccioConcert Suite from the music of W. A. Mozart's "Idomeneo"Orchestra
1721Muffat, GeorgFlorilegium Primum & Secundum for string quintet and Basso continuoChamber Music
1728Muffat, GeorgSix Concerti Grossi (Concerto in A major, Cor Vigilans / Concerto in G minor, Dulce somnium / Concerto in D major, Sæculum / Concerto in G, Perseverantia / Concerto in E, Delirium Amoris / Concerto in G major, Propitia Sydera)Orchestra
1873Muffat, GeorgArmonico TributoOrchestra
1798Mussorgski, Modest / arr. Rimsky-KorsakowDanse PersaneOrchestra
070Mussorgsky, ModestKhovanshchina (in two volumes with a German/Russian libretto)Opera
736Mussorgsky, ModestSt. John’s Night on Bare Mountain (Johannisnacht auf dem kahlen Berge, original version)
862Mussorgsky, ModestThe Capture of Kars. March for orchestraOrchestra
1237Myslivecek, JosefConcerto in D for Flute and OrchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1347Myslivecek, JosefSinfonia in DOrchestra
1353Myslivecek, JosefTre Notturni for 2 female voices, strings, 2 horns and 2 clarinetsChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1575Myslivecek, JosefTre otteti per due oboi, due clarinetti, due corni e due fagotti (score and parts)Chamber Music
1596Myslivecek, JosefEzio OvertureOrchestra
1602Myslivecek, JosefThree String Quintets: No.I in G major, No.II in E-flat major, No.III in C major (score and parts)Chamber Music
1637Myslivecek, JosefSix Symphonies (Sinfonia I: Antigona / Sinfonia II: Ezio / Sinfonia III: Demofoonte / Sinfonia IV: Artaserse / Sinfonia V: Demetrio / Sinfonia VI: Adriano in Siria) Urtext after historical sources edited by Daniel FreemanOrchestra
564Nees, Vic / Scheck, Michael (Hrsg. /Editors)Choral Music from Flanders (from 19 Flemish composers)A Cappella
1713Nicodé, Jean Louis Symphonic Variations, op. 27Orchestra
006Nicolai, OttoDie lustigen Weiber von Windsor (The Merry Wives of Windsor)Opera
1351Nicolai, OttoWeihnachts-Ouvertüre (Christmas Overture) on the Choral "Vom Himmel hoch"Choir/Voice & Orchestra
280Nielsen, CarlSymphony No. 3 Op. 27 "Sinfonia espansiva"Orchestra
1037Nielsen, CarlAladdin Suite Op. 34Orchestra
1062bNielsen, CarlViolin Concerto Op. 33 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
1062Nielsen, CarlViolin Concerto Op. 33Violin & Orchestra
1065Nielsen, CarlClarinet ConcertoSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1080Nielsen, CarlLittle Suite for String Orchestra Op. 1String Orchestra
1091Nielsen, CarlFlute ConcertoSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1102Nielsen, CarlPan og Syrinx Op. 49 (Nature Scene for orchestra)Orchestra
1297Nielsen, CarlSaga-Drøm (Saga Dream) Op. 39Orchestra
1403bNielsen, CarlHymnus amoris Op. 12 soli, choir and orchestra (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1403Nielsen, CarlHymnus amoris Op. 12 soli, choir and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1499Nielsen, CarlMaskarade Overture & Dance of the Cockerels from the opera MaskaradeOrchestra
1256Nielsen, LudolfSymphony No. 2 in E Op. 19Orchestra
2534Nieuwenhove, Ernest Van Concerto for flute and radio orchestra (s.a.) (arrangement for flute with keyboard accompaniment / first print / score and part)Chamber Music
1827Noren, Heinrich GottliebKaleidoscope, Variations and Double Fugue on an Original Theme for Full Orchestra Op. 30Orchestra
1911bNoren, Heinrich GottliebViolin Concerto in A minor Op. 38 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
1921Noren, Heinrich GottliebAria religiosa for orchestra, op.9Orchestra
1892Noren, Heinrich Gottlieb Symphonic Serenade for Orchestra, op. 48Orchestra
1911Noren, Heinrich Gottlieb Violin Concerto in A minor, op. 38Violin & Orchestra
1383Noskowski, ZygmuntThe Steppe Op. 66 for orchestraOrchestra
1848Noskowski, ZygmuntMorskie Oko Op. 19, concert overture for orchestraOrchestra
286Novák, VítezslavBoure (The Tempest) Op. 42 for soli, choir and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
192Novák, Vítezslav Pan for orchestra in 5 movements Op. 43Orchestra
199Novák, Vítezslav In der Tatra (In the Tatras) Op. 26 for orchestraOrchestra
203Novák, Vítezslav Toman und die Waldfee (Toman and the Wood Nymph) Op. 40 for orchestraOrchestra
224Novák, Vítezslav Lady Godiva Overture Op. 41Overture
600Novák, Vítezslav Slovakian Suite Op. 32 for orchestraOrchestra
511Nuyts, FrankDifferent from Habit (for orchestra)Orchestra
512Nuyts, FrankLow-key music for two marimbas and chamber orchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
539Nuyts, FrankThe Abduction of the East (for bass or baritone and chamber orchestra)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1825Odriozola, Ricardo String Quartet No. 1 (first print, score and parts)Chamber Music
1832xOdriozola, Ricardo Opus Perseverat, Five Composers from Western Norway (Book, Language: English, Hardcover, ISBN 978-3-00-053026-5)Book
1168Offenbach, Jacques / arr. & orch. Binder, KarlOrphée aux Enfers OvertureOrchestra
1050Olsen, OlePetite Suite for piano and string orchestraKeyboard & Orchestra
896bOnslow, GeorgeGrand Sextuor pour piano, flute, clarinette, cor, basson et contrebasse Op. 77bis (Set Score & Parts)Chamber Music
896Onslow, GeorgeGrand Sextuor pour piano, flute, clarinette, cor, basson et contrebasse Op. 77bisChamber Music
896bOnslow, GeorgeGrand Sextuor pour piano, flute, clarinette, cor, basson et contrebasse Op. 77bisChamber Music
657Ostrcil, OtakarVia Crucis Op. 24 for orchestraOrchestra
758Ostrcil, OtakarSuite in G Op. 2 for orchestraOrchestra
759Ostrcil, OtakarLeto (Summer) Op. 23 for orchestraOrchestra
909Ostrcil, OtakarSuite in C minor Op. 14 for orchestraOrchestra
1938Paganini, Niccolò / arr. Wilhelmj, August First Violin Concerto in D Major (Free transcription by August Wilhelmj)Violin & Orchestra
1069Paine, John KnowlesSymphony No. 1 in C MinorOrchestra
1072Paine, John KnowlesOverture to Shakespeare's "As you like it"Orchestra
1278Paine, John KnowlesOedipus Tyrannus. Symphonic Prelude to the play by SophoklesOrchestra
1645Paisiello, GiovanniIl barbiere di Siviglia, ovvero La Precauzione inutile (Overture)Overture
295Parker, HoratioOrgan Concerto in E-flat minor Op. 55Keyboard & Orchestra
332Parker, HoratioHora Novissima Op. 30 (oratorio)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
765Parry, Charles HubertBlest Pair of sirens for orchestraOrchestra
799Parry, Charles HubertOverture to an Unwritten TragedyOrchestra
918Parry, Charles HubertSymphonic Fantasia (Symphony No. 5, 1912)Orchestra
270Parry, Charles HubertSymphony No. 3 in C "The English"Orchestra
283Parry, Charles HubertSymphonic Variations (1897)Orchestra
467Parry, Charles HubertSymphony No. 2 in F "The Cambridge"Orchestra
624Parry, Charles HubertThe Birds of Aristophanes (Suite from the incidental music, edited by P. Brookes)Orchestra
662Parry, Charles HubertSymphony No. 4 in E minorOrchestra
965Parry, Charles HubertAn English Suite for orchestraOrchestra
1582Parry, Charles HubertJerusalem (And did those feet in ancient time) / Parry's 1916 version (unison voices & organ) and 1918 version (unison voices & orchestra), Elgar’s 1922 version (unison voices & large orchestra)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1857Parry, Charles HubertThe Song of the Hoopoe for Counter-tenor, treble or soprano & orchestra; from the incidental music to The BirdsChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1917Parry, Charles Hubert / arr. Brookes, PhillipLong Since In Egypt’s Plenteous Land, Ballad from the oratorio Judith (Meditation for violin & orchestra, arranged by Phillip Brookes, first print)Violin & Orchestra
2503Pauwels, Jan EnglebertOuverture de Léontine et Fonrose pour le piano avec accompagnement de violon (score & parts)Chamber Music
1519Pergolesi , Giovanni BattistaMissa RomanaChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1623Pergolesi , Giovanni BattistaLaudate pueri (Psalm 112)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1576Pergolesi, Giovanni BattistaSalve regina per contralto e archiChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1531Peterson-Berger, Wilhelm Symphony No. 3 in F minor "Same-Ätnam"Orchestra
1470Piazzolla, Astor"Nostalgia Urbana" 12 Concert works for Piano Solo (Transcribed, adapted, edited and fingered for piano solo by Ilan Rogoff)Solo Instrument
1693Pickhardt, WolfgangKarneval for orchestraOrchestra
792Pierné, GabrielIntroduction et Variations sur une ronde populaire pour quatuor de Saxophones (Full Score)Chamber Music
792bPierné, GabrielIntroduction et Variations sur une ronde populaire pour quatuor de Saxophones (parts)Chamber Music
954Pierné, GabrielVoyage au Pays du tendre for chamber ensemble (Full Score)Chamber Music
954bPierné, GabrielVoyage au Pays du tendre (parts / Harpe, Flute, Violin, Alto, Violoncelle)Chamber Music
1194Pierné, GabrielL'An Mil (Poème symphonique avec chœur)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1456Pierné, GabrielDivertissements sur un Thème Pastoral for orchestraOrchestra
1481Pierné, GabrielPièce de concert for Harp and Orchestra Op. 39Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1569Pierné, GabrielViennoise op. 49bis for orchestraOrchestra
1613bPierné, GabrielFantaisie Basque sur des thèmes populaires Basques Espagnols for violin and orchestra (Piano Reduction/SoloViolin & Orchestra
1613Pierné, GabrielFantaisie Basque sur des thèmes populaires Basques Espagnols for violin and orchestraViolin & Orchestra
1190Pilati, MarioSuite per pianoforte ed orchestra d'archiKeyboard & Orchestra
1528Pilati, MarioConcerto in do maggiore per orchestraOrchestra
1570Pilati, MarioPreludio, Aria e Tarantella per orchestraOrchestra
1598Pokorny, Franz XaverTwo Concertos for Clarinet and Orchestra in B-flat & E-flatSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
057Ponchielli, AmilcareLa Gioconda (in two volumes)Opera
57bPonchielli, Amilcare La Gioconda (Vocal Score with Italian libretto)Opera
517Poot, MarcelVrolijke ouverture (Jolly Overture, 1934)Orchestra
519Poot, MarcelAllegro Symphonique (1935)Orchestra
1106Prinz Louis FerdinandRondo in B flat Op. 9 for piano & orchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
905Prout, EbenezerConcerto in E minor for Organ and Orchestra Op. 5Keyboard & Orchestra
1691Puccini, GiacomoCrisantemi per quartetto d’archi (new edition / score and parts)Chamber Music
2035Puccini, GiacomoLe villi (Opera ballo in two acts with Italian libretto)Opera
1532Rachmaninoff, SergeyThree Russian Songs for chorus and orchestra Op. 41Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1619Rachmaninoff, SergeyThe Rock op. 7 for orchestraOrchestra
1663Rachmaninoff, SergeyFirst Symphony in D-minor op.13Orchestra
1692Rachmaninoff, SergeyString Quartet No. 2 in 2 movements (score and parts, new edition by Lucian Beschiu)Chamber Music
1752Rachmaninoff, SergeyVocalise, Op. 34, No. 14 in three versions: Original version for Voice & Piano / The composer’s transcription for Soprano & Orchestra / The composer’s transcription for Massed Strings and OrchestraChoir/Voice & Instrument(s)
2028Rachmaninoff, SergeyAleko (with Russian and English libretto)Opera
2029Rachmaninoff, SergeyThe Miserly Knight (with Russian, German and English libretto)Opera
118Raff, JoachimSymphony No. 5 in E Op. 177 "Lenore"Orchestra
136Raff, JoachimSymphony No. 3 in F Op. 153 "Im Walde" (In the Forest)Orchestra
313Raff, JoachimPiano Concerto in C minor Op. 185Keyboard & Orchestra
316Raff, JoachimSymphony No. 7 in B-flat minor Op. 201 "In den Alpen" (In the Alps)Orchestra
351Raff, JoachimSymphony No. 8 in A Op. 205 "Frühlingsklänge" (In the Spring)Orchestra
361Raff, JoachimSymphony No. 10 in F minor "Zur Herbstzeit" (In Autumn)Orchestra
369Raff, JoachimMacbeth (Orchestral Prelude)Orchestra
458Raff, JoachimSymphony No. 4 in G minor Op. 167Orchestra
640Raff, JoachimSymphony No.11 in A minor Op. 214Orchestra
655Raff, JoachimSymphony No. 1 in D Op. 96Orchestra
676Raff, JoachimSymphony No. 6 in D minor opus 189Orchestra
692Raff, JoachimSymphony No. 9 in E minor Opus 208 “Im Sommer” (In Summertime)Orchestra
921bRaff, JoachimCello Concerto No. 1 in D minor opus 193 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1701Raff, JoachimSymphony No. 2 Op. 140Orchestra
916Raff, Joachim Suite for Piano and Orchestra in E-flat Op. 200Keyboard & Orchestra
921Raff, Joachim Cello Concerto No. 1 in D minor opus 193Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
931Raff, Joachim Die Tageszeiten. Concertante for Choir, Piano & Orchestra Op. 209Choir/Voice & Orchestra
935Raff, Joachim Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott. Overture Op. 127Orchestra
354Raff, Joachim / orch. Singer, EdmundCavatina Op. 85 No. 3 for violin and orchestraViolin & Orchestra
148Rameau, Jean-Philippe Pièces de Clavecin en Concerts et Six Concerts en Sextuor à cordesChamber Music
1401Rameau, Jean-Philippe / arr. Ysaÿe, Eugène
Quatre Pièces de Clavecin for violin and piano (piano score and violin part)Chamber Music
784Rameau, Jean-Philippe / orch. Dukas, Paul"Les Indes Galantes". Deux suites pour orchestre d'après RameauOrchestra
189Rangström, Ture Partita in B minor for violin and small orchestraViolin & Orchestra
187Rathaus, Karol Symphony No. 1 Op. 5Orchestra
205Rathaus, Karol Suite for orchestra Op. 29Orchestra
208Rathaus, Karol Serenade for orchestra Op. 35Orchestra
071Ravel, MauriceL’enfant et les sortilègesOpera
096Ravel, MauriceL'Heure EspagnoleOpera
755Ravel, MauriceConcerto pour la main gauche (Reproduction of Ravel’s manuscript from the private library of Paul Wittgenstein)Keyboard & Orchestra
778Ravel, MauricePrélude et Danse du Rouet (from the ballet Ma Mère l'Oye)Orchestra
781Ravel, MauriceTrois Poèmes de Stéphane Mallarmé for voice, 2 flutes, 2 clarinettes, string quartet & pianoChamber Music
817Ravel, MauriceMa Mère l'oye (Complete ballet)Ballet
827Ravel, MauriceDon Quichotte á Dulcinèe for voice and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
845Ravel, MauricePavane pour une infante défunte for small orchestraOrchestra
960Ravel, MauriceUne barque sur l'ocean for large orchestraOrchestra
961Ravel, MauriceShéhérazade. Overture for orchestraOrchestra
967Ravel, MauriceAlborado del gracioso pour orchestreOrchestra
1195Ravel, Maurice"Chansons madécasses" pour chant, flûte, violoncelle et piano (score and parts)Chamber Music
1504Ravel, MauriceMenuet antique pour orchestreOrchestra
1514Rega, AlfonsoSinfonia No. 2 in Re "Romeo e Giulietta" (first edition)Orchestra
1556Rega, AlfonsoSinfonia No. 4 in Do Minore. L'olocausto (first edition)Orchestra
1894Rega, AlfonsoSinfonia no. 6 "Divina Comedia" Orchestra
403Reger, MaxEine Ballettsuite (A Ballet Suite) Op. 130Orchestra
405bReger, MaxWeihe der Nacht (Consecration of the Night) Op. 119 (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
405Reger, MaxWeihe der Nacht (Consecration of the Night) Op. 119 (Full Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
406Reger, MaxWeihegesang (Song of Consecration) for contralto, mixed choir and winds (1908)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
409Reger, MaxRequiem Op. 145a (Latin Requiem) for soli, choir, organ and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
436Reger, MaxSymphonischer Prolog zu einer Tragödie (Symphonic Prologue to a Tragedy) Op. 108Orchestra
766Reger, MaxEine Lustspielouvertüre (A Comedy Overture) Op. 120Orchestra
1079Reger, MaxKonzert im alten Stil (Concerto in the Old Style) for orchestra Op. 123Orchestra
1213bReger, MaxGesang der Verklärten (Song of the Transfigured) for choir & orchestra Op. 71 (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1213Reger, MaxGesang der Verklärten (Song of the Transfigured) for choir & orchestra Op. 71Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1354Reger, MaxCarmen saeculare WoO V/2Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1357Reger, MaxCastra vetera WoO V/1 (with German libretto)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1506Reger, MaxDer 100. Psalm Op. 106 (original version for chorus, orchestra and organ)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1506bReger, MaxDer 100. Psalm Op. 106, Original version for chorus, orchestra and organ (Vocal Score / German & English text)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1722Reger, MaxRömischer Triumphgesang, op. 126 for men’s chorus and full orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1731Reger, MaxHymne an den GesangChoir/Voice & Orchestra
109Reger, Max Sinfonietta for orchestra Op. 90Orchestra
110Reger, Max Serenade for orchestra Op. 95Orchestra
111bReger, Max Hymnus der Liebe for baritone and orchestra Op. 136 (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
111Reger, Max Hymnus der Liebe for baritone and orchestra Op. 136Choir/Voice & Orchestra
123Reger, Max Aria for violin and small orchestra Op. 103a No. 3Violin & Orchestra
126Reger, Max Vaterländische Ouvertüre Op. 140Orchestra
127bReger, Max Violin Concerto in A Op. 101 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
127Reger, Max Violin Concerto in A Op. 101Violin & Orchestra
144Reger, Max An die Hoffnung for contralto and orchestra Op. 124Choir/Voice & Orchestra
158Reger, Max Suite im alten Stil (Suite in the Old Style) Op. 93 for orchestra (1916)Orchestra
159Reger, Max Two Romances Op. 50 for violin and small orchestraViolin & Orchestra
273Reger, Max Die Nonnen (The Nuns) Op. 112 for mixed choir and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
279Reger, Max "Der Einsiedler" op. 144a (for baritone, choir and orchestra) & Requiem op. 144b "Seele, vergiss sie nicht" after Hebbel (for contralto, choir and orchestra)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
423Reger, Max Eine romantische Suite (A Romantic Suite) Op. 25 for orchestraOrchestra
1389Reicha, Antonín Symphony in E-flat Op. 41Orchestra
1852Reicha, JosefConcerto for Flute and OrchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1489Reicha, JosephConcerto for 2 Violins and Orchestra in D Op. 3Violin & Orchestra
1548Reicha, JosephConcerto for Two Horns and Orchestra in E-flatSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1940Reinecke, CarlConcerto for Piano and Orchestra No.1 in F sharp minor, Op.72Keyboard & Orchestra
061Reinecke, CarlKönig ManfredOpera
703Reinecke, CarlConcerto for Harp and Orchestra in E minor Op. 182Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1215Reinecke, CarlSymphony No. 3 in G minor Op. 227Orchestra
1267Reinecke, CarlSymphony No. 1 in A Op. 79Orchestra
1776Reinecke, CarlAlladin, Op. 70, Concert Overture Orchestra
1834Reinecke, CarlSymphony No. 2 in C minor (“Håkon Jarl”), op. 134Orchestra
1843Reinecke, CarlToy Symphony in C major, Op. 239 (score and parts)Orchestra
267Reinecke, Carl Overture to the opera "König Manfred" Op. 93Overture
201Respighi, OttorinoSinfonia drammatica (1914)Orchestra
732Respighi, OttorinoBallata delle Gnomidi for orchestraOrchestra
764Respighi, OttorinoRossiniana. Suite for orchestraOrchestra
769Respighi, OttorinoConcerto a cinque for oboe, trumpet, violin, double bass, piano & string orchestraOrchestra
770bRespighi, OttorinoPoema Autunnale for violin and orchestra (Piano reduction /Solo)Violin & Orchestra
770Respighi, OttorinoPoema Autunnale for violin and orchestraViolin & Orchestra
777bRespighi, OttorinoConcerto in modo misolidio per pianoforte ed orchestra (Piano Reduction)Keyboard & Orchestra
777Respighi, OttorinoConcerto in modo misolidio per pianoforte ed orchestraKeyboard & Orchestra
780Respighi, OttorinoConcerto all'Antica for violin & orchestra (composers autograph))Violin & Orchestra
785Respighi, OttorinoAdagio con variazioni per violoncello ed orchestreSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
834Respighi, OttorinoString Quartet No. 4 in DChamber Music
843Respighi, OttorinoSuite in sol maggiore per archi e organoSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1460Respighi, Ottorino"Il tramonto" Poemetto lirico for mezzo-soprano and string quartet (score and parts)Chamber Music
1463Respighi, OttorinoFantasia Slava for piano and orchestraKeyboard & Orchestra
149Respighi, Ottorino Concerto gregoriano for violin and orchestraViolin & Orchestra
959Respighi, Ottorino Belkis, Regina di Saba (Complete ballet) for large orchestra, mezzo soprano and five part choirBallet
1646bRespighi, Ottorino Lauda per la Natività del Signore per soli, coro, strumenti pastorali e pianoforte a quattro mani (after Jacopone da Todi) (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1646Respighi, Ottorino Lauda per la Natività del Signore per soli, coro, strumenti pastorali e pianoforte a quattro mani (after Jacopone da Todi) (Full Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1330Respighi, Ottorino (after Rossini)La Boutique fantasque. Ballet after piano pieces from Péchés de vieillesse by Gioacchino RossiniBallet
1161Reuss, AugustPiano Concerto in G minor Op. 48Orchestra
1257Reuss, AugustPiano Quintet in F minor Op. 12 (score and parts)Chamber Music
1418Revueltas, SilvestreCuauhnáhuac for orchestraOrchestra
1430Revueltas, SilvestreSensemayá for orchestraOrchestra
402Reznicek, Emil Nikolaus vonSymphonic Variations on the "Kol Nidrey"Orchestra
1842Reznicek, Emil Nikolaus von Symphony No. 4 in F minorOrchestra
1865Reznicek, Emil Nikolaus von Schlemihl: Symphonic Portrait for large orchestra and solo tenorChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1905Reznicek, Emil Nikolaus von Symphony No. 2 („Ironic“)Orchestra
1767Rezniček, Emil Nikolaus von Thema und Variationen nach dem Gedicht „Tragische Geschichte“ von Adalbert von Chamisso for grand orchestra and bass (-baritone) Solo

714Rheinberger, Josef GabrielConcertos for organ and orchestra opp.137 & 177Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
773Rheinberger, Josef GabrielWallenstein Op. 10 (Symphonic poem)Orchestra
1562Rheinberger, Josef GabrielConcerto in Ab for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 94 Keyboard & Orchestra
1853Richter, Franz XaverAdagio and Fugue in G minor for StringsString Orchestra
290Rieti, VittorioConcerto for Wind Quintet & Orchestra (1923)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
333Rieti, VittorioSinfonia (Symphony No. 1, 1929)Orchestra
059Rimsky-Korsakov, NicolaiThe Tale of Tsar Saltan (in two volumes with a German/Russian libretto)Opera
060Rimsky-Korsakov, NicolaiMay Night (in three volumes, including a Russian and Germna libretto)Opera
074Rimsky-Korsakov, NicolaiThe Legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh and the Maiden Fevronija (in three volumes with French/Russian libretto)Opera
079Rimsky-Korsakov, NicolaiMozart und Salieri (with German/Russian libretto)Opera
080Rimsky-Korsakov, NicolaiThe Golden Cockerel (in three volumes with English/Russian libretto)Opera
085Rimsky-Korsakov, NicolaiServilia (in three volumes with German / Russian libretto)Opera
087Rimsky-Korsakov, NicolaiPskovityanka (The Maid of Pskov) First Version 1866-72 (in two volumes with Russian libretto)Opera
088Rimsky-Korsakov, NicolaiBoyarinya Vera Sheloga (The Noblewoman Wera Scheloga) (with English - Russian libretto)Opera
091Rimsky-Korsakov, NicolaiPan Voyevoda (in three volumes with English / Russian libretto)Opera
093Rimsky-Korsakov, NicolaiMlada (in three volumes with English / Russian libretto)Opera
653Rimsky-Korsakov, NicolaiConcerto for Trombone and Military Band, Variations for Oboe and Military Band, Concerto for Clarinet and Military BandWind Orchestra
702Rimsky-Korsakov, NicolaiSkazka (Legend) Op. 29 for orchestraOrchestra
786Rimsky-Korsakov, NicolaiSadko (Symphonic poem, 3 versions)Orchestra
793Rimsky-Korsakov, NicolaiFantasy on Serbian Themes Op. 6 for orchestraOrchestra
795Rimsky-Korsakov, NicolaiPskovityanka (The Maid of Pskov). Incidental music for orchestraOrchestra
1118Rimsky-Korsakov, NicolaiSur le Tombe. Prelude Op. 61 for orchestraOrchestra
1268Rimsky-Korsakov, NicolaiChristmas Eve (Orchestral Suite)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1447Rimsky-Korsakov, NicolaiSlava! Op. 21 for choir and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1625Rimsky-Korsakov, NicolaiThe Story of the Tsar Saltan (Suite from the opera)Orchestra
1688Rimsky-Korsakov, NicolaiThe Tsar’s Bride overtureOrchestra
1386Rimsky-Korsakow, NicolaiOverture on three Russian Themes Op. 28 for orchestra (version 1855)Orchestra
1520Rimsky-Korsakow, NicolaiSextet for 2 violins, 2 violas and 2 celli (Score and parts)Chamber Music
1025Ritter, AlexanderKaiser Rudolfs Ritt zum Grabe for orchestraOrchestra
1362Ritter, AlexanderSursum Corda! for orchestraOrchestra
1803Ritter, AlexanderOlaf’s Wedding Dance Op.22 for orchestraOrchestra
2521Roelstraete, Herman Pianokwartet ‘Via vitae’, op. 99 (score and parts, first edition)Chamber Music
1607Roldán, AmadeoTres pequeños poemas for orchestraOrchestra
1883Romberg, AndreasThe Song of the Bell, oratorioChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1794Romberg, BernhardConcerto for Flute and Orchestra in B minor, Op. 17Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1642Rosetti, AntonioSymphonies in C, D, C, D sharp and G flatOrchestra
1664Rosetti, AntonioConcerto per flauto e orchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1854Rosetti, AntonioHorn Concerto in E-flat major C49/K III:36Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1070Rossini, GioacchinoVariazioni a più strumenti obbligatiOrchestra
1073Rossini, GioacchinoLe Chant des Titans for 4 bass voices unisono & orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1221Rossini, GioacchinoLa Cambiale di Matrimonio OvertureOrchestra
1239Rossini, GioacchinoMatilde di Shabran OvertureOverture
1262Rossini, GioacchinoVariazioni per Clarinetto e piccola orchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1395Rossini, GioacchinoSerenata per piccolo complessoChamber Music
2016Rossini, GioacchinoLa Cambiale di matrimonioOpera
092Rossini, Gioacchino Guillaume TellOpera
1011Rossini, Gioacchino Sinfonia di Bologna (Overture)Orchestra
1179Rossini, Gioacchino Grande Fanfare par RossiniOrchestra
077Roussel, AlbertPadmâvatî Op. 18Opera
752Roussel, AlbertSymphony No. 1 Op. 7 "Poème de la Fôret"Orchestra
756Roussel, AlbertLe Festin de l´Araignée Op. 17 (Complete ballet)Ballet
776Roussel, AlbertBacchus et Ariane Op. 43 (Complete ballet)Ballet
794Roussel, AlbertConcert pour petit orchestre Op. 34Orchestra
816Roussel, AlbertElpénor. Poème radiophonique for flute & string quartetOrchestra
852Roussel, AlbertPour une fête de printemps Op. 22Orchestra
874bRoussel, AlbertConcertino pour Violoncelle et Orchestre Op. 57 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
874Roussel, AlbertConcertino pour Violoncelle et Orchestre Op. 57Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
879bRoussel, AlbertPiano Concerto Op. 36 (Piano Reduction for 2 pianos, 2 copies)Keyboard & Orchestra
879Roussel, AlbertPiano Concerto Op. 36Keyboard & Orchestra
881Roussel, AlbertDivertissement Op. 6 pour sixtuorChamber Music
907Roussel, AlbertEvocations Op. 15 for orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
929Roussel, AlbertRapsodie flamande Op. 56 pour orchestreOrchestra
990Roussel, AlbertAeneas Op. 54 for choir and orchestraBallet
1122Roussel, AlbertPsaume LXXX (Psalm 80) Op. 37 for tenor, choir & orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1522Roussel, AlbertRésurrection. Prélude symphonique Op. 4 (First printed edition, engraved from the autograph score)Orchestra
1766Roussel, AlbertLe Marchand de Sable qui passe Op. 13, Incidental MusicOrchestra
1823Roussel, AlbertDuo pour basson et contrebasse - original version and transcription for bassoon and orchestral double bass (new edition / score and parts)Chamber Music
1884Roussel, AlbertLe Bardit des Francs for choir and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
416Rubinstein, AntonPiano Concerto No. 5 in E-flat Op. 95Keyboard & Orchestra
417Rubinstein, AntonPiano Concerto No. 4 in D minor Op. 70Keyboard & Orchestra
418Rubinstein, AntonSymphonie dramatique Op. 95 (Symphony No. 4)Orchestra
419Rubinstein, AntonDon Quixote Op. 87 (Humoresque for orchestra)Orchestra
427Rubinstein, AntonSymphony No. 5 in G minor Op. 107Orchestra
428Rubinstein, AntonSymphony No. 3 in A Op. 56Orchestra
445Rubinstein, AntonEroica Op. 110 (Fantasy for orchestra)Orchestra
487Rubinstein, AntonSymphony No. 1 in F Op. 40Orchestra
619Rubinstein, AntonSymphony No. 2 (Ocean) Op. 42 (six movements version, 1863)Orchestra
1866Rubinstein, AntonConcert pour le Violon Op. 46Violin & Orchestra
2020Rubinstein, AntonChristus (with German libretto)Opera
2056Rubinstein, AntonThe Demon, Opera in three acts and seven scenes (in three voiumes with German and English libretto)Opera
416bRubinstein, Anton Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-flat Op. 95 (Piano Reduction for 2 pianos, 2 copies)Keyboard & Orchestra
417bRubinstein, Anton Piano Concerto No. 4 in D minor Op. 70 (Piano Reduction for 2 pianos, 2 copies)
Keyboard & Orchestra
1866bRubinstein, Anton Concert pour le Violon Op. 46 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
1343Rudorff, ErnstSymphony No. 2 in G minor Op. 40Orchestra
241Saint-Saëns, CamilleMorceau de concert for violin & orchestra Op. 62Violin & Orchestra
242Saint-Saëns, Camille"Cyprès et Lauriers" for organ and orchestra Op. 156Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
626Saint-Saëns, CamillePhaëton Op. 39 for orchestraOrchestra
688Saint-Saëns, CamilleLa Jeunesse d'Hercule Op. 50 for orchestraOrchestra
761bSaint-Saëns, CamillePiano Concerto No. 1 in D Op. 17 (Piano Reduction for 2 pianos, 2 copies)Keyboard & Orchestra
1248Saint-Saëns, CamillePiano Concerto No. 2 in G minor Op. 22Keyboard & Orchestra
1248bSaint-Saëns, CamillePiano Concerto No. 2 in G minor Op. 22 (Piano Reduction for 2 pianos, 2 copies)Keyboard & Orchestra
1310Saint-Saëns, CamillePiano Concerto No.3 in E-flat Op. 29Keyboard & Orchestra
1310bSaint-Saëns, CamillePiano Concerto No.3 in E-flat Op. 29 (Piano Reduction for 2 pianos, 2 copies) Keyboard & Orchestra
1335bSaint-Saëns, CamillePiano Concerto No. 5 in F Op. 103 “Egyptian” (Piano Reduction for 2 pianos, 2 copies)Keyboard & Orchestra
1335Saint-Saëns, CamillePiano Concerto No. 5 in F Op. 103 “Egyptian”Keyboard & Orchestra
1359Saint-Saëns, CamillePiano Concerto No. 4 in C minor Op. 44Keyboard & Orchestra
1475Saint-Saëns, CamilleAndromaque OvertureOverture
1500Saint-Saëns, CamilleSymphony in A (Youth Symphony)Orchestra
1672Saint-Saëns, CamilleHenry VIII, Act II: Fete populaire (Ballet-Divertissement for soli, choir and orchestra)
1673bSaint-Saëns, CamilleHavanaise, Op. 83 for violin and orchestra (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
1673Saint-Saëns, CamilleHavanaise, Op. 83 for violin and orchestraViolin & Orchestra
1689bSaint-Saëns, CamilleLa Muse et le Poète 0p. 132 for violin, cello and orchestra (Piano Reduction & Solo Violin/Solo Cello)Violin & Orchestra
1689Saint-Saëns, CamilleLa Muse et le Poète 0p. 132 for violin, cello and orchestraViolin & Orchestra
1717Saint-Saëns, CamilleSeptet in E flat, Op. 65 for piano, trumpet, string quartet & bassChamber Music
1758Saint-Saëns, CamilleSymphony in F major “Urbs Roma”Orchestra
1784bSaint-Saëns, CamilleRhapsodie d'Auvergne op.73 for piano and orchestra (Piano Reduction for 2 pianos, 2 copies)Keyboard & Orchestra
1784Saint-Saëns, CamilleRhapsodie d'Auvergne op.73 for piano and orchestraKeyboard & Orchestra
2027Saint-Saëns, CamilleHélène (with French libretto)Opera
2031Saint-Saëns, CamilleAscanio (in two volumes with French libretto)Opera
2036Saint-Saëns, CamilleLes barbaresOpera
053Saint-Saëns, Camille Samson et DalilaOpera
113Saint-Saëns, Camille Allegro appassionato for Cello and Orchestra Op. 43Keyboard & Orchestra
147Saint-Saëns, Camille Romance for flute and orchestra Op. 37Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
166Saint-Saëns, Camille Suite algérienne Op. 60 for orchestraOrchestra
269Saint-Saëns, Camille Allegro appassionato Op. 70 for piano und orchestraKeyboard & Orchestra
761Saint-Saëns, Camille Piano Concerto No. 1 in D Op. 17Keyboard & Orchestra
798Saint-Saëns, Camille Le Déluge (The Flood). Oratorio Op. 45Choir/Voice & Orchestra
825Saint-Saëns, Camille Marche Héroique Op. 34 for orchestraOrchestra
897Saint-Saëns, Camille (Set score & parts)Orchestra
1014Saint-Saëns, Camille Symphony No. 3 Op. 78 "Organ Symphony"Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1020Saint-Saëns, Camille Le Rouet d’Omphale. Tone poem Op. 31Orchestra
1410bSaint-Saëns, Camille Cello Concerto No. 2 in D minor Op. 119 (Piano reduction /Solo)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1410Saint-Saëns, Camille Cello Concerto No. 2 in D minor Op. 119Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
2038Saint-Saëns, Camille Déjanire (with French libretto)Opera
1795Salieri, AntonioSinfonia in Re "Veneziana"Orchestra
734Salviucci, GiovanniSinfonia da CameraOrchestra
772Salviucci, GiovanniIntroduzione, Passacaglia e Finale for orchestraOrchestra
839Salviucci, GiovanniSerenata for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet & string quartetChamber Music
885Salviucci, GiovanniAlcesti for choir & orchestra after Euripides (1937)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1067Salviucci, GiovanniIntroduzione per orchestraOrchestra
1160Salviucci, GiovanniOverture in C-sharp minorOrchestra
516Samuel, AdolpheSymphony No. 6 in D minorOrchestra
972Sarasate, Pablo deZigeunerweisen (Gypsy Airs) Op. 20 for violin and orchestraViolin & Orchestra
1888Sarasate, Pablo de Caprice Basque (Capricho vasco) Op. 24 for violin and orchestraViolin & Orchestra
1889Sarasate, Pablo de Navarra op.33 for violin and orchestraViolin & Orchestra
708Satie, EricParade (Ballet)Ballet
942Satie, EricTrois petites pièces montées pour orchestreOrchestra
1388Sauer, Emil vonPiano Concerto No. 2 in C minor Op. 80Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1457Sauer, Emil vonPiano Concerto No. 1 in E minorKeyboard & Orchestra
1181Scharwenka, Franz XaverPiano Concerto No. 2 in C minor Op. 56Keyboard & Orchestra
1196Scharwenka, Franz XaverPiano Concerto No. 1 in B-flat minor Op. 32Orchestra
1630Scharwenka, Franz XaverPiano Concerto No. 3 in C-sharp Minor op. 80Keyboard & Orchestra
604Schillings, Max vonZwei symphonische Fantasien (Two Symphonic Fantasies) Op. 6Orchestra
831bSchillings, Max vonDas Hexenlied (The Witch-Song) Op. 15 (Musical Recitation after Wildenbruch with Orchestra) (Piano Reduction/Speaker)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
831Schillings, Max vonDas Hexenlied (The Witch-Song) Op. 15 (Musical Recitation after Wildenbruch with Orchestra)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1013Schillings, Max vonSongs of Bells (Glockenlieder) after Spitteler Op. 22 for voice & orchestraOrchestra
1442Schillings, Max vonSymphonic Prologue to Sophocles’ “Oedipus Rex” for full orchestra Op. 11Orchestra
1771bSchillings, Max vonOrestie op.12 (vocal score with speaker)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1771Schillings, Max vonOrestie op.12 (full score, speaker's text partly in Sütterlin script)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1804Schillings, Max vonA Conversation “Ein Zwiegespräch“ Tone poem for small orchestra, Op. 8Orchestra
2012Schillings, Max vonIngwelde Op. 3 (in three volumes with German libretto)Opera
292Schmidt, FranzKonzertante Variationen on a Theme by Beethoven for piano & orchestraKeyboard & Orchestra
294Schmidt, FranzPiano Concerto in E-flatKeyboard & Orchestra
298Schmidt, FranzVariationen über ein Husarenlied (Variations on a Hungarian Hussar's Song) for large orchestraOrchestra
301Schmidt, FranzChaconne for orchestraOrchestra
1086Schmidt, FranzZwischenspiel und Karnevalsmusik (Interlude & Carnival Music) from the opera "Notre Dame"Orchestra
1178Schmidt, FranzString Quartet No. 2 in G (Full Score)Chamber Music
1178bSchmidt, FranzString Quartet No. 2 in G (parts)Chamber Music
1445Schmidt, FranzSymphony No. 2 in E-flatOrchestra
1509Schmidt, FranzSymphony No. 4 in COrchestra
2048Schmidt, FranzNotre Dame (in three volumes with German libretto)Opera
156Schmidt, Franz Symphony No. 3 in AOrchestra
180Schmidt, Franz Symphony No. 1 in EOrchestra
721Schnabel, ArturSymphony No. 2 (1941-43)Orchestra
173Schnabel, Artur Rhapsody for orchestra (1946)Orchestra
221Schnabel, Artur Symphony No. 3 (1948/49)Orchestra
306Schoeck, OthmarSuite in A-flat Op. 59 for string orchestraString Orchestra
560Schoemaker, Maurice"Vuurwerk" (Fireworks) Symphonic Poem (1924)Orchestra
1232Scholz, BernhardPiano Concerto in B Op. 57Keyboard & Orchestra
1074Schreker, FranzEkkehard. Symphonic Overture Op. 12Orchestra
1076Schreker, FranzVorspiel zu einem Drama (Prelude to a Drama) for large orchestraOrchestra
1083Schreker, FranzVier kleine Stücke (Four Little Pieces) for large orchestraOrchestra
1323Schreker, FranzIntermezzo Op. 8 for orchestraOrchestra
1444Schreker, FranzEin Tanzspiel for orchestraOrchestra
1521Schreker, FranzDer Geburtstag der Infantin (The Birthday of the Infanta). Suite for full orchestra
1590Schreker, Franz"Vom ewigen Leben" for solo voice (soprano) and full orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1723Schreker, FranzMemnon, Prelude to a Grand Opera for orchestraOrchestra
2006Schreker, FranzDer singende Teufel (in two volumes)Opera
2007Schreker, FranzDie Gezeichneten (in two volumes with German libretto)Opera
2033Schreker, FranzDas Spielwerk (with German libretto)Opera
2046Schreker, FranzDer Schatzgräber (in three volumes with German libretto)Opera
2053Schreker, FranzIrrelohe (with German libretto)Opera
024Schubert, FranzFierrabrasOpera
031Schubert, FranzAlfonso und EstrellaOpera
032Schubert, FranzDie ZauberharfeOpera
033Schubert, FranzDie ZwillingsbrüderOpera
040Schubert, FranzDes Teufels LustschlossOpera
049Schubert, FranzDer vierjährige PostenOpera
054Schubert, FranzFernandoOpera
073Schubert, FranzDie VerschworenenOpera
075Schubert, FranzDie Freunde von SalamancaOpera
076Schubert, FranzClaudine von Villabella, Der Spiegelritter, Die Bürgschaft, Adrast, Das ZauberglöckchenOpera
485Schubert, FranzRosamunde (Complete incidental music), Die Zauberharfe (Overture)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
884Schubert, FranzScherzo in B minor D 759/3 (Completed Performing Version by Nicola Samale & Benjamin-Gunnar Cohrs) & Orchestral Movement in B minor D 797/1 (Conjectural Finale to the unfinished Symphony D 759)Orchestra
1008Schubert, FranzLazarus oder die Feier der Auferstehung (Oratorio, unfinished)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1024Schubert, FranzOverture to Der Teufel als Hydraulicus, D 4 / Overture in D, D 556 7 Overture in B-flat, D 470 / Overture in D, D 26 / Overture ‘in Italian style’ in D, D 590 / Overture ‘‘in Italian style’ in C, D 591 / Overture in E minor, D 648 / Overture to Der Spiegelritter, D 11 / Ouvertüre in D, D 12Orchestra
1027bSchubert, FranzKonzertstück in D for violin & orchestra (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
1027Schubert, FranzKonzertstück in D for violin & orchestraViolin & Orchestra
210Schubert, Franz / compl. & orch. Weingartner, FelixSymphony in E (completion & orchestrated by Weingartner)Orchestra
1402Schubert, Franz / orch. Herbeck, JohannDeutsche Tänze (German Dances) for orchestraOrchestra
1266Schubert, Franz / orch. Liszt, Franz und Erdmannsdörfer, MaxDivertissement à la hongroise Op. 54Orchestra
373Schubert, Franz / orch. Mottl, FelixFantasy in F minor Op. 103 (Version for orchestra)Orchestra
259Schubert, Franz / orch. Rudorff, ErnstFantasy in F Minor Op. 103 for orchestraOrchestra
300Schubert, HeinzPräludium und Toccata (Prelude and Toccata) for double string orchestra (1936)Orchestra
396Schubert, Heinz"Vom Unendlichen" (From Infinity) for soprano and 3 string quintetsChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1813Schubert, HeinzHymnic Concerto for orchestra and organ with solo soprano and tenorChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1806Schubert, Heinz Lyric Concerto for viola and chamber orchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1452Schulhoff, ErwinSymphony No. 5Orchestra
1595Schulhoff, ErwinFive Pieces for String Quartet (score and parts)
Chamber Music
1736Schulhoff, ErwinSymphony No. 3 in COrchestra
1835Schulhoff, ErwinConcerto per Quartetto d'Archi con accompagnamento d'Orchestra a FiatoOrchestra
178Schulhoff, Erwin Symphony No. 1 (1925)Orchestra
1488Schumann, Georg Variationen und Gigue über ein Thema von Händel Op. 72 for orchestraOrchestra
1503Schumann, Georg Deutsche Tänze (German Dances) Op. 79 for orchestraOrchestra
001Schumann, RobertGenoveva Op. 81Opera
353Schumann, RobertManfred Op. 115 for solo voices, chorus and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
355bSchumann, RobertDas Glück von Edenhall Op. 143 for solo voices, male chorus and orchestra (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
355Schumann, RobertDas Glück von Edenhall Op. 143 for solo voices, male chorus and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
364Schumann, RobertDes Sängers Fluch Op. 139 for soli, choir and orchestra (after Ludwig Uhland)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
383Schumann, RobertDas Paradies und die Peri Op. 50 (Oratorio)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
393Schumann, RobertSzenen aus Goethes Faust (Scenes from Goethe’s Faust)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
408Schumann, RobertRequiem für Mignon Op. 98bChoir/Voice & Orchestra
448Schumann, Robert"Verzweifle nicht im Schmerzensthal", Motet for double male choir & orchestra Op. 93 (1852)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
477bSchumann, RobertVom Pagen und der Königstochter Op. 140 for soli, choir and orchestra (after Emanuel Geibel) (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
477Schumann, RobertVom Pagen und der Königstochter Op. 140 for soli, choir and orchestra (after Emanuel Geibel) (Full Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
690Schumann, RobertRequiem Op. 148Choir/Voice & Orchestra
691bSchumann, RobertMissa Sacra Op. 147 for orchestra (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
691Schumann, RobertMissa Sacra Op. 147 for orchestra (Full Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
787Schumann, RobertOverture to "Julius Cäsar"Orchestra
826Schumann, RobertHermann und Dorothea Overture Op. 136Orchestra
842bSchumann, RobertFestouvertüre über das Rheinweinlied Op. 123 (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
842Schumann, RobertFestouvertüre über das Rheinweinlied Op. 123 (Full Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
989Schumann, RobertOverture to Friedrich Schiller's "Die Braut von Messina" (The Bride from Messina)Orchestra
1035bSchumann, RobertFantasy for violin with orchestra Op. 131 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
1035Schumann, RobertPhantasie (Fantasy) for violin with orchestra Op. 131Violin & Orchestra
1038Schumann, Robert2 Concert Pieces for piano & orchestra: Introduction and Allegro appassionato Op. 92 / Concert Allegro mit Introduction Op. 134
Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1324Schumann, RobertFünf Gesänge Op. 137 (Jagdlieder) for male-choir and 4 HornsChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1375Schumann, RobertDer Königssohn (The King’s Son) Op. 116 for soli, choir and orchestra (after Ludwig Uhland)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1494Schumann, RobertBeim Abschied zu singen Op. 84 / Adventlied Op. 71 / Nachtlied Op. 108 / Neujahrslied Op. 144 (works for voices and orchestra)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
122Schumann, Robert "Konzertstück" for 4 horns and orchestra Op. 86Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
151Schumann, Robert Der Rose Pilgerfahrt Op. 112 for soli, choir and orchestra (after Moritz Horn)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1316Schumann, Robert / orch. Erdmannsdörfer, MaxMärchenbilder Op. 113, orchestrated by Max ErdmannsdörferOrchestra
308Schumann, Robert / orch. Pfitzner, Hans8 Frauenchöre (8 Female Chorusses) with small orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
282Schwarz-Schilling, ReinhardSinfonia diatonica (1957)Orchestra
238Schwarz-Schilling, Reinhard Violin Concerto (1953)Violin & Orchestra
246Schwarz-Schilling, Reinhard Cantata "Die Botschaft" (The Message, 1979-82)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1855Seixas, CarlosOverture in D Major (score and parts)Orchestra
712Sekles, BernhardSerenade for 11 solo instruments Op. 14Chamber Music
725Sekles, BernhardGesichte (Faces) for orchestra Op. 29Orchestra
775Sekles, BernhardDer Zwerg und die Infantin (The Dwarf and the Infanta). Suite Op. 22 for orchestraOrchestra
814Sekles, BernhardSymphony No. 1 Op. 37Orchestra
872bSekles, BernhardString Quartet Op. 31 (Parts)Chamber Music
872Sekles, BernhardString Quartet Op. 31 & Passacaglia und Fuge im vierfachen Kontrapunkt Op. 23 for string quartet (Full Score)Chamber Music
2537Sels, JackModern concerto for chamber orchestra (woodwinds & strings / landscape format / first print)Orchestra
529bServais, Adrien FrançoisCello Concerto in B minor Op. 5 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Keyboard & Orchestra
529Servais, Adrien FrançoisCello Concerto in B minor Op. 5Keyboard & Orchestra
412Sgambati, GiovanniConcerto for piano and orchestra Op. 15Keyboard & Orchestra
1015Sgambati, GiovanniPiano Quintet in F minor Op. 4 (Full Score)Chamber Music
1015bSgambati, GiovanniPiano Quintet in F-minor Op. 4 (parts)Chamber Music
1017Sgambati, GiovanniString Quartet in C-sharp minor Op. 17 (Full Score)Chamber Music
1017bSgambati, GiovanniString Quartet in C-sharp minor, Op.17 (parts)Chamber Music
155Sgambati, Giovanni Symphony No. 1 in DOrchestra
1249Sinding, ChristianSymphony No. 1 in D minor Op. 21Orchestra
1272bSinding, ChristianViolin Concerto No. 2 in D Op. 60 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
1272Sinding, ChristianViolin Concerto No. 2 in D Op. 60 (Full Score)Violin & Orchestra
1276bSinding, ChristianViolin Concerto No. 1 in A Op. 45 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
1276Sinding, ChristianViolin Concerto No. 1 in A Op. 45Violin & Orchestra
1298Sinding, ChristianPiano Quintet in E minor Op. 5 (score and parts)Chamber Music
1329Sinding, ChristianEpisodes chevaleresques Op. 35 for orchestraOrchestra
1336Sinding, ChristianPiano Concerto in D-flat Op. 6Keyboard & Orchestra
1312Sinding, Christian/ orch. Sitt, HansFrühlingsrauschen (Rustles of Spring) Op. 32 No. 3 (set of version for orchestra, arranged by Hans Sitt, and for piano solo)Orchestra
1611Sinigaglia, LeoneDanze piemontesi for orchestra op. 31Orchestra
1667bSinigaglia, LeoneViolin Concerto Op. 20 (Piano reduction/Solo)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1667Sinigaglia, LeoneViolin Concerto Op. 20Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1669Sinigaglia, LeoneRondo for violin and orchestra, Op. 42 Orchestra
1796Sinigaglia, LeoneLe Baruffe Chiozzotte (Overture)Orchestra
1935Sivertsen, Kenneth Largo (December) in Bb minor for tenor saxophone, piano and string orchestra (score and parts)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
182Skalkottas, Nikos Violin Concerto (1938)Violin & Orchestra
183Skalkottas, Nikos 5 Greek Dances for stringsString Orchestra
195Skalkottas, Nikos Largo sinfonico for orchestraOrchestra
018Smetana, BedrichDie verkaufte Braut (The Bartered Bride, Prodaná Nevesta)Opera
042Smetana, BedrichLibuseOpera
055Smetana, BedrichDalibor (in two volumes)Opera
056Smetana, BedrichDie Teufelswand (in two volumes)Opera
099Smetana, BedrichHubicka (in three volumes with Czech / English libretto)Opera
337Smetana, BedrichSlavnostní Symfonie (Triumph-Symphonie)Orchestra
453Smetana, BedrichRichard III. Op. 11Orchestra
456Smetana, BedrichWallensteins Lager (Wallenstein's Camp) Op. 14Orchestra
457Smetana, BedrichHakon Jarl Op. 16Orchestra
937Smetana, BedrichMiscellaneous Orchestral Works (early pieces and juvenilia, student exercises, abandoned compositions)Orchestra
1384Smetana, BedrichOrchestral Works Vol. I: Doctor Faust / Oldrich and Bozena / The March for the Festival of Shakespeare / The Fanfares to the drama by Shakespeare Richard III
1392Smetana, BedrichOrchestral Works Vol. II: Festival Overture in C / The Fisherman / Libuša’s Judgement / The Peasant Girl / The Carnival of Prague

1715Smetana, BedrichMá vlast (all six symphonic poems in two volumes in A4 format)Orchestra
1836Smetana, BedrichPrague Carnival for orchestraOrchestra
2010Smetana, BedrichThe Secret (in three volumes with German and Czech libretto)Opera
2014Smetana, BedrichThe Two Widows (in three volumes with German and Czech libretto)Opera
2026Smetana, BedrichThe Brandenburgers in Bohemia (in three volumes with German, English and Czech libretto)Opera
1654Smyth, EthelThe Prison, Symphony for Soprano, Bass-Baritone, Chorus and OrchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1707Smyth, EthelString Quintet in E Major, Op. 1 for two violins, viola and two celli (score and parts) Chamber Music
1724Smyth, EthelVariations on Bonnie Sweet Robin (Ophelia’s Song) for flute, oboe and piano (score and parts)Chamber Music
1571Sonnleithner, Christoph String Quartet No. 2 (score and parts, newly engraved and edited by Tim Pack)Chamber Music
1844Spendiarov, AlexanderLes trois palmiers, Symphonic poem, Op. 10 Orchestra
648Spohr LouisSymphony No. 3 in C minor Op. 78Orchestra
009Spohr, LouisJessondaOpera
460Spohr, LouisSymphony No. 5 in C minor Op. 102Orchestra
615Spohr, LouisSymphony No. 9 "Die Jahreszeiten" (The Seasons) in B minor Op. 143Orchestra
1002Spohr, LouisDoppelquartett (Double String Quartet) No.1 in D minor Op. 65Chamber Music
1071Spohr, LouisDoppelquartett (Double String Quartet) No. 2 Op. 77Chamber Music
1136Spohr, LouisDes Heilands letzte Stunden (Our Saviour’s Final Hours). Oratorio for choir and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1138Spohr, LouisDie letzten Dinge (The Last Judgement) OratorioChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1164bSpohr, LouisViolin Concerto No. 6 in A (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
1164Spohr, LouisViolin Concerto No. 6 in AViolin & Orchestra
1197Spohr, LouisSymphony No. 2 in D minor Op. 49Orchestra
1202Spohr, LouisSeptet in A minor Op. 147 (Full Score)Chamber Music
1202bSpohr, LouisSeptet Op. 147 in A minor (parts for flute, clarinet, horn, bassoon, violin, cello)Chamber Music
1309Spohr, LouisDoppelquartett (Double String Quartet) No. 3 in E minor Op. 87 (score and parts)Chamber Music
1583Spohr, LouisDoppelquartett No. 4 in G Minor, Op. 136 Chamber Music
2052Spohr, Louis Faust (Full Opera Score & German Libretto)Opera
072Spontini, GasparoFernand Cortez ou Le conquête du MexiqueOpera
309Stanford, Charles VilliersIrish Rhapsody No. 1 Op. 78Orchestra
451Stanford, Charles VilliersSymphony No.4 in F op. 31Orchestra
478Stanford, Charles VilliersThe Irish Symphony in F minor Op. 28Orchestra
498Stanford, Charles VilliersSymphony No. 7 in D minor Op. 124Orchestra
707Stanford, Charles VilliersRequiem Op. 63Orchestra
1043Stanford, Charles VilliersPiano Concerto No. 2 in C minor Op. 126Keyboard & Orchestra
1300bStanford, Charles VilliersString Quartet No. 2 in A minor Op. 45 (score)Chamber Music
1300Stanford, Charles VilliersString Quartet No. 2 in A minor Op. 45 (score and parts)Chamber Music
1225Stavenhagen, BernhardPiano Concerto in B minor Op. 4Keyboard & Orchestra
696Stenhammar, WilhelmSymphony No. 2 in G minor Op. 34Orchestra
697Stenhammar, WilhelmSerenade for large orchestra Op. 31Orchestra
819Stenhammar, WilhelmString Quartet No. 3 in F Op. 18Chamber Music
820Stenhammar, WilhelmString Quartet No. 4 in A minor Op. 25Chamber Music
876Stenhammar, WilhelmSymphony No. 1 in FOrchestra
944Stenhammar, WilhelmString Quartet No. 6 in D minor Op. 35Chamber Music
1295Stenhammar, WilhelmInterlude (Mellanspel) from the Cantata "Sången" (The Song)Orchestra
1301Stenhammar, WilhelmTwo Sentimental Romances (Tva sentimentala Romanser) Op. 28 for violin & orchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1345Stenhammar, WilhelmExcelsior! Concert Overture Op. 13Orchestra
1422Stenhammar, WilhelmMidvinter Op. 24 for mixed Chorus and OrchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
638Stephan, RudiOpus 1 für Orchester (Stephan’s "lost" debut work for orchestra)Orchestra
1666Stephan, RudiLiebeszauber (Love’s Spell) Ballad for Baritone and Orchestra
Choir/Voice & Orchestra
2042bStephan, RudiDie ersten Menschen / The First Human Beings (Vocal Score with German libretto)Opera
174bStephan, Rudi Musik für Geige und Orchester (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
174Stephan, Rudi Musik für Geige und Orchester (Music for violin and orchestra)Violin & Orchestra
260Stephan, Rudi (I.) Musik für Orchester (long version, 1909-10)Orchestra
2042Stephan, Rudi Die ersten Menschen (in three volumes with German and English libretto)Opera
1737Stojowski, SigismundSuite in E flat for grand orchestra Op. 9Orchestra
1738Stojowski, SigismundSymphonie in d- Moll für grosses Orchester Op. 21Orchestra
1406Straesser, EwaldSymphony No. 1 in G Op. 22Orchestra
1407Straesser, EwaldSymphony No. 2 in D minor Op. 27Orchestra
620Strauss, JosefDie Spinnerin Op. 192, Die Libelle Op. 204, Frohes Leben Op. 272 (3 Waltz Cycles)Orchestra
656Strauss, JosefWinterlust Op. 121, Dorfschwalben aus Österreich Op. 164, Aus der Ferne Op. 270 (Waltz Cycles)Orchestra
1185Strauss, JosefUngarischer Krönungsmarsch (Hungarian Coronation March) Op. 225, Delirien Op. 212, Vélocipéde Op. 259 (Waltz Cycles)Orchestra
1203Strauss, JosefMoulinet Op. 57, Perlen der Liebe Op. 39, Pizzicato - PolkaOrchestra
245Strauss, Richard Symphony in F minor Op. 12Orchestra
1802Stubbs, Mike Doric Starn for chorus and orchestra (first print)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
506Stucken, Frank van derSinfonischer Prolog (Symphonic Prologue) Op. 6Orchestra
526Stucken, Frank van der Pax Triumphans Op. 26 / Festzug (Festive Procession) Op. 12Orchestra
527Stucken, Frank van der Pagina d’amore Op. 10 , Idylle Op. 20 (works for orchestra)Orchestra
488Suk, JosefSymphony in E Op. 14Orchestra
489Suk, JosefPohádka (Fairy Tale) Op. 16 for orchestraOrchestra
490Suk, JosefPohádka Leta (Summer Tale) Op. 29 for orchestraOrchestra
494Suk, JosefAsrael Op. 27 for orchestraOrchestra
601Suk, JosefZráni (Lebensreifen / The Ripening) Op. 34Orchestra
616Suk, JosefPraga Op. 26 for orchestraOrchestra
617Suk, JosefSerenade for strings in E flat Op. 6Orchestra
698Suk, JosefOuverture dramatique Op. 4Orchestra
730Suk, JosefNeuem Leben entgegen (Towards a New Life). Festival March for the Olympic Games 1932 Op. 35c for mixed choir and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
751Suk, JosefMeditation on the Old Czech Choral "St. Wenceslas" Op. 35a for string orchestraOrchestra
757Suk, JosefEpilog Op. 37 for choir and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
774bSuk, JosefFantasy Op. 24 for violin and orchestra (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
774Suk, JosefFantasy Op. 24 for violin and orchestraViolin & Orchestra
895Suk, JosefFantastické Scherzo (Scherzo fantastique) Op. 25 for orchestraOrchestra
982Suk, JosefLegenda o Mrtvých Vitezích Op. 35b (Legend of the Dead Victors) for large orchestraOrchestra
1052Suk, JosefString Quartet No. 2 Op. 31 (Full Score)Chamber Music
1052bSuk, JosefString Quartet No. 2 Op. 31(parts)Chamber Music
1130Suk, JosefString Quartet No. 1 in B-flat Op. 11 (Full Score)Chamber Music
1130bSuk, JosefString Quartet No. 1 in B-flat Op. 11 (parts)Chamber Music
606Sullivan, ArthurSymphony in E (Irish Symphony)Orchestra
963Sullivan, ArthurTe Deum Laudamus (Boer War Te Deum) with Sullivan's original hymn Onward Christian SoldiersChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1175Sullivan, ArthurOverture in C "In memoriam" Orchestra
1211Sullivan, ArthurHenry VIII (Incidental music)Orchestra
1817Sullivan, ArthurOverture di Ballo for orchestraOrchestra
2004Sullivan, ArthurMikado or The Town of Titipu (in two volumes with English libretto)Opera
667Suppé, Franz vonLeichte Kavallerie (Light Cavalry) / Paragraph 3 / Pique Dame (Overtures)Orchestra
668Suppé, Franz vonIsabella / Frau Meisterin (Overtures)Orchestra
669Suppé, Franz vonTantalusqualen / Dichter und Bauer (Poet and Peasant) / Franz Schubert (Overtures)Orchestra
1568bSuter, HermannLe Laudi di San Francesco d’Assisi (Cantico delle Creature) Op. 25 for soli, choir and orchestra (Vocal Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1568Suter, HermannLe Laudi di San Francesco d’Assisi (Cantico delle Creature) Op. 25 for soli, choir and orchestra (Full Score)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1577Suter, HermannSymphony in D minor Op. 17Orchestra
216Svendsen, Johan SeverinCello Concerto in D Op. 7Keyboard & Orchestra
227bSvendsen, Johan SeverinRomance for Violin & Orchestra Op. 26 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
227Svendsen, Johan SeverinRomance for Violin & Orchestra Op. 26Violin & Orchestra
272Svendsen, Johan SeverinOctet for strings Op. 3 (Full Score)Chamber Music
272bSvendsen, Johan SeverinOctet for Strings Op.3 (4 Vl/ 2 Viola/ 2 Vc)Chamber Music
276Svendsen, Johan SeverinSymphony No. 1 in D Op. 4Orchestra
277Svendsen, Johan SeverinSymphony No. 2 in B-flat Op. 15Orchestra
310Svendsen, Johan SeverinKarneval in Paris (Carnival in Paris) Op. 9 for orchestraOrchestra
379Svendsen, Johan SeverinNorwegischer Künstlerkarneval (Norwegian Artists’ Carnival) Op. 14 for orchestra; Two Swedish Folk Melodies for strings; Funeral March for Thorvaldsen´ Burial (by J.P.E. Hartmann / orch. Svendsen)Orchestra
471Svendsen, Johan SeverinZorahayda Op. 11 / Norwegische Volksmelodie (Norwegian Folk Melody for strings) Op. 31Orchestra
476Svendsen, Johan SeverinRomeo und Julia Op. 18 for orchestraOrchestra
926Svendsen, Johan SeverinFour Norwegian Rhapsodies for Orchestra opp. 17, 19, 21, 22Orchestra
951Svendsen, Johan SeverinTwo Icelandic Melodies for string orchestra Op. 30String Orchestra
1000Svendsen, Johan SeverinViolin Concerto in A Op. 6Violin & Orchestra
1075Svendsen, Johan SeverinFestpolonaise (Festival Polonaise) Op. 12 for orchestraOrchestra
821Szymanowski, KarolViolin Concerto No. 2 Op. 60Violin & Orchestra
971Szymanowski, KarolString Quartets Nos. 1 & 2 opp. 37 & 56Chamber Music
198Szymanowski, Karol Symphony No. 2 Op. 19Orchestra
883Szymanowski, Karol Symphonie concertante (Symphony No. 4) Op. 61 for piano and orchestraKeyboard & Orchestra
1524Szymanowski, Karol Penthesilea for soprano and orchestra Op. 18Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1601Szymanowski, Karol Litany to the Virgin Mary Op. 59 for soprano, women’s chorus and orchestra

Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1690Szymanowski, Karol Veni creatorChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1818Szymanowski, Karol Songs of the Infatuated Muezzin, Op. 42Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1821Szymanowski, Karol Love Songs of Hafiz for solo voice and orchestra, Op. 26Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1822Szymanowski, Karol Demeter for alto solo, female chorus, and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
394Szymanowski, Karol / orch. Fitelberg, GrzegorzNotturno & Tarantella Op. 28 for orchestraOrchestra
194Takács, Jenö Vom fremden Ländern und Menschen (Of Foreign Lands and Peoples) Op. 37b for orchestraOrchestra
413Tal, JosefReflections for string orchestraString Orchestra
089Taneyev, SergeyOresteia (in two volumes with German / French / Russian libretto)Opera
218Taneyev, SergeySymphony No. 2 in B-flatOrchestra
499bTaneyev, SergeyConcert Suite for violin and orchestra Op. 28 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
499Taneyev, SergeyConcert Suite for violin and orchestra Op. 28 (Full Score)Violin & Orchestra
631Taneyev, SergeyPo prochtenii psalma (Upon Reading a Psalm) Cantata Op. 36Choir/Voice & Orchestra
636Taneyev, SergeySymphony No.4 in C minor Op. 12Orchestra
641Taneyev, SergeySymphony No.1 in E minorOrchestra
1034Taneyev, SergeyIoann Damaskin (St. John of Damascus). Cantata Op. 1Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1042Taneyev, SergeyString Quartet No. 4 in A minor Op. 11 (Full Score)Chamber Music
1042bTaneyev, SergeyString Quartet No. 4 in A minor Op. 11 (parts)Chamber Music
1060Taneyev, SergeyString Quartet No. 3 in D minor Op. 7 (Full Score)Chamber Music
1060bTaneyev, SergeyString Quartet No. 3 in D minor Op. 7 (parts)Chamber Music
1258Taneyev, SergeyOverture on a Russian ThemeOrchestra
1294Taneyev, SergeyPiano Quintet in G minor Op. 30 (score and parts)Chamber Music
1698Taneyev, SergeyOresteia Overture, Op. 6Overture
1326aTaneyev, Sergey String Quintet No. 1 in G Op. 14 (Full Score)Chamber Music
1326bTaneyev, Sergey String Quintet No. 1 in G Op. 14 (Parts)Chamber Music
376Tansman, AlexandreSinfonietta for chamber orchestraOrchestra
1286bTartini, GiuseppeViolin Concerto in A, D 92 (Piano reduction/Solo)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1286Tartini, GiuseppeViolin Concerto in A, D92Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1068Tartini, Giuseppe / Respighi, OttorinoPastorale. Free transcription of Giuseppe Tartini's Sonata in A for violin and string orchestraViolin & Orchestra
970Telemann, Georg Philipp12 Violin ConcertosViolin & Orchestra
1303Thomas, AmbroiseMignon OvertureOverture
090Thuille, LudwigLobetanzOpera
483Thuille, LudwigRomantische Ouvertüre (Romantic Overture) Op. 16Orchestra
1453Thuille, Ludwig Piano Quintet Op. 20 (score and parts)Chamber Music
497Tiessen, HeinzVisionen (Visions) for violin and small orchestraViolin & Orchestra
160Tiessen, Heinz Hamlet Suite Op. 30 for orchestraOrchestra
163aTiessen, Heinz String Quintet Op. 32Chamber Music
163bTiessen, Heinz Music for String Orchestra Op. 32aString Orchestra
200Tiessen, Heinz Symphony No. 2 Op. 17 "Stirb und Werde!" (Die and Emerge!)Orchestra
521Tinel, EdgarFranciscus (Oratorio) Op. 36Choir/Voice & Orchestra
549Tinel, EdgarCantique nuptial (wedding song) Op. 45 for high voice, organ and harpe or pianoChoir/Voice & Instrument(s)
559Tinel, EdgarBunte Blätter Op. 32 (Six morceaux de piano)Solo Instrument
566Tinel, Edgar4 Adventliederen Op. 35 for mixed choir and piano (after Guido Gezelle)Choir/Voice & Instrument(s)
567Tinel, EdgarHochzeitsmarsch (Wedding March) Op. 30 for orchestraOrchestra
572Tinel, EdgarKollebloemen Op. 20 for Tenor, mixed choir ans orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
574Tinel, EdgarAu printemps: cinq morceaux de fantaisie pour le piano, Op. 14
Solo Instrument
590Tinel, EdgarTe Deum pour choeur mixte à six voix, orgue et orchestre Op. 46Choir/Voice & Orchestra
591Tinel, EdgarTrois tableaux symphoniques pour orchestre tirés de la tragédie “Polyeucte” de P. Corneille, Op. 21Orchestra
594Tinel, Edgar3 Morceaux de Fantaisie, Op. 2 / Scherzo en ut mineur, Op. 3 for piano soloSolo Instrument
514Tinel, Edgar Te Deum pour Choeur et orgue Op. 46Choir/Voice & Instrument(s)
1471Tournemire, CharlesPoème Op. 38 for organ and orchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1491Tovey, Donald Francis Variations on a theme by Gluck for flute and string quartet Op. 28 (score and parts)Chamber Music
081Tschaikowsky, PeterPique Dame, Op. 68 (in two volumes with Russian / German libretto)Opera
083Tschaikowsky, PeterIolanteOpera
084Tschaikowsky, PeterThe Maid of Orléans (in four volumes with German and Russian libretto)Opera
086Tschaikowsky, PeterMazepa (in three volumes with German /Russian libretto)Opera
319Tschaikowsky, PeterSuite No. 1 Op. 43 for orchestraOrchestra
472Tschaikowsky, PeterKonzertfantasie (Concert Fantasy) for piano and orchestra Op. 56Orchestra
608Tschaikowsky, PeterSuite No. 2 Op. 53 for orchestraOrchestra
639Tschaikowsky, PeterSwan Lake Op. 20, complete ballet (in two volumes)Orchestra
643Tschaikowsky, PeterSleeping Beauty (Dornröschen), complete ballet Op. 66 (in three volumes)Orchestra
900Tschaikowsky, Peter14 various student worksMiscellaneous
920Tschaikowsky, PeterSymphony in E-flat (reconstructed by Semyon Bogatyryev)Orchestra
923Tschaikowsky, PeterL'orage Op. 76. Symphonic PoemOrchestra
1006Tschaikowsky, PeterSouvenir de Florence Op. 70 for string sextet (Full Score)Chamber Music
1006bTschaikowsky, PeterSouvenir de Florence Op. 70 for string sextet (parts)Chamber Music
1104Tschaikowsky, PeterSnégúrochka Op. 12 (The Snow Maiden). Incidental music to a play by OstrovskyOrchestra
1155Tschaikowsky, PeterThe Voyevode Op. 78 (Symphonic Ballad)Orchestra
1156Tschaikowsky, Peter"Hamlet" Op. 67a (Incidental music)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1176Tschaikowsky, PeterIncidental music to “Dmitry the Pretender and Vasily Shuisky” (Ostrovsky) & "The Barber of Seville" (Beaumarchais)
1234Tschaikowsky, PeterThe Nutcracker Op. 71 (complete ballet in two volumes)Ballet
1327Tschaikowsky, Peter Serenade melancolique Op. 26 for violin & orchestraViolin & Orchestra
1131Tschaikowsky, Peter / orch. Glazunov, AlexanderSouvenirs d'un lieu cher Op. 42 (Meditation / Scherzo / Melodie) for violin and orchestraOrchestra
1449Urspruch, AntonPiano Concerto in E-flat Op. 9Keyboard & Orchestra
2505Van der Eyken, Ernest Refereynen ende liedekens for string orchestraString Orchestra
535Van Hove, LucLa Strada op. 45. Opera in two acts and a prologue after Fellini's film (Libretto: Eric de Kuyper) 2008 (printed in large format)Opera
2527Van Nieuwenhove, Ernest Deuxième suite pour quatre violoncelles (first edition / score and parts )Chamber Music
582Velden, Renier Van der Nocturne voor beeldhouwer Marc Macken (arr. by Wilfried Westerlinck) for wind ensembleWind Orchestra
2017Verdi, GiuseppeI due Foscari (in two volumes with Italian libretto)Opera
1099Vierne, LouisPiano Quintet in C minor Op. 42Chamber Music
397bVieuxtemps, HenriViolin Concerto No. 5 in A minor Op. 37 (Piano Reduction & Solo violin)Violin & Orchestra
397Vieuxtemps, HenriViolin Concerto No. 5 in A minor Op. 37Violin & Orchestra
723bVieuxtemps, HenriViolin Concerto No. 4 in D minor Op. 31 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
723Vieuxtemps, HenriViolin Concerto No. 4 in D minor Op. 31Violin & Orchestra
1127bVieuxtemps, HenriCello Concerto No. 1 in A minor Op. 46 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1127Vieuxtemps, HenriCello Concerto No. 1 in A minor Op. 46Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1450Vilaginés, JordiTrío para violín, cello y piano (para Lupita) (Score and parts)Chamber Music
930Vitali, Tomaso Antonio / orch. Respighi, OttorinoCiaconna for violin, organ and stringsSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1321Vivaldi, AntonioMotetti a Canto Solo con StromentiChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1705Vivaldi, AntonioMagnificat RV 610a / RV 611Choir/Voice & Orchestra
288Vladigerov, PantchoViolin Concerto No. 1 in F minor Op. 11Violin & Orchestra
265Vladigerov, Pantcho Vardar Rhapsody for orchestra (1922/28)Orchestra
536Vocht, Lodewijk deMeizangen (Songs of May, Symphonic Poem, 1909)Orchestra
520Vocht, Lodewijk de Naar hoger Licht (Towards a Higher Light, Symphonic Poem with solo cello)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
593Vocht, Lodewijk de Missa Pastorum A + B (Score and parts)Choir/Voice & Instrument(s)
2509Vocht, Lodewijk de Missa in honorem angelorum (ad tres voces aequales sive inaequales organo comitante)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
2524Vocht, Lodewijk de Missa in honorem Sti JosephiChoir/Voice & Instrument(s)
573aVocht, Lodwijk deCello Concerto in D (Full Score, Piano Reduction, Cello Part)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
573bVocht, Lodwijk deCello Concerto in D (full score)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1805Volbach, FritzRaffael Op. 26 for chorus and orchestra, op. 26Choir/Voice & Orchestra
368Volkmann, RobertWeihnachtslied aus dem 12. Jahrhundert (Christmas Carol from the 12th century) Op. 59 for choir a cappella (Full Score)A Cappella
898Volkmann, RobertPiano Trios opp. 3 in F & 5 in B-flat minor (Full Score)Chamber Music
898bVolkmann, RobertPiano Trios opp. 3 in F & 5 in B-flat minor (parts)Chamber Music
988Volkmann, RobertRichard III. Shakespeare Overture Op. 68Orchestra
1158Volkmann, RobertComplete String Quartets Nos. 1-6 (in a box)Chamber Music
1426Volkmann, RobertPiano Works Vol. I: Piano Sonata in C minor Op. 12 / Fantasie Op. 25a / Variations on a Theme by Handel Op. 26Solo Instrument
1680Volkmann, RobertString Quartet No. 1 in A minor Op. 9 (first printed edition / score & parts )Chamber Music
1919Volkmann, RobertConcert Overture in C major for orchestraOrchestra
101Volkmann, Robert Symphony No. 1 in D minor Op. 44Orchestra
102Volkmann, Robert Symphony No. 2 in B-flat Op. 53Orchestra
254Volkmann, Robert 3 Serenades for string orchestra Opp. 62, 63, 69String Orchestra
904Vorisek, Jan VaclavSymphony in DOrchestra
1416Wagenaar, Johann Cyrano de Bergerac. Overture Op. 23Overture
019Wagner, RichardDas LiebesverbotOpera
028Wagner, RichardDie FeenOpera
066Wagner, RichardRienzi (in three volumes)Opera
067Wagner, RichardDie Hochzeit (The Wedding)Opera
659Wagner, RichardHuldigungsmarsch (Homage March)Orchestra
677Wagner, RichardKaisermarsch (Emperor March)Orchestra
687Wagner, RichardAmerican Centennial March (Großer Festmarsch)Orchestra
713Wagner, RichardVampyr-Arie (Vampyre-Aria), numbers for insertion in "Marie, Max und Michel" and Bellini's Norma, Descente de la CourtilleChoir/Voice & Orchestra
733bWagner, RichardDas Liebesmahl der Apostel (The Feast of Pentecost) for male chorusses & orchestra (Piano Reduction)Choir/Voice & Orchestra
733Wagner, RichardDas Liebesmahl der Apostel (The Feast of Pentecost) for male chorusses & orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
760Wagner, RichardOvertures: König Enzio / Rule Britannia / Polonia / Christoph ColumbusOrchestra
789Wagner, RichardOvertures in D minor & C majorOrchestra
806Wagner, RichardEarly Chorusses: Der Tag erscheint, Im treuen Sachsenland, An Webers Grabe, New Year's Cantata, NicolaiChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1885Wagner, RichardParsifal (Prelude with ending of the third act ad.lib.)Orchestra
141Wagner, Richard Symphony in COrchestra
069Wagner, SiegfriedDer BärenhäuterOpera
728Wagner, SiegfriedViolin Concerto in GViolin & Orchestra
955bWagner, SiegfriedConcerto for Flute and Small Orchestra (Piano reduction/Solo)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
955Wagner, SiegfriedConcerto for Flute and Small OrchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1371Wagner, SiegfriedDer Friedensengel (The Angel of Peace) OvertureOrchestra
1708Wagner, SiegfriedDer Bärenhäuter – OvertureOrchestra
981Wallace, WilliamVillon. Symphonic Poem No. 6Orchestra
003Weber, Carl Maria vonEuryantheOpera
014Weber, Carl Maria vonSilvanaOpera
023Weber, Carl Maria vonOberonOpera
030Weber, Carl Maria vonPeter Schmoll und seine NachbarnOpera
771Weber, Carl Maria vonJubel-Ouvertüre Op. 59Orchestra
933Weber, Carl Maria vonPiano Concerto No. 1 in C Op. 11Keyboard & Orchestra
1640Weber, Carl Maria vonTurandot Op. 37 (incidental music)Orchestra
3bWeber, Carl Maria von Euryanthe (Vocal Score with German libretto)Opera
010Weber, Carl Maria von Abu HassanOpera
1797Weber, Carl Maria von Grand Pot-Pourri pour le Violoncelle, J. 64, Op. 20Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
589Weckbacher, Lorenzo Ouverture pour le jour de la naissance du Roi de Prusse (Score and parts)Orchestra
162Weigl, Karl Rhapsody Op. 30 for string orchestra or string sextetString Orchestra
211Weigl, Karl Symphony No. 1 in E Op. 5Orchestra
196Weingartner, FelixSinfonietta Op. 83 for string trio and small orchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
380Weingartner, FelixSymphony No. 4 in F Op. 61Orchestra
1333Weingartner, FelixTraumnacht und Sturmhymnus (Dreamy Night and Tempestuous Hymn) for choir & orchestra Op. 38Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1339Weingartner, FelixSturm-Suite (Tempest Suite) Op. 65 for orchestraOrchestra
1363Weingartner, FelixLustige Ouvertüre Op. 53 (Merry Overture) for orchestraOrchestra
1372Weingartner, FelixSymphony No. 1 in G Op. 23Orchestra
1380Weingartner, FelixSymphony No. 6 in B minor “La Tragica” Op. 74Orchestra
1387Weingartner, FelixSerenade in F for string orchestra Op. 6 (new edition)String Orchestra
1429bWeingartner, FelixViolin Concerto in G Op. 52 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
1429Weingartner, FelixViolin Concerto in G Op. 52
Violin & Orchestra
1472Weingartner, FelixDas Gefilde der Seligen. Symphonic Poem Op. 21Orchestra
1482Weingartner, FelixSymphony No. 2 in E-flat Op. 29Orchestra
1510Weingartner, FelixKing Lear. Symphonic Poem for large orchestra Op. 20Orchestra
1513Weingartner, FelixSymphonisches Zwischenspiel (Symphonic Intermezzo) from the Opera “Malawika”Orchestra
1534Weingartner, FelixZwei Gesänge von Gottfried Keller für eine tiefere Singstimme mit Begleitung des Orchesters Op. 35 & Vier Gesänge für eine höhere Singstimme mit Begleitung des Orchesters Op. 36 (orchestral songs)
Choir/Voice & Orchestra
1760Weingartner, FelixSymphony No. 3 in E major, op. 49Orchestra
1761Weingartner, FelixDame Kobold Op. 57 overtureOrchestra
1819Weingartner, FelixSymphony No. 5 in C minor, op. 71Orchestra
1874Weingartner, FelixAus fernen Welten Op. 39, Song cycle for voice and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
377Wellesz, EgonVorfrühling Op. 12 for orchestraOrchestra
177Wellesz, Egon Suite for violin and sextet Op. 38Violin & Orchestra
595Westerlinck, WilfriedLandschappen VI (Landscape VI) - string quartet (First Edition) score and partsChamber Music
439Wetz, RichardKleist-Ouvertüre Op. 16Orchestra
440Wetz, RichardSymphony No.1 in C minor Op. 40Orchestra
1831Wetz, RichardSymphony No. 2 in A major, op. 47Orchestra
1480Wetzler, Hermann HansAssisi. Legend for Orchestra Op. 13Orchestra
1512Wetzler, Hermann Hans"Wie es Euch gefällt" Overture from the Incidental Music to Shakespeare’s "As You Like It" Op. 7Orchestra
1549Wetzler, Hermann HansVisions: Six Symphonic Movements Op. 12Orchestra
1913Wetzler, Hermann HansSuite from the Incidental Music to Shakespeare’s As You Like It, op. 7 Orchestra
1542Wetzler, Hermann Hans Symphonic Fantasy in E-flat Op. 10Orchestra
1762Whittaker, William Gillies Among the Northumbrian Hills, Free Variations on an Original Theme for Pianoforte, Two Violins, Viola & VioloncelloChamber Music
788Widor, Charles-MarieSymphony No. 3 Op. 69 for organ and orchestraKeyboard & Orchestra
791Widor, Charles-Marie"La Korrigane". Ballet fantastique (orchestral suite)Ballet
849Widor, Charles-MarieSymphonie Antique Op. 83Choir/Voice & Orchestra
910Widor, Charles-MarieFantaisie pour piano et orchestre Op. 62Keyboard & Orchestra
941Widor, Charles-MarieChoral et Variations pour harpe et orchestre Op. 74Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1004Widor, Charles-MarieSymphony No. 2 in A Op. 54Orchestra
1140Widor, Charles-Marie"Salvum fac populum tuum" Op. 84 for brass instruments, percussion and organ & Manuscript of the orchestral versionMiscellaneous
1198Widor, Charles-MariePiano Quintet Op. 68 (Full Score)Chamber Music
1279Widor, Charles-MarieSinfonia Sacra Op. 81 for organ and orchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
941bWidor, Charles-Marie Choral et Variations pour harpe et orchestre Op. 74 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Solo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
796bWieniawski, HenriViolin Concerto No. 2 in D minor Op. 22 (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
796Wieniawski, HenriViolin Concerto No. 2 in D minor Op. 22Violin & Orchestra
592Wilford, ArthurLerchenkrieg (The War of Larks) Musical Melodramatic Scene for Women’s Choir (with 3 Solo Voices), Bass Solo, Baritone Solo and Recitation, Op. 29 (German and English libretto) Piano ScoreChoir/Voice & Instrument(s)
188Wirén, Dag Sinfonietta Op. 7a for orchestraOrchestra
1612Witkowski, Georges MartinSymphonie en ré mineurOrchestra
838Witt, FriedrichSymphony in C ("Jena Symphony", previously attributed to Beethoven)Orchestra
043Wolf, HugoDer CorregidorOpera
1433aWolf, HugoItalienische Serenade for string quartet (score and parts)Chamber Music
1433bWolf, HugoItalienische Serenade for small orchestraOrchestra
1624Wolf, HugoDer Corregidor (Overture and Intermezzo)Orchestra
1600Woyrsch, FelixSymphony No. 2 in C Op. 60Orchestra
1828Woyrsch, FelixSymphony No. 3 in E-flat minor, Op. 70Orchestra
1716Wranitsky, Paul / previously attributed to Haydn, JosephOctet in F Major (Hob. II: F7) for two oboes, two clarinets, two horns and two bassoons (score and parts)Chamber Music
299Ysaÿe, EugèneExtase Op. 21 for violin & orchestraViolin & Orchestra
234Ysaÿe, Eugène «Exil!» Op. 25 for high strings (Vl. + Ve.)String Orchestra
1616bYsaÿe, Eugène Caprice d’après L’Etude en Forme de Valse op. 52, No. 6 de C. Saint-Saëns for violin and orchestra (Piano Reduction/Solo)Violin & Orchestra
1616Ysaÿe, Eugène Caprice d’après L’Etude en Forme de Valse op. 52, No. 6 de C. Saint-Saëns for violin and orchestra (Full Score)Violin & Orchestra
1856Zach, JanConcerto for Cembalo and String OrchestraSolo Instrument(s) & Orchestra
1870Zandonai, RicardoQuadri di Segantini for orchestraOrchestra
1933Zandonai, RiccardoFra gli alberghi delle Dolomiti; echi sinfonici for orchestraOrchestra
902Zelenka, Jan DismasLamentationes Jeremiae ProphetaeChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1285Zelenka, Jan DismasConcerto in Sol a 8 concertantiOrchestra
1423Zelenka, Jan DismasFive CapricciosChamber Music
1432Zelenka, Jan DismasSinfonia a 8 in A minor / Hipocondria a 7 concertanti in A majorOrchestra
1526Zelenka, Jan Dismas Sub olea pacis et palma virtutis: Melodrama de Sancto Wenceslao for choir and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
1671Zemlinsky, AlexanderDer 23. Psalm for mixed choir and orchestraChoir/Voice & Orchestra
2015Zemlinsky, AlexanderEine florentinische Tragödie Op. 16 (with German libretto)Opera
176Zemlinsky, Alexander Symphony No. 2 in B-flatOrchestra
Repertoire & Opera Explorer, full catalog, February 2017